2010-10-12 morschMissing ; added.
2010-10-11 prinoBug fix
2010-10-11 snellingNew AliFlowTrackCuts and AliFlowEventCuts, allow runnin...
2010-10-11 cblumeCoverity, again ...
2010-10-11 jgrosseoupdated track cuts for 2010 (from Andrea)
2010-10-11 cblumeFurther speed-up (Hermes)
2010-10-11 morschCoverity bug corrected.
2010-10-11 pulvirAdded a value and an option to standard cuts
2010-10-11 agheataFix for typo in GetListOfFiles
2010-10-11 cblume... and Coverity stuff ...
2010-10-11 prsnkoVersion did not increased last time
2010-10-11 decaroTypo error fixed
2010-10-11 agheataFixed double delete.
2010-10-11 abercucifix for monitoring number of pads/cluster
2010-10-11 decaroChanged number of LTM words. Minor change
2010-10-11 abercucichange summary plots name accoring to convention propos...
2010-10-11 prinoRestored original errors along Z for high flux case
2010-10-11 abercuci- robust results merging procedure
2010-10-11 cblumeFix typo
2010-10-11 cblumeMore Coverity stuff ..
2010-10-11 maseraFix for Coverity warnings (M. Sitta)
2010-10-11 rvernetfixed error calculation (thanks to Christian KB)
2010-10-11 laphecetFixing some problems for the QA
2010-10-11 laphecetsmall change when running standalone
2010-10-11 laphecetCoverity fix
2010-10-11 cvetanC0OB0-D-NOPF-ALLNOTRD trigger added to the cosmic list.
2010-10-11 laphecetCoverity warning fix attempt
2010-10-11 laphecetAdding the ShowCapacitances method
2010-10-11 kkanaki- reverting the unnecessary increment of the class...
2010-10-11 prinoModified misaligment errors along Z for LowFlux and...
2010-10-11 maseraFix a Coverity warning: missing array deletion under...
2010-10-10 gconesabPossibility to recalculate cluster position and correct...
2010-10-10 gconesabAliEMCALRecoUtils: new class for cluster correction...
2010-10-10 cblumeCoverity ... next iteration ...
2010-10-10 kkanaki- set the time stamp for the correct application of...
2010-10-10 jotwinowmacro to add ITS-TPC matching components
2010-10-10 jotwinowbug fix
2010-10-09 prinoFixes for coverity 13053
2010-10-09 prinoFixes for coverity 10061, 10064, 10179, 10201, 10211
2010-10-09 prinoFixes for coverity 13337, 13338, 15749, 15750, 15751...
2010-10-09 prinoFixes for coverity reports 10168, 10200, 10209, 10210
2010-10-09 morschCoverity bug corrected.
2010-10-09 morschCoverity bugs corrected.
2010-10-09 morschCoverity bugs corrected.
2010-10-09 morschCoverity errors corrected/avoided.
2010-10-09 rgrossomoving the string part corresponding to the detector...
2010-10-09 morschPYTHIA8 independent from root.
2010-10-09 morschUpdates.x
2010-10-09 cblumeCoverity ...
2010-10-09 basantacoverity defects fixed
2010-10-09 basantadefects fixed
2010-10-08 maseraUpdate of ExB efect simulation for SPD (G. Bruno)
2010-10-08 akisielFix events in file counting
2010-10-08 akisielFix filename extraction for the GRID
2010-10-08 hristovChanges for request #72243: ESD friend filtering: Calib...
2010-10-08 basantadefects fixed
2010-10-08 basantamore info added to the mapping file
2010-10-08 agheataUpdated production macros
2010-10-08 agheataAdded buzzer task.
2010-10-08 pulvirbugfix on TOF management
2010-10-08 sgorbunoSupress MC output block when it is empty (bug https...
2010-10-08 gconesabUpdates from Jocelyn: new cut on number of clusters...
2010-10-08 hristovFixes for #73467: Corrupted MUON hits when using AliRoo...
2010-10-08 agheataFixed list of files to be registered, merged, validated.
2010-10-08 agheataProtection added if fESD not set. Run number set locall...
2010-10-08 slindalUpdated gamma jet task.
2010-10-08 amarinadding extra histo for alfa of pi0
2010-10-08 amarinalfa histo for pi0s
2010-10-08 mflorisImplemented new multiplicity estimator (tracks+tracklet...
2010-10-08 mflorisRemoved unnecessary printout
2010-10-08 basantabug fixed
2010-10-07 loizidesload classes.
2010-10-07 pulvirAdded an equivalent to the cuts 2010 for AODs and adapt...
2010-10-07 pdebskiDisabled ACORDE raw data (still can be activated locally)
2010-10-07 cvetanCopy method implemented as requested by HLT
2010-10-07 aszostakFix for compilation problem with icc.
2010-10-07 loizidesRemoved as it violates rules
2010-10-07 kleinbAdded V0 and SPDF0 information to the selectioninfo...
2010-10-07 kleinbRemoved maxinitFailed for plugin, updated cut for Gamma...
2010-10-07 zampolliFix in kOneTrack trigger selection.
2010-10-07 pulvirBugfix: moved the initialization of 4-vectors for daugh...
2010-10-07 pulvirAdded the possibility to cut in dip angle, to reject...
2010-10-07 pulvirAdded some new values used for checking outputs
2010-10-07 pulvirModified some standards, added a cut in pseudo-rapidity
2010-10-07 loizidesLatest DataChecker from git, plus minor changes
2010-10-07 loizidesLatest version corresponding to new trees
2010-10-06 daineseUpdate (A. Grelli)
2010-10-06 snellingplot v_n versus multiplicity
2010-10-06 snellinga patch for adding v2(pt). AddV2(TF1)
2010-10-06 richtermcorrecting improper use of volatile string objects...
2010-10-06 prinoSecond set of modifications to include SDD time zero...
2010-10-06 gconesabremove print
2010-10-06 prinoNew macro to display ITS Hits
2010-10-06 basantaDDL info added to the database
2010-10-06 basantaDDL info database file
2010-10-06 snellingadded a few prototypes for AOD analysis
2010-10-06 slindalFrom eulogio: Remove bghandler from dalitz code
2010-10-06 cblumeSpeed up of Expand function (Hermes)
2010-10-06 coppedisUpdated object with Pb-Pb +3 production
2010-10-06 kleinbchanging the option for background cluster