2011-04-28 kleinbsome fixes (Bastian)
2011-04-28 gconesabremove print
2011-04-28 bhippolyfixing coverity 16554 (M.Chojnacki)
2011-04-28 gvolpetracking updated, debug streamer added
2011-04-28 pulvirAdded another version of cut for pp (small differences...
2011-04-28 morschCorrections.
2011-04-28 morsch- add condition of Ncontributors >=1 to the vertex...
2011-04-28 morschReset of the Eventplane object.
2011-04-28 morschReset of centrality object.
2011-04-28 mflorisSimple GUI for the spectra OADB
2011-04-28 mflorisBug fixes to OADB for spectra.
2011-04-28 morsch- Arguments of some methods changed from char * to...
2011-04-28 schutzcoding viol repair
2011-04-28 dainesefix (Alessandro)
2011-04-28 loizidesonly print in debug mode
2011-04-28 phillecosmetics
2011-04-28 philleCoverity: Concerned function ScanSingleNameArgument...
2011-04-28 philleWrong versiion was committed before, this is the correc...
2011-04-28 morschCorrection. Previous histos were empty.
2011-04-28 philleremoval of unused code
2011-04-28 philleCoverity: Functions concerned was actually not use...
2011-04-28 philleRefactoring + removal of obsolete code
2011-04-28 philleCoverity + refactoring and removal of obsolete code
2011-04-28 kowal2Updated mother volume of the TPC to accomodate some...
2011-04-28 jotwinowTOF task added (Chiara Zampolli)
2011-04-27 richtermremoving obsolete classes regarding the fast decoder...
2011-04-27 richtermchecking existence of galice.root and require to delete...
2011-04-27 richtermextracting DDL id from HLT origin and specification...
2011-04-27 marianremoving the fast raw streamer
2011-04-27 marianAdditional forgotten commit
2011-04-27 marianForgotten commit - removal of obsolete class
2011-04-27 marianRemoving the obsolet class AliTPCRawStreamFast.h
2011-04-27 marianProblem to compile on the debian
2011-04-27 marianOption to switch on the Altro emulator
2011-04-27 mariancoverity fix
2011-04-27 marianCoverity fix
2011-04-27 daineseRuns list LHC10h updated: 104 runs (RCT good runs 26...
2011-04-27 daineseInclude OADB library (Davide)
2011-04-27 cblumeRestructured code (Frederick)
2011-04-27 dsilvermadd missing conversion from ns to s..
2011-04-27 loizidescheck if emcal is active
2011-04-27 loizidescheck if emcal is active
2011-04-27 hdalsgaaAdding the option to zero shared entries below threshold
2011-04-27 richtermswitching input to AliAltroRawStreamV3
2011-04-27 richtermfix for bug https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?81527, ...
2011-04-27 richtermreverting r49461, going to apply a new fix
2011-04-27 richtermadded new function to extract DDL id from HLT origin...
2011-04-27 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2011-04-26 cholmFixed some null pointers passed to TList::Add.
2011-04-26 cholmMinor fix
2011-04-26 cholmMinor fix - use 20 phi bins
2011-04-26 aszostakFixing coding violations.
2011-04-26 cholmAdded new classes and scripts
2011-04-26 cholmClean-up and fixes
2011-04-26 cholmClean-up
2011-04-26 cholmClean-up
2011-04-26 cholmMinor things
2011-04-26 cholmAdd diagnostics and WriteFile
2011-04-26 cholmMinor things
2011-04-26 cholmCorrect vertex bin finding
2011-04-26 cholmFix case in comparisons
2011-04-26 cholmAllow for zero-bin normalisation
2011-04-26 cholmUse AliFMDMCTrackDensity for hits
2011-04-26 cholmNicer prints
2011-04-26 cholmMinor things
2011-04-26 cholmUse new sub-algos to do hits from track-refs
2011-04-26 cholmAdd WriteFile
2011-04-26 cholmNow use separate config script
2011-04-26 cholmMinor things
2011-04-26 cholmScript and TrainSetup sub-class to do MC corrections
2011-04-26 cholmNew MC correction task for central
2011-04-26 cholmScripts to add MC correction tasks
2011-04-26 cholmSome script changes and additions
2011-04-26 cholmCentral AOD configuration script
2011-04-26 cholmAdded sub-tasks to do hit counting based on track-refs.
2011-04-26 morschEventplane information
2011-04-26 kleinbavoid background subtraction with iB = 0 (bug fix)
2011-04-26 kleinbAdding protection against booking the same branch twice...
2011-04-26 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2011-04-26 gconesabAdd histograms with masked regions due to frame, settin...
2011-04-26 agheataChecking the number of tasks also in CheckTasks
2011-04-26 morschCoverity defect corrected.
2011-04-26 morschCoverity defect corrected.
2011-04-26 aszostakBug fix for missing DCS update data block.
2011-04-26 gconesabprotection against non embedding analysis
2011-04-26 dsilvermcoverity fix
2011-04-26 agheataAdded plugin->SetProofParameter(const char *name, const...
2011-04-26 marianAdding switch - use the corelation terms
2011-04-26 agheatapatch for not checking the number of connections when...
2011-04-26 richtermusin global instance of configuration handler for autom...
2011-04-26 daineseUpdate/protection (Zaida)
2011-04-26 mariancoverity warning.
2011-04-26 gconesabcoverity mem leak corrected
2011-04-26 richtermminor bugfix: add a default info message
2011-04-26 richtermcorrecting class documentation
2011-04-26 mflorisFixed warning
2011-04-26 gconesabminor coverity fix
2011-04-26 daineseHeader file forgotten in prev commit
2011-04-26 cblume- bugfixes for magnetic field check and position offset...
2011-04-26 richtermcorrecting error return codes