2007-08-21 morschLoad libANALYSIS (M. Gheata)
2007-08-21 morschAliAnalysisTaskESDfilter added.
2007-08-21 masera1. Improved implementation of AliITSIntMap and AliITSOn...
2007-08-21 cvetanUsing the event definition from aliroot and not from...
2007-08-21 morschDeactivate unused branches to avoid memory leaks.
2007-08-21 schutzMissing heared file added
2007-08-21 cvetanBugfix. Now NextBunch method should correctly in case...
2007-08-21 mploskonTracker component v2 employs the fast clusterizer tree...
2007-08-21 cblumeBug fix by Mateusz
2007-08-20 mvlChanged return values from PropagateBack, to prevent...
2007-08-20 richtermbugfix: deactivation of modules was affected by previou...
2007-08-20 cvetanRemoval of obsolete code
2007-08-20 philleMinor changes
2007-08-20 cblumeFix length of water inside cooling pipes
2007-08-20 dibariRandom electronic noise fixed
2007-08-20 cblumeNew digits test macros
2007-08-20 cblumeLatest version of zero suppressed raw data by Ken and...
2007-08-20 cvetanAdding libSTEERBase to the list of libs needed to build...
2007-08-20 morschInportant updates mainly fixing memory leaks.
2007-08-20 dibariNew order to take into account general mods in libs
2007-08-19 richtermbugfix: support of multiple output blocks per event...
2007-08-19 richtermsupport of multiple files per event and multiple type
2007-08-19 richtermbugfix: consider both pointer and offset of block descr...
2007-08-19 richtermminor changes
2007-08-19 richtermsupport for multiple output types added
2007-08-18 richtermmerged branch tag HLT-v0-7-Rev00 to HEAD
2007-08-18 richtermminor documentation fixes
2007-08-18 richtermadded definition of kAliHLTDataTypeEvent
2007-08-18 hristovCompletely updated version (Guillermo)
2007-08-17 morschMemory leak cured. Use TClonesArray::Delete() if stored...
2007-08-17 morschMemory leak corrected.
2007-08-17 schutzNew analysis classes by Gustavo Conesa
2007-08-17 morschClassed moved form libJETANMC to libJETAN.
2007-08-17 morschUse AliMCEventHandler instead of runloader.
2007-08-16 hristovFixed index
2007-08-16 morschNo debug message.
2007-08-16 morschCatch the paused hadrons and muons.
2007-08-16 morschCopy user fields for primary only.
2007-08-16 morschRedefinition of IsTrackAlive.
2007-08-16 morschFor track references check that the particle has disapp...
2007-08-16 morschUse SetInputEvent()
2007-08-16 morschLoad JETAN library.
2007-08-16 panosImplementation of the post creation of the AOD tags
2007-08-16 morschStore total number of produced particles in the header.
2007-08-16 morschStore the total number of produced particles in the...
2007-08-16 morschCalculate the total number of produced and stored parti...
2007-08-16 morschMethod SetInputEvent introduced.
2007-08-16 hristovDo not calculate ITS fake ratio for the tracks without...
2007-08-15 hristovrlu_hijing has to be float to work correctly with gfort...
2007-08-15 morschCorrect setting of number of primaries in header.
2007-08-15 morschNumber of produced primaries is set in the header.
2007-08-15 morschCorrect adding of headers in case object is part of...
2007-08-15 morschAddHeader implemented.
2007-08-15 morschGetters for header and generated event header.
2007-08-15 morschClass implements interface AliAnalysisCuts.
2007-08-15 morschESD to AOD filtering task.
2007-08-15 morschAll generator headers are in STEER now.
2007-08-15 morschReorderAndExpandTR: protection needed for Lego-Runs.
2007-08-15 morschSome extra lines to read PDC06 data.
2007-08-14 acollaTRD DCS data point set updated
2007-08-14 morschClasses moved to STEERBase.
2007-08-14 morschClass moved to STEERBase.
2007-08-14 morschnew TFile("...") replaced by TFile::Open("...")
2007-08-14 markusIntroduce type cast to avoid warning message.
2007-08-14 morschCorrection in protection.
2007-08-14 morschProtection needed when reading PDC06 data (v4-04)
2007-08-14 morschProtection needed when reading PDC06 data (v4-04).
2007-08-14 hristovInitialization of some local arrays
2007-08-14 jgrosseoadapting to renaming of functions in AliExternalTrackParam
2007-08-13 hristovAdditional protection
2007-08-13 hristovCheck also the lower boundary of the array
2007-08-13 hristovDo not recreate the array of active sectors. Redundant...
2007-08-13 markusReordering of class members to make ROOT's I/O optimize...
2007-08-11 morschProtection added.
2007-08-10 morsch-printf 's replaced.
2007-08-10 hristovFixing typo (negateive volume lenght)
2007-08-10 hristovFixing copy/paste typo
2007-08-10 hristovAliLog only in libSTEERBase
2007-08-10 ivanaUpdated/changed the serial numbers for station 3 and 7
2007-08-09 morschUpdated needed due framework changes.
2007-08-09 morschObsolete method call removed.
2007-08-09 morschSTEERBase added to include path
2007-08-09 panosGetting the trigger descriptors from CDB
2007-08-09 panosFew mods (Boris)
2007-08-09 hristovCTP trigger description in CDB (Panos)
2007-08-09 hristovUsing AliGeomManager in the macros (Raffaele)
2007-08-09 hristovTemporary disable the raw version, it will be taken...
2007-08-09 hristovSsemi-final version of TRD raw data simulation
2007-08-09 dibariUserCut removed from simulated DCS+minors
2007-08-09 dibariBug in flag returned by Process (A.Colla)
2007-08-09 alibraryRemove -lTable from Makefile
2007-08-09 hristovAdding libSTEERbase, libNet and libTree
2007-08-09 hristovClasses that depend on libTable are excluded from the...
2007-08-09 hristovRearranging the classes to use loadlibs.C
2007-08-09 hristovAdditional forward declaration
2007-08-09 hristovAdditional forward declarations. Including AliLog.h...
2007-08-09 hristovIncluding strings.h to define bcmp
2007-08-09 hristovUsing TMath::Power instead of pow
2007-08-09 hristovBug fix
2007-08-09 hristovCompilation with CC on Solaris x86