2009-12-15 maseraSavannah bug 59091 (A. Dainese)
2009-12-15 richtermadding first version of the digit publisher component...
2009-12-15 dibariRelated to the report #60402: protection in case of...
2009-12-15 dibariHMPID Analysis task improved
2009-12-15 richtermcorrecting compilation error in debug mode
2009-12-15 morschMichele Floris's background rejection connected to...
2009-12-15 morschClassDef increased.
2009-12-15 richtermupdate of macros: better default values for the macros...
2009-12-15 richtermminor code cleanup, delete obsolete member (Theo)
2009-12-15 morsch- increase classdef
2009-12-15 jgrosseobug fix
2009-12-15 morschFirst working version
2009-12-15 mtadelAdd method:
2009-12-15 morschTechnical fix: Call PostData in any case.
2009-12-15 cblumeAliTRDmcmSim:
2009-12-15 basantadefault values of individual cell gain is +1.0
2009-12-15 cblumePut an empty object for AliTRDCalFEE
2009-12-15 morschGetOutput(1)
2009-12-15 shahoianFix for the loophole in the magnets currents check...
2009-12-15 agheataFix for alien case
2009-12-15 morschInput slot 0 not needed.
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschAvoid change of wd in Notify()
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschPrivate output goes to slot 1
2009-12-15 morschCorrection in Notify() when using archives.
2009-12-15 hristovFix for report #60402 Problem with AliHMPIDPreprocessor...
2009-12-15 morschSDD task added
2009-12-15 morsch- SDD task added
2009-12-15 morschDeriving from AliAnalysisTaskSE
2009-12-15 miskoAdapted to pp collision data.
2009-12-15 maseraAdd precision to covariance matrix elements (E. Fragiacomo)
2009-12-15 jgrosseotypo
2009-12-15 jgrosseochange of default cuts (michele)
2009-12-14 morschPilot Train first version
2009-12-14 morschUpdates.
2009-12-14 morschCollision event selection.
2009-12-14 hristovFixes for report #57776 Negative eigenvalues of the...
2009-12-14 hristovChanges for request #60532 Port to the release: Include...
2009-12-14 aszostakAdding extra protection code to catch std::bad_alloc...
2009-12-14 aszostakAdding new tracker to handle all chambers for dHLT...
2009-12-14 cblumeAdd additional protection in GetNTimeBins
2009-12-14 kleinbAdding the Service Task
2009-12-14 kleinbAvoid adding to current directory for jet histos, Limit...
2009-12-14 marianAliTPCcalibCalib.cxx - use also alignmnet - not implem...
2009-12-14 marianMinor changes:
2009-12-14 jotwinowchanges in Analyse function
2009-12-14 jotwinowsmall changes
2009-12-14 jotwinowonly TPC performance task
2009-12-14 jgrosseomem leak fixing
2009-12-14 morschDeriving from AliAnalysisTaskSE
2009-12-14 sgorbunowrong sign of alpha parameter in AP plot fixed
2009-12-14 dainesePossibility to use only ITS+TPC tracks for ntuples
2009-12-14 maseraAdding run number in the title of the final plot. Possi...
2009-12-14 jgrosseomissing file in previous commit
2009-12-14 jgrosseoupdate of iPhysicsSelection supporting histograms for...
2009-12-14 jgrosseoadded merge and getoutput functions
2009-12-14 rpreghenfixed tpo
2009-12-14 daineseNew method to re-compute vertex with Kalman-filter...
2009-12-14 snellingif statement around mc eventplane
2009-12-14 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski.
2009-12-14 richtermupdating and adding macros for HLT TRD evaluation ...
2009-12-14 richtermcode cleanup of the HLT TRD tracker, integration of...
2009-12-14 richtermremoving obsolete include header and correcting compila...
2009-12-14 richtermcleanup of HLT TRD clusterizer, integration of offline...
2009-12-14 richtermcleanup of HLTTRDCalibration component, fixing bug...
2009-12-14 richtermreactivating TRDEsdWriterComponent to write ESDEvents...
2009-12-14 richtermbugfix: corrected stimated size for emulated tracks...
2009-12-14 maseraFix for report 60592
2009-12-14 richtermrearranging data type ids for HLT TRD data transport...
2009-12-14 jotwinowtrigger classes selection added
2009-12-14 morschPossibility to analyse selected events only. Selection...
2009-12-14 daineseCut on dca of TPC inner param
2009-12-14 daineseBug fix and added histos for tracks with at least one SPD
2009-12-14 jotwinowmag. field and geometry initialised from GRP
2009-12-14 jotwinowupdates by Simone Schuchmann
2009-12-14 richtermupdate of data structures for internal data transport...
2009-12-14 jotwinowtrigger class selection added
2009-12-14 kaamodtAdded functionality to read trigger selection (Ana)
2009-12-14 agheataProgress bar in analysis manager.
2009-12-14 dsilvermdsilverm and gconesab: clean-up/simplification of AliEM...
2009-12-14 daineseAdded vertex distribution histos
2009-12-13 morschUpdates.(D. Perrino)
2009-12-13 morschESD tags for muons modified, since they revealed to be
2009-12-13 kleinbupdated for mini train, AddTask for new boo keeping...
2009-12-13 kleinbNew book-keeping class
2009-12-13 kleinb updated trigger selection
2009-12-13 maseraThe number of clusters per layer is stored in the RP...
2009-12-13 jotwinowbug fix
2009-12-12 daineseAdded protections for volId==0 in TrackPoint
2009-12-12 pchristMods in the drawProtonResult
2009-12-12 jthaederactivation howto for the MC publisher
2009-12-12 jotwinowtriger class selsction added
2009-12-12 marianAdding the vdrift entry plots
2009-12-11 marianSwitch in CalibTimeGain - - Non cosmic data by default
2009-12-11 jgrosseoadditional printouts and instructions how to use the...
2009-12-11 hdalsgaabug fix - the diagnostics should be off by default
2009-12-11 jgrosseofirst draft of physics event selection class
2009-12-11 pchristAdding the aleph parametrization for real data