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2012-03-14 rpreghenspectra-utils update
2012-03-14 prinoFix
2012-03-14 abercuciextend CookLabel for performance studies
2012-03-14 abercucicorrect position of MC label calculation
2012-03-14 kleinbcoverity fix (forward NULL)
2012-03-14 prinoAddTasdk for v2 with EP modified to run in the lego...
2012-03-14 iselioujFrom Francesco: Updated AliAnalysisTaskVnV0
2012-03-14 abercuciforce compute MC label
2012-03-14 cblumeUncomment AddLabels()
2012-03-14 prinoCoverity
2012-03-14 basantadimension bug fixed
2012-03-13 deliaNew subfolder Cascades included
2012-03-13 deliaAdditional folders created
2012-03-13 deliaCascade analysis code moved in Cascades folder
2012-03-13 shahoianBug fix in AliExternalTrackParam::Invert()
2012-03-13 kleinbbug fix
2012-03-13 mcosentichanging classes names and relinking them
2012-03-13 prinoInclude D meson v2 task using flow package in compilation
2012-03-13 mcosentiincluding add task macro and link/builder changes for...
2012-03-13 mcosentiremoving automatic backup files
2012-03-13 mcosentiincluding my own analysis task for isolated photons
2012-03-13 jgrosseonew task for QA, update to PID flow classes (Francesco...
2012-03-13 deliaMinor fixes (AOD running)
2012-03-13 deliaCoverity + minor fixes (AOD running)
2012-03-13 rbailhacClass of Elienos
2012-03-13 deliaCoverity + minor fixes (AOD running)
2012-03-13 prinoUpdated macro for plotting HF QA results (ChiaraB)
2012-03-13 maseraFix for DQM operation (PG Cerello)
2012-03-13 fnoferinTOF channel distances from IP
2012-03-13 coppedisCoverity
2012-03-13 jklein- implement GetHCId() for AliTRDtrackletGTU
2012-03-13 rbailhacBug fix in the var Manager
2012-03-12 antoniolsupport for loading specific version running on LHC10c...
2012-03-12 iselioujFrom Francesco: Removed TOF dependnecies in AliFlowBaye...
2012-03-12 rpreghenupdate tof support specific version of TOF RunParams...
2012-03-12 aadareClaude Pruneau's task
2012-03-12 aadareadding tasks for Claude Pruneau
2012-03-12 kleinbchanges for AOD lego train
2012-03-12 pcrochetImprove handling of sharp tracker pt cut matching with...
2012-03-12 pcrochetImprove handling of sharp tracker pt cut matching with...
2012-03-12 morsch#92331: preparing to move AliTOFHeader to AOD
2012-03-12 morschAliTPCdEdxInfo is propagated to the AOD
2012-03-12 gconesabAdd method to get the density of good cells in isolatio...
2012-03-12 maseraTypo
2012-03-12 hristovAccess to the internal decayer
2012-03-12 maseraReducing verbosity (A. Mastroserio)
2012-03-12 coppedisNew ZDC geometry as installed on January 2012 implemented
2012-03-12 antoniolusing default for selected species
2012-03-12 gconesab change call to AliESDtrack::GetMass to GetMass(kTRUE...
2012-03-12 allainteralighment with TOF implemented
2012-03-12 abercuciuse explicitly TPC mass during tracking
2012-03-12 gconesabmove print to debug mode
2012-03-12 morschCoverity
2012-03-12 gconesabfix exotic cell selection when close to eta=0 borders...
2012-03-12 kleinbcoverity fix
2012-03-11 prinoSpeed-up code for D meson PID
2012-03-11 prinoAdd plot with map of working modules vs. DDL and Carlos
2012-03-11 shahoianIn order to use at tracking time the TPC pid only conve...
2012-03-11 maseraCoverity 18271
2012-03-10 prinoSDD macros updated to work with 2012 OCDB
2012-03-10 antoniolcoverity fix
2012-03-10 snellingcoverity
2012-03-09 kleinbsetting binning for phi histos
2012-03-09 quarkChange to support compilation when ALICE_INSTALL is...
2012-03-09 quarkChange to support compilation when ALICE_INSTALL is...
2012-03-09 shahoianNew method Invert() for changing alpha by pi (forbiden...
2012-03-09 agheataUsing the new root does not allow changing the location...
2012-03-09 morschreverting 54037
2012-03-09 iselioujFrom Francesco: Updated AddTaskVZERO macro
2012-03-09 kleinb jet shapes&Jet-track correlations for jets depending...
2012-03-09 fcaCoverity
2012-03-08 daineseupdate (Rossella)
2012-03-08 daineseFinal 2010 cuts (Andrea)
2012-03-08 daineseupdate (Andrea)
2012-03-08 janielskSlight changes to TPCTOF task and added it to be compil...
2012-03-08 antoniolcoverity fix
2012-03-08 antoniolcoverity fix
2012-03-08 morschIt makes the addition in AOD of MC tracks associated...
2012-03-08 hristovRestored compilation of PAR files
2012-03-08 hansenaSmall bug fix in density calc with missing if statement...
2012-03-08 jgrosseoadding eta ordering
2012-03-08 hristovRemoving MFT, it doesn't exist for SHUTTLE
2012-03-08 rgrossoFake processing HLT, to avoid pending runs! => temporar...
2012-03-08 maseraBug fix
2012-03-07 prinoFix PWG3->PWGHF (Renu)
2012-03-07 prinoUpdated Dplus macros according to modifs in Dplus task...
2012-03-07 iselioujFrom Francesco: Updated AliFlowVZERO task
2012-03-07 snellingupdated phi flow analysis
2012-03-07 jgrosseomixed event statistics histogram as fct of centrality
2012-03-07 jgrosseocuts on resonances and conversions
2012-03-07 hdalsgaaMC upgrades to displaced vertices
2012-03-07 rbailhacMore fixes
2012-03-07 basantamodification QA for DQM
2012-03-07 mcosentiincluding macro to run the tender in the lego train
2012-03-07 rbailhacTry to reduce coverity defects
2012-03-07 agheatafixed bug that could ignore libSTEER if libSTEERbase...
2012-03-07 hristovAdditiuonal libraries needed for the RPM creation
2012-03-07 hristovRemoving duplicated header files
2012-03-07 mvlAdded reset of objectcounter
2012-03-07 atoiaadd two run ranges for the early runs (167693--167807...