2006-03-20 hristovRemoving useless const on the return type (icc)
2006-03-20 hristovRemoving obsolete enum
2006-03-20 hristovLoop over planes instead of loop over global time bins...
2006-03-20 hristovIntegration of the material budget (M.Ivanov)
2006-03-20 hristovAdd optional seeding in the TRD (M.Ivanov)
2006-03-20 hristovRemove obsolete AliTRDparam (M.Ivanov)
2006-03-20 ivanaSimplifying calling test, explicite functions for each...
2006-03-20 morschPossible conflicts between Heavy Flavor and Atlas Tunin...
2006-03-20 hristovCorrected size of array (icc)
2006-03-20 hristovCorrected index (icc)
2006-03-20 hristovAliTOFv4T0 replaced by AliTOFv5T0
2006-03-20 morschTrigger on particle and antiparticle separately.
2006-03-20 morschNew classe needed for PDC06 muon generation. (Nicole...
2006-03-20 morschUpdate for PDC'06 muon generation. (Nicole Bastid)
2006-03-20 decaroAl layer: positioning correction
2006-03-20 decaroCorrection of some layer thickness
2006-03-18 morschSmall mods.
2006-03-18 hristovInvocation of Print commented out. Its implementation...
2006-03-18 hristovTypo
2006-03-18 morschPDC'06 configurations for charm and beauty added.
2006-03-18 morschSome code duplication in Pythia configuration removed.
2006-03-18 cholmAdded a README file to explain things a bit
2006-03-18 cholmFoo bar baz - only ws changes
2006-03-18 cholmAdded new code
2006-03-18 cholmMade persistent
2006-03-18 cholmAdded classes to make fake calibration constants, and...
2006-03-18 nick18-mar-2006 NvE Support for display of selected track...
2006-03-17 cholmAdded test of AliFMDAltroMapping
2006-03-17 cholmAdded AliFMDAltroMapping
2006-03-17 hristovNon-implemented function commented out
2006-03-17 hristovNew line at the end of the file
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding new classes
2006-03-17 ivanaInitial version
2006-03-17 ivanaDefault calibration parameters
2006-03-17 ivanaInitial version
2006-03-17 ivanaChanges related to the implementing AliMpVSegmentation...
2006-03-17 ivanaChange description related to CDB
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding generation of trigger masks, trigger lut and...
2006-03-17 ivanaChanging the default behavior of AliMUONv1
2006-03-17 ivanaLet the CDB storage alone. It is now handled by AliSimu...
2006-03-17 ivanaChanges to ease integration with CDB
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding mask handling, where masks are read from the CDB
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding mask handling
2006-03-17 ivanaAdd class description
2006-03-17 ivanaMajor revision to add the possibility to handle
2006-03-17 ivanaMore comments
2006-03-17 ivanaAdded the ability to know if this digit is purely simul...
2006-03-17 ivanaMade a couple of methods const, and starting to add...
2006-03-17 ivanaFixing a memory leak
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding new calibration flavours for trigger
2006-03-17 ivanaCoding conventions
2006-03-17 ivanaWork directly with Digit::ADC() instead of Digit::Signal()
2006-03-17 ivanaChanging default behavior of digitizer (uses noise...
2006-03-17 cvetanPossibility to specify local parameters added also...
2006-03-17 cvetanApplyDisplacements method renamed to ApplyAlignObjsToGe...
2006-03-17 cvetanNew methods to read and write trailers. New method...
2006-03-17 bnandifix in Gain
2006-03-17 bnandimacro to read the hits tree
2006-03-17 bnandimacro for random alignment
2006-03-17 bnandifix in the method Gain
2006-03-17 nick17-mar-2006 NvE Support for marker of track starting...
2006-03-17 kowal2Corrected the last wire position
2006-03-17 kowal2Corrected reflection matrix and sector numbering convention
2006-03-17 ivana- Reordering includes from most specific to more genera...
2006-03-17 ivanaReordering includes, forward declarations from most...
2006-03-17 cholm0. General code clean-up, including messages, and the...
2006-03-17 cvetanTPC ALTRO mapping class
2006-03-17 cvetanPutting the ALTRO mapping in RAW as a base class. TPC...
2006-03-16 hristovFix for the reverse engineering display
2006-03-16 cvetanIntroduction of the TPC ALTRO mapping files.
2006-03-16 cvetanIntroduction of the Altro mapping
2006-03-16 kharlovRemove macro as obsolete
2006-03-16 kharlovUpdates according to recent changes in AliPHOSCalibData...
2006-03-16 hristovGetMedium replaced by CurrentMedium (I.Hrivnacova)
2006-03-16 ivanaAdded fFlag member and its getter/setter
2006-03-16 ivanaAdded possibility to indicate background contaminated...
2006-03-16 nick14-mar-2006 NvE RemoveTracks() facilities introduced...
2006-03-16 morschObsolete printf's removed.
2006-03-16 morschMethod SetTriggerParticle added.
2006-03-16 alibrarytypo
2006-03-16 alibraryXARGS back
2006-03-15 ivanaIn AddMisAlignModule/DetElement(): use AliAlignObj...
2006-03-15 hristovThe pointer to the run loader is not persistent
2006-03-15 hristovThe left ZDC part is not simmilated, but has to be...
2006-03-15 cvetanBugfix (thanks to Kirill!)
2006-03-15 ivanaWork around for CINT bug in root 5.10/00, with gcc4.0.2
2006-03-15 ivanaRemoving debug printing
2006-03-15 cblumeTake negative B-Field into account for ExB
2006-03-15 cblumeAdd new calibration files
2006-03-15 cblumeRemove old calib classes
2006-03-15 cblumeUpdate of calibration classes by Jan Fiete
2006-03-15 hristovAdding two missing getters
2006-03-14 kharlovRemove De-digitizing of raw data and digitizing the...
2006-03-14 jklayclusterizer updates for new ESD and now get geometry...
2006-03-14 bnandiPMD calibration classes
2006-03-14 bnandicalibration macros
2006-03-14 bnandicalibration classes added
2006-03-14 bnandicalibration function added
2006-03-14 hristovIncluding of Lambda(1520) to the generation. Small...
2006-03-14 cblumeMove tail cancellation parameters to recparam