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2004-06-14 cheynisImplementation for raw data simulation
2004-06-14 skowronTrack points are moved according to vertex position...
2004-06-13 skowronRedundant printout removed
2004-06-13 skowronSeparation Cut in Pixels implemented
2004-06-13 skowronPair Check corrected
2004-06-12 hristovCoding conventions
2004-06-11 hristovTaking into account the dE/dx crossing points in the...
2004-06-11 mhornerRecalculated sampling fraction, with the addition of...
2004-06-11 loizidesCleaned up code for coding conventions.
2004-06-11 hristovBug fix
2004-06-11 cheynisCompliance to AliSimulation framework
2004-06-11 cheynisEvent number removed in digit
2004-06-11 cheynisNew classes included
2004-06-11 cheynisDigitization included into AliSimulation framework
2004-06-11 cvetanCoding violations...
2004-06-11 skowronBug corrected in DeltaPhi
2004-06-10 nilsenModifications associated with remerging the Ba/Sa and...
2004-06-09 mhornerFixed bug in parent assignment and implemented Birk...
2004-06-08 skowronDeltaPhi function corrected; Additional checks in GetKStar
2004-06-07 alibraryCleanup
2004-06-07 hristovTemporary commenting out the implementation of BuildGeo...
2004-06-07 skowronCheck for PID added
2004-06-07 alibrarySome cleanup, more may be needed
2004-06-07 alibraryNew return value for ProcessRun
2004-06-05 hristovRemoving warnings (icc)
2004-06-04 tkuhrlist of libraries updated
2004-06-04 skowronBug Correction (lacking Abs)
2004-06-04 skowronclass AliHBTOutSideLongFctn: Added switch for steering...
2004-06-04 hristovCorrect definition of icc version. Optimization changed...
2004-06-04 hristovTFluka excluded from compilation
2004-06-04 hristovRemoving extra tabs. Removing -g from the optimization...
2004-06-04 schutzWeaken the tolerance for tracks entering to crystals...
2004-06-04 cblumeMomentum dependent foil stack parameters
2004-06-04 alibraryCleanup of makefiles
2004-06-04 rdmchange Darwin to macosx.
2004-06-03 rdmwrap some insanely long lines into mulitple lines.
2004-06-03 rdmset PLATFORM to the operating system (linux, macosx...
2004-06-03 rdmadd correct check on ROOT version (now version 4.0...
2004-06-03 cvetanBug fix in the merging of neighbour eta slice peaks...
2004-06-03 hristovfDebug is Int_t instead of Bool_t
2004-06-03 alibraryRely on PLATFORM defined in main makefile
2004-06-03 rdmsuperseeded by new version with root-config --arch...
2004-06-03 rdmuse root-config --arch to get the desired platform...
2004-06-03 rdmintroduce platform dependent Makefiles using names...
2004-06-03 rdmuse root-config --libs instead of $ROOTSYS/lib.
2004-06-03 rdmcorrect typo.
2004-06-03 hristovRemoving platform-dependent printout
2004-06-03 hristovRemoving obsolete macro
2004-06-03 hristovNew macro converting RAW to digits
2004-06-03 hristovSimulation of RAW data (T.Kuhr)
2004-06-03 cheynisParticle history saved
2004-06-02 skowronGenerator for HBT
2004-06-01 rdmProcessRun() returns Bool_t and new pure virtual StopRu...
2004-06-01 rdmreturn Int_t instead of "const Int_t" from GetRecPoints...
2004-06-01 rdmDraw() is not const.
2004-06-01 loizidesBugfix.
2004-06-01 rdmDraw() is not const. Who decided to put the "= 0"'s...
2004-06-01 rdmBrowse() method is not const.
2004-06-01 rdmreturning a "const Int_t" makes no sense.
2004-06-01 rdminclude TMCParticle6.h (Pythia6) instead of TMCParticle.h.
2004-06-01 rdmadd case for icc v8.
2004-06-01 rdmadd target distclean (same as clean-all).
2004-06-01 loizidesHardended the reconstruction process, have flags for...
2004-06-01 loizidesHandle event TPC event. Just return proper number of...
2004-06-01 loizidesAdded note if file size == 0.
2004-06-01 tkuhroption to set the number of events per file for individ...
2004-06-01 morschThis should work for pp.
2004-06-01 morschChanges to make code work for pp collisions.
2004-06-01 morschDecay of L0s, Lambda, Sigma, Xi and Omega switched...
2004-05-31 kirResetRICH error fixed
2004-05-31 maseraCoding conventions. AliITStrackV2 and AliITStrackerV2...
2004-05-31 kirNew convention on numbering and LRS
2004-05-31 maseraOption to display also V2 clusters added
2004-05-28 nilsenUpdated ITS version 11 geometry. Requires ROOT version...
2004-05-28 morschCorrect structure function also for kPyMbNonDiffractive.
2004-05-28 maseraClasses related to the V11 geometry temporarily exclude...
2004-05-28 morschPrint statement in Quench() removed.
2004-05-28 skowronExtensive class description added
2004-05-28 kirMakefile is now private
2004-05-28 kirDisplay and points are removed, DispFast is to be used
2004-05-28 kirchambers added
2004-05-28 kirnew way to provide control plots
2004-05-28 kircontrol plots went to AliRICH
2004-05-28 loizidesClean up of memory hole.
2004-05-28 loizidesAdded two pass tracking for confmapper.
2004-05-28 kirSagita added
2004-05-28 kirroot-condif is in use
2004-05-28 cussonnoset fMUONData as local container
2004-05-28 morschUpdate needed for new fluka version. (E. Futo)
2004-05-27 alibraryNew split libs
2004-05-27 alibraryNew split libs
2004-05-27 alibraryNew split libs
2004-05-27 morschClean-up. (E. Futo)
2004-05-27 morschUpdates needed for fluka. (E. Futo)
2004-05-27 morschSync with TFlukaGeo.h
2004-05-27 morschClean-up. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschMany corrections and upgrades. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschAbort statement commented out. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschParticle code range protection. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschClean-up (A. Gheata)