2013-06-24 majanikchanges in the PID of protons + new config for the...
2013-06-24 fbockchanges in AddTask pPb
2013-06-24 fbockchanges in AddTask pPb
2013-06-24 jbook-update michael
2013-06-24 mkrzewicfrom Carlos Perez:
2013-06-24 agheataSearch data pattern can now contain the directory to...
2013-06-24 miweberFix for coverity warning 21784. (Misha Veldhoen <Misha...
2013-06-24 mvl1) additional interface methods for AliAnalysisTaskjetF...
2013-06-24 nmartinchanged centrality method
2013-06-24 fprinoMass limits on calculation of average pt
2013-06-24 fbelliniUpdated macros and DCA cut for Sigma* analysis (M.Venar...
2013-06-24 fprinoProtection against events with trigger mask =0
2013-06-24 loizidesfrom Marta:
2013-06-24 loizidesnew SM not activate/masked (from Marta)
2013-06-24 zconesaPossible set of pt weight flag as macro parameter ...
2013-06-24 fprinoProtection agianst events with trigger mask =0
2013-06-24 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-06-24 loizidesCosmetics
2013-06-24 lmilanocoverity fix
2013-06-24 loizidesstandalone jet finder class (Ruediger)
2013-06-24 loizidesmore mem (Megan)
2013-06-23 zconesaUpdates (A.Rossi)
2013-06-23 dgangadhSwitch again to 2 Kt3 bins
2013-06-22 shahoianto suppress compilation warnings
2013-06-22 shahoianS-tree was created instead of D in Hits2Digits
2013-06-21 gconesabadd L1 patch cluster matching
2013-06-21 cnattrasFixing issues with the reconstruction efficiency, addin...
2013-06-21 ddobrigkAdded AliAnalysisTaskExtractPerformanceV0pPb task.
2013-06-21 agheataAllow for combination of blancs and commas in SetFriend...
2013-06-21 agheataAdded flag for V0-based filtering
2013-06-21 daineseaConfig for ITS upgrade production
2013-06-21 daineseaupdate
2013-06-20 morschCorrected recommit of rev. 63120
2013-06-20 morschRevert wrong commit
2013-06-20 fprinoFix in histo filling
2013-06-20 arossiEfficiency maps added and many other updates (Sandro)
2013-06-20 morschDistance to bad channel re-evaluated; possibility of...
2013-06-20 morscho add tan(theat) at the TPC entrance to AODs (+ getters...
2013-06-20 allaTask for analysis T0 data
2013-06-20 gconesabfix indentations, open trigger cluster at BC=0 time...
2013-06-20 gconesabremove old commented code, check if cluster triggered...
2013-06-20 hqvigstaMade weights AliAnalysisTaskPi0FlowMC unit, and moved...
2013-06-20 prsnkoBad map for LHC11a updated (Yuri), for LHC13 added...
2013-06-20 fbockchanges by macro AOD
2013-06-20 fbelliniAdded new cuts for (TPC pid & TOF match) and (TPC pid...
2013-06-20 fbockchanges by Astrid commited
2013-06-20 loizidesGetter from Tim
2013-06-20 fbockmodified Dalitz software
2013-06-20 ssakaiupdated
2013-06-20 fbockAOD readiness improved, modifications in Addtasks
2013-06-20 mcosentiincluding AOD compatibility
2013-06-20 dgangadhAdditional clean-up
2013-06-20 dgangadhRemove 2nd dimension of fFSI2SS-OS
2013-06-20 dgangadhComment out 4-vector product terms. Remove 2nd dimensi...
2013-06-20 hqvigstafix: 1 cm origin test was set to 0.12
2013-06-20 hqvigstafixed bug where MC was not proccessed If empty PHOS...
2013-06-20 lmilanoadded task to estimate the contamination fraction on MC
2013-06-20 nmartinnew centrality class in the tree
2013-06-20 miweber1) memory usage reduction when running without event...
2013-06-20 jbook-new user task for michael
2013-06-20 gconesabadd histograms to get the custer spectra for different...
2013-06-20 gconesabfix title label setting
2013-06-20 mcolocciUpdate for analysis in rapidity classes
2013-06-20 lgraczykmodification of TOF monitor histogram in AliFemto code
2013-06-20 lgraczykconfig file for proton HBT train analysis
2013-06-20 fnoferinadd K0s in VnV0 analysis
2013-06-20 fnoferintest commit
2013-06-20 iselioujIlya Selyuzhenkov: Figure macros for the directed flow...
2013-06-20 mkrzewicconstrain fit to prevent crashes
2013-06-20 zconesaUpdates (A.Grelli)
2013-06-20 cvetanAdding setter in order to steer the generator from...
2013-06-20 miweberchanged the eta cut for the hybrid
2013-06-20 sgorbunoNew version of FPGA Cluster Merger with new interface...
2013-06-19 ddobrigkDiffractive event tagging fix
2013-06-19 ddobrigkAdded diffractive event tagging in DPMJet for cross...
2013-06-19 cvetanCorrection to the previous commit
2013-06-19 ddobrigkAdded MC exploratory task for pPb debugging. Extra...
2013-06-19 bdoeniguTighter cuts
2013-06-19 cvetanTagging gray and black particles
2013-06-19 kleinbchanged pt threshold
2013-06-19 fprinoConfiguration file for LHC11h AOD refiltering
2013-06-19 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-06-19 akisielNew pair cut for KK
2013-06-19 mvlAdd getters for jet flow analysis (Redmer)
2013-06-19 akisielTrain with Dhevans cuts
2013-06-19 loizidesfix from Marta
2013-06-19 dgangadhAdd Calculation and plotting macros for coherence analysis
2013-06-19 mbombaraAdded histograms for the Analysis Note update
2013-06-19 mbombaraTask for updates to Analysis Note
2013-06-19 akisielFix macro
2013-06-19 miwebercoverity fixes (Igor Altsybeev <Igor.Altsybeev@cern...
2013-06-19 gconesabmove cluster param recalculation before bad/exotic...
2013-06-19 ihrivnacFix bug when displaying non-bending plane results as...
2013-06-18 shahoianto eliminate warning...
2013-06-18 shahoian1) Added optional usage of lookup table for mat.budget...
2013-06-18 ddobrigkAdded safe destructor for extra output objects.
2013-06-18 loizidesallow to set timing cuts
2013-06-18 loizidesfrom redmer
2013-06-18 ddobrigkFixed filling of extra debugging info in clean pPb...
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files