2009-03-11 daineseUse new method AliAODRecoDecay::MatchToMC that simplifi...
2009-03-11 morschA. Dainese added a method to match the reconstructed...
2009-03-11 marianAdding analytical correction for dEdxNorm
2009-03-11 marianAdding analytical formula for normalization of Energy...
2009-03-10 hdalsgaaTurning the zero suppression off for reconstruction...
2009-03-10 cheynisRe-ordering of vertices clockwise in XY planes in V0A...
2009-03-10 hdalsgaaTurning the zero suppression off for reconstruction...
2009-03-10 jthaederenable reading of events generated by FastSim
2009-03-10 belikovUpdating the comments describing the meaning of inner...
2009-03-10 coppedisMinor changes
2009-03-10 rpreghenremove warnings from AliTOFRawStream by temporarily...
2009-03-09 snellingforgotten delete
2009-03-09 bhippolyIncluding TaskCheckV0 and TaskStrange in PWG2spectra
2009-03-09 snellingremoved external class
2009-03-09 zampolliUsing DAQ logbook fields time_created and time_complete...
2009-03-09 zampolliTypo fixed.
2009-03-09 ivanaIn AlirootRun_MUONtestAlign.sh:
2009-03-09 ivanaFix in taking into account alignment in simulation:
2009-03-09 akisielAdding PDG Pid monitor
2009-03-09 snellingmake equation work for not equal subevents
2009-03-09 snellingname change Int/Diff RP/POI
2009-03-09 sgorbunobug fixed
2009-03-09 aszostakAdding an extra AddSymbol method for convenience.
2009-03-09 abercucinew QA plot for number of tracklets/track as function...
2009-03-09 cheynisMIP tabulated in digitization
2009-03-09 mtadelFrom Cesar: independent scaling of jet/track arrow...
2009-03-09 sgorbunoUpdate of the HLT CA tracker
2009-03-08 daineseExample macro to compare unlike-sign and like-sign...
2009-03-08 daineseChanges for interactive analysis of grid files (Renu)
2009-03-07 snellingweights, weights now ok to fourth order in POI
2009-03-07 allafix for Savannah reprted bug to write Digits tree ...
2009-03-07 allafix for Savannah reprted bug to write Digits tree ...
2009-03-06 marianMacros to test TPC dedx algorithm
2009-03-06 decaroInserted the matching window control at sdigitization...
2009-03-06 decaroPrintout message correction
2009-03-06 decaroCheck line correction
2009-03-06 decaroAdded method to convert raw data into (S)Digits -for...
2009-03-06 akisielNew directory for train macros
2009-03-06 morschWarning in case branching ration are not normalized.
2009-03-06 akisielAdd Ylm classes
2009-03-06 akisielAdd histos from all analyses to the output
2009-03-06 akisielCorrectly add histograms from Ylm functions
2009-03-06 schutzmerger methods for QA files
2009-03-06 schutzmerger methods for QA files
2009-03-06 richtermcorrecting error message 'aborting' -> 'skipping'
2009-03-06 rvernetAdded TRD for the most basic operations (# of clusters...
2009-03-06 marianUsing fixed number of secondaries - 1 in case of laser...
2009-03-06 rvernetAdded cut on # of contributors + vertex TPC
2009-03-06 morschCorrected calculation of partial branching ratios.
2009-03-06 abercucifix typo
2009-03-06 hristovIgnoring the files produced during the test
2009-03-06 abercuci- cache pad width in the tracklet - needed to recalcula...
2009-03-06 abercucinew IO functionality for the TRD QA tasks - save refere...
2009-03-06 daineseAdded possibility to use the event primary vertex as...
2009-03-06 daineseAdded check on D0 track cov matrix + added possibility...
2009-03-05 marianAdding track analysis (Marian)
2009-03-05 prinoBug fix in pileup code (F. Prino)
2009-03-05 schutzQA ref defaut storage setter in sim and rec
2009-03-05 gconesabnow mapping in RCU0A.dat RCU0C.data RCU1A.dat RCU1C.dat
2009-03-05 gconesabcorrect check for regular high and low gain channels
2009-03-05 zampolliChanges to take into account cases where the version...
2009-03-05 akisielAdding missing copying commands
2009-03-05 morschc&p error corrected (Andreas Dainese)
2009-03-05 abercuci- fix in AliTRDcheckDetector in the PHs plotter that...
2009-03-05 coppedisPossibility to set reco mode from outside (macro)
2009-03-05 snellingfix division by zero
2009-03-05 coppedisMinor change
2009-03-05 aszostakRemoving warning from compilation.
2009-03-05 morschWrite Monte Carlo Particles.
2009-03-05 abercucifix info in debug stream
2009-03-05 kowal2Correction. Now digits are produced even in the case...
2009-03-05 abercucifix bugs introduced by last modifications (Markus)
2009-03-04 jthaederfix warning for gcc 4.3.2
2009-03-04 morschITS stand-alone tracks added.
2009-03-04 morschITS stand-alone tracks added to AOD (A. Dainese)
2009-03-04 morschAndreas Dainese included a parametrization of the momen...
2009-03-04 marian1. Changing default pressure sensoor to Cavern sensor
2009-03-04 gconesabtrack references added
2009-03-04 hristovAdding EMCAL
2009-03-04 abercuciupdate for changes in the TRD reconstruction
2009-03-04 abercucikeep up with the modifications from TRD code
2009-03-04 abercucirename constant kNTimeBins to kNclusters to reflect...
2009-03-04 schutzmissing brace
2009-03-04 schutzUNDO: Ref storage set in initialisation
2009-03-04 abercucimove offline TRD tracklet to the right inheritance...
2009-03-04 aszostakdding default trigger description and trigger domain...
2009-03-04 maseraRemoval of no longer maintained neural trackers
2009-03-04 cblumeFix coding rule violations (MinJung)
2009-03-04 akisielNo need to compile Task, it is inside the library
2009-03-04 akisielPutting AnalysisTaskFemto inside the library
2009-03-04 akisielDo final processing
2009-03-04 akisielImproving rule conformance
2009-03-04 akisielImproving rule conformance
2009-03-04 cblume- simplification of calling AliTRDclusterizer from...
2009-03-04 schutzRef storage set in initialisation
2009-03-03 morschConfiguration called outside task. (M. Gheata)
2009-03-03 morsch- Cascades in AliAODEvent
2009-03-03 morschCoding violations corrected.
2009-03-03 snellingfix flow calculation in scalar product
2009-03-03 ivanaUpdated documentation for changes in the framework