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2004-07-05 skowronStandarized naming schema for cuts
2004-07-05 maseraReconstruction of raw data included (T.Kuhr)
2004-07-05 skowronPair cuts and all functonality connected with them...
2004-07-05 skowronEvent Cut developed; Spacial event move implemented...
2004-07-05 hristovAdding RAW to include header files from it
2004-07-05 loizidesCoding conventions.
2004-07-05 tkuhrdocumentation updated
2004-07-05 loizidesFixed warning.
2004-07-05 loizidesCoding conventions.
2004-07-05 loizidesUpdate to MLUC 0.4.4 which solves a bug connected to...
2004-07-05 loizidesAdded old rootlogon.C file as rootlogon-old.C
2004-07-05 loizidesChanges to get it work with HEAD and v4-01-Release...
2004-07-05 tkuhrframework for reconstruction of raw data
2004-07-05 morschSmall corrections.
2004-07-04 martinezApdating AliMUON for rawdata generation (Christian)
2004-07-04 martinezNew classes for rawdata generation (Christian)
2004-07-04 martinezNew classes for Segmentation and Mapping
2004-07-04 martinezSlats mapping files in NonBending
2004-07-04 martinezSlats mapping files in Bending
2004-07-04 bnandiClean up in the code
2004-07-04 skowronExample Macro updated to the new analysis schema
2004-07-04 skowronPairCut stuff moved from AliHBTAnalysis to AliAnalysis
2004-07-04 skowronWritting to specified file implemented
2004-07-04 skowronBug corrected: lack of initialization if default constr...
2004-07-04 skowronCWD restored before finishing
2004-07-04 skowronSetOwner added
2004-07-04 morschGeometry initialisation outside loop.
2004-07-04 morsch- Updates for root version 4.00/07
2004-07-04 martinezRemoving obsolete macros
2004-07-04 martinezRemoving old segmentation classes
2004-07-03 skowronEvent cut added
2004-07-03 skowronSetters for event cut options added
2004-07-03 skowronAdapted to event cut
2004-07-03 skowronFinalization of the convertion to the new ANALYSIS...
2004-07-03 pcrochetchamber numerotation according to reality
2004-07-02 tkuhrbugfix
2004-07-02 bnandiused AliBitPacking
2004-07-02 decaroAliTOFDDLRawData::(Un)PackWord -> AliBitPacking::(Un...
2004-07-02 tkuhrbugfix
2004-07-02 loizidesAdded new class used in testbeam for converting the...
2004-07-02 tkuhrfunctionality of raw readers extended to
2004-07-02 loizidesCoding conventions.
2004-07-02 loizidesProduce good_tracks_tpc file, tested to work in HEAD...
2004-07-01 mhornerfixed bug in Getter stopping Digitisation. The Getter...
2004-07-01 nick01-jul-2004 NvE AliCalorimeter derived from AliDevice...
2004-07-01 cvetanAdded check for min. of points on track when saving...
2004-07-01 morschDebug message removed.
2004-07-01 schutzNew ESD format (with TTree)
2004-07-01 schutzIntroducing Raw data format (T. Kuhr)
2004-07-01 cvetanSet values to zero in constructor. Added print function.
2004-07-01 tkuhrAliTPCBuffer160 renamed to AliAltroBuffer and method...
2004-07-01 pcrochetbug fixed in step manager (add gMC->TrackTime() in...
2004-07-01 morsch- Add possibility to read partonic event from file...
2004-07-01 morschStore and communicate event specific quenching parameters.
2004-07-01 morschAdd quenching information to header.
2004-07-01 hristovUsing dinamic array for times of flight
2004-07-01 hristovAdditional protection
2004-06-30 maseraElimination of materials with fractional Z (use of...
2004-06-30 maseraCoding conventions
2004-06-30 cussonnoCorrection of coding conventions: comments for all...
2004-06-30 morschRICH and TPC update.
2004-06-30 alibraryThanks to D.Adamova, correct sequence of dependencies
2004-06-30 loizidesCode violations.
2004-06-30 loizidesAdded GetIOI1ForPythiaAndXY to get the prod. point...
2004-06-29 nick24-jun-2004 NvE Coefficient kp7 changed from 7.4e-5...
2004-06-29 hristovWriting in addition merged tracks (C.Cheshkov)
2004-06-29 cblumeUpdate of digitizer and new step manager
2004-06-29 cheynisNew geometry v5
2004-06-28 skowronProcess Track And Particles works with new schema
2004-06-28 skowronReset method introduced
2004-06-28 skowronMoved to AODParticle
2004-06-28 tkuhrsupport of empty sub events and new equipment header...
2004-06-28 schutzincreased size of array stof
2004-06-28 skowroninclude of AliHBTParticle.h removed
2004-06-28 skowronMoved to ANALYSIS as AliReaderESD
2004-06-28 skowronMove to AOD/ESD schema - ITS readers not needed any...
2004-06-28 skowronRetrofeeded recent developement in from AliHBTReaderESD...
2004-06-28 skowron Track Points moved to ANALYSIS
2004-06-28 skowron AliHBTEvent now is AliAOD and is moved to ANALYSIS...
2004-06-28 skowron Cluster Map moved to ANALYSIS
2004-06-28 skowron Pair Cut moved to ANALYSIS
2004-06-28 skowronParticle, Particle Cut moved to ANALYSIS
2004-06-28 skowronVersion increased
2004-06-28 skowronRemoved
2004-06-28 skowronMoved to analysis as AliReaderKineTree
2004-06-28 skowronConverted to AOD schema
2004-06-28 skowronfRandomized field added - needed by HBTAN
2004-06-28 loizidesCoding violations.
2004-06-28 skowronKinematics reader moved from HBTAN and adapted to AOD...
2004-06-28 loizidesCoding violations.
2004-06-28 cheynisVersion 5 added
2004-06-28 cheynisNew geometry
2004-06-28 skowronAnother portion of classes moved from HBTAN to ANALYSIS...
2004-06-27 hristovmodule.mk depends in addition on header.tpl, clean...
2004-06-27 skowronfDebug type changed from bool to int
2004-06-27 skowronFixing Coding Conventions
2004-06-26 loizidesCoding conventions.
2004-06-26 alibraryCorrecting some ripple from recent cleanup
2004-06-26 morschCorrection in defintion of air.
2004-06-26 bnandidigits2raw added