2015-01-09 coppedisPutting PMT default gain as for p-p to prevent null...
2015-01-09 lmilanopt cut in TPC only q vector calculation
2015-01-09 mkrzewicfix the double free in TPC (online) calibration
2015-01-09 miweberExclude only phi in MC mode "exclude resonances"
2015-01-09 cblumeCoverity fix
2015-01-09 bhess- Coverity fixes
2015-01-08 lietavacoverity fix
2015-01-08 zampolliFixing coverity defects 24797 and 24795
2015-01-08 zampolliFixing coverity defect 24253
2015-01-08 zconesaFix coverity defect 24647
2015-01-08 miweberAdding histograms for triggers in drawing macro of...
2015-01-08 agrigoraCMAKE: CMakeLists.example skeleton
2015-01-08 mkrzewicuse TFile::Cp with option: copyMethod=tfilecp
2015-01-08 fnoferincoverity
2015-01-08 rgrossoALIROOT-5744 Add macro to generate the geom 2015
2015-01-08 rgrossoCoverity 24334, 24335
2015-01-08 hristovInstallation of FASTSIM data
2015-01-08 mbrozMore FEE parameters in calibration object
2015-01-08 dstoccoAdd protection: do not replace // in raw://
2015-01-08 dstoccoInstall macros and scripts needed for QA
2015-01-08 miweberCoverity Fix (Igor.Altsybeev@cern.ch):
2015-01-08 cmayerSTARLIGHT update:
2015-01-08 mfaselAvoid naming clash in container names
2015-01-08 jgrosseoremoving dependency to HIJING library (AMPT has its...
2015-01-08 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2015-01-08 cholmAdded SPD outlier trigger bit
2015-01-08 cholmAlternative SD and DD for DPMJet
2015-01-08 cholmTest of using NSD events only
2015-01-07 shahoianFix in fakes prob. calculation
2015-01-07 fprinoD_s systematic uncertainties in 0-10% and 20-50% (Anast...
2015-01-07 agrigoraGIT: Fix for output of git rev-list to the input of...
2015-01-07 jgrosseofollowing up on library renaming
2015-01-07 agrigoraGIT: use rev-list --count for > 1.7.2 and simple count...
2015-01-07 zampolliNot setting the default storage to local if the snapsho...
2015-01-07 rbertens updates from naghmeh
2015-01-07 mfaselUse jet pt binning for jet pt axis
2015-01-07 mfaselAdd jet base histogram in the MC jet analysis component...
2015-01-07 mivanovATO-91 - join attachment plots for A and C side (Patrick)
2015-01-07 mfaselFix building task directory name
2015-01-07 mfaselFix propagation of the trigger bits to the trigger...
2015-01-07 mfaselAdd Histograms for jet analysis
2015-01-07 mfaselAdd functionality for debugging
2015-01-07 mfasel- Allow for different track cuts
2015-01-07 cholmMinor updates and add participant information to output...
2015-01-07 mfaselBugfix in filling jet-based histograms
2015-01-07 prsnkoFiles for PHOS trigger utils
2015-01-07 prsnkoUse PHOS trigger utils
2015-01-07 prsnkoAdd class with PHOS trigger utils
2015-01-07 prsnkoAliErrors related to zero weight removed
2015-01-07 gconesabadd protection to 0 division, change debug statements
2015-01-07 dkeijdenAdded comparison graphs for the Jet QA AOD processing...
2015-01-07 dberzanoNot excluding .gitignore from .gitignore(!!!)
2015-01-06 prsnkoMixed stack depth reduced; binning reduced
2015-01-06 dmuhlheicorrected calo binning / changed track matching cuts
2015-01-06 miweberUpdate Femtoscopy ESE task (alice.ohlson@cern.ch)
2015-01-06 zconesaAdd possible external trigger switch (A.Alici)
2015-01-06 agrigoraROOT include folders set as SYSTEM to eliminate the...
2015-01-05 morschUpdates
2015-01-05 morschCorrections of SAA3 parameters
2015-01-05 miweberUpdate Mixing event handler usage:
2015-01-05 lronfletCoverity fix
2015-01-05 gconesabaccess to AOD generator level information enabled,...
2015-01-04 fbelliniUpdated macros for K* analysis by Kishora: added option...
2015-01-04 fbelliniFixed variable type for trigger mask + removed dependen...
2014-12-31 fbockaddtask pp GammaConv really working.
2014-12-31 gconesabprepare task to be able to access AOD MC kinematics...
2014-12-31 gconesabadd debug statements, start adding access to AOD kinematics
2014-12-31 gconesabprotection for 0 divisions, comment unused code
2014-12-31 kharlovMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-12-31 kharlovAdded new classes for CPV raw data reconstruction
2014-12-31 fbock- fixed addtask for Conv pp
2014-12-30 lgraczykAdding monitor class to AliFemto (from D. Arominski)
2014-12-30 fbockadded possibility to do weighting for pp 2.76 TeV,...
2014-12-29 sjenaBug fix in the cuts pr: sjena
2014-12-28 sjenaUpdate in DptDptCorr : prabhat
2014-12-27 lcunqueismall bug on filling container
2014-12-27 sjenaFlat index and cleanup pr: sjena
2014-12-27 aurasNew MFT analysis tool
2014-12-26 lcunqueiAdded unsubtracted jets to container
2014-12-25 lcunqueibug on track branch name
2014-12-24 lcunqueiadded unsubtracted jet container
2014-12-24 sjenaidx fix for multiplicity : sjena
2014-12-24 morschSetSeed added
2014-12-24 hristovFixed compilation on MacOSX
2014-12-23 shahoianStore seed in friends regardless on stream-level, since...
2014-12-23 dberzanoInstall common AliRoot macros
2014-12-23 agrigoraAdditional help for the CMakeLists.txt file
2014-12-23 agrigoraPWGmftmuondepCharmonium module
2014-12-23 agrigoraInitial PWGmftmuondepCharmonium configuration
2014-12-22 lmilanohistogram title fix and jetjt update from beomkyu
2014-12-22 fbockchanged addtask pp for single cut running with dca...
2014-12-22 sjenaRemoving Zero Entries pr task: sjena
2014-12-20 sjenaFixing the switch pr task : sjena
2014-12-20 dberzanoAdded PWGCF dir to OADB
2014-12-20 dberzanoInstall calib db needed by flow libraries
2014-12-20 ddobrigkFix for AliPPVsMultUtils
2014-12-19 sjenaFixing the anal switches pr task: sjena
2014-12-19 sjenaFixign adc cut in pmd track-anal: sjena
2014-12-19 sjenanaming fix in add pr task : sjena
2014-12-19 sjenanaming fix in add pr task : sjena