2000-12-15 schutzthe MIXT geometry (IHEP+GPS2) has been introduced
2000-12-14 fcagalice.cuts was not read any more
2000-12-14 coppedisHits2Digits method for digitization
2000-12-14 schutzadded gAlice->AddHitList(fHits);
2000-12-13 nilsenBug fix for hits being assigned to first half of the...
2000-12-13 morschActivate delta-electrons for RICH
2000-12-13 schutzremoved obsolete files
2000-12-13 schutzcorrected xyd[2] into xyd[3] typo)
2000-12-13 coppedisPrints only if fDebug==1
2000-12-13 schutzmods requested by fca
2000-12-12 alibraryIntroduce consistency check when loading points
2000-12-12 alibraryStandard Config.C file for the PPR
2000-12-12 coppedisCorrection suggested by M. Masera
2000-12-12 hristovProtection against FPE
2000-12-12 coppedisMinor corrections suggested by P. Hristov
2000-12-12 schutzminor corrections to comply with all platforms, as...
2000-12-12 coppedisCorrection for fStHits hits array
2000-12-12 cblumeInitialize fSepctrum = 0 in ctors
2000-12-12 alibraryAdding HIJING to list of libs
2000-12-12 coppedisCorrection for fStHits hits array
2000-12-11 morschdFree = 0.45;
2000-12-11 barberaAgain some explicit declarations in for loops to make...
2000-12-11 barberaSome explicit declarations in for loops to make the...
2000-12-10 barberaAdded last definition of special media like end-ladder...
2000-12-08 cblumeUpdate of the tracking by Sergei
2000-12-08 schutztwo errors that the HP-UX compiler could not correct
2000-12-08 barberaHidden declaration in a for loop removed to be complian...
2000-12-08 cblumeChange in Copy() function for HP-compiler
2000-12-07 cblumeGo back to array compression. Use sampled PRF to speed...
2000-12-07 hristovfCorr replaced by fCorrA
2000-12-06 nilsenRemoved warnings generated during compiling assosiated...
2000-12-06 nilsenRenamed fHitMap and fMapThreshold to fHitMapD and fMapT...
2000-12-06 nilsenRemoved fDigits since it is already defined in AliITSCl...
2000-12-06 nilsenAdded functions Digits() and GetDigit(Int_t i) to retur...
2000-12-06 morschAvoid random numbers 1 and 0.
2000-12-06 morschDouble defined data members corrected.
2000-12-06 morschCorrect double declared data members.
2000-12-06 morschCorrect double declared data members.
2000-12-06 morschSize of katt and patt increased to 200000.
2000-12-06 morschSize of katt and patt increased to 200000
2000-12-06 morschIntroduce SetOffsetY(Float_t off) method as simplified...
2000-12-06 morschAdd all D and B baryons produced by HIJING to PDG DataBase.
2000-12-06 morschIncrease range of arrays katt[] and patt[] to 200000.
2000-12-04 gossetModifications for stations 1 et 2 mainly:
2000-12-04 morschUpdate to geometry defined for the Muon Spectrometer...
2000-12-04 morschUse libdummyhijing.so and libTHijing.so
2000-12-04 morschAdd all subroutines, functions and common blocks used...
2000-12-04 morschInit of sRandom as in 1.15
2000-12-04 alibraryFixing problems in the HEAD
2000-12-02 morschCorrection of dead zones in inner regions of stations 3-5
2000-12-02 morschImproved inner circular region of station 3 and 5 ...
2000-12-02 morschUse SetRandom() to initialize random number generator...
2000-12-01 alibrarySet sRandom in all cases
2000-12-01 morschReplace in argument of SetTrack(..) string constant...
2000-12-01 alibraryCorrector dipole removed from ZDC
2000-12-01 alibraryCorrection of a small bug - sRandom can be used now
2000-12-01 coppedisMacro to test AliGenZDC
2000-12-01 coppedisConfiguration file for test particle tracking
2000-12-01 coppedisAdding a message error if ZDC is constructed without...
2000-11-30 morschInitialise static variable sRandom in constructor:...
2000-11-30 cblumeChanges to get in line with new STEER and EVGEN
2000-11-30 coppedisTaking into account new classes
2000-11-30 coppedisRemove first corrector dipole and introduce digitization
2000-11-30 coppedisClass for ZDC hits
2000-11-30 coppedisNew class for ZDC digits
2000-11-30 coppedisIntroduce hit array fStHits reset only at the end of...
2000-11-30 coppedisChange SetDir to SetDirection
2000-11-30 coppedisChanges suggested by fca
2000-11-30 ivanaremoved unnecessary includes
2000-11-30 ivanaconst attribute fBasicIndention renamed to fkBasicInden...
2000-11-30 ivanaremoved unnecessary includes
2000-11-30 schutzcorrected a typo
2000-11-30 schutzmake it compile with Federico modifications
2000-11-30 kowal2TLorentzVector.h adde to satisfy the latest changes...
2000-11-30 barbera Added changes suggested by Federico Carminati on nov...
2000-11-30 alibraryRemove optimisation for Linux systems -- temporary...
2000-11-30 alibraryIntroducing new Rndm and QA classes
2000-11-29 gossetDigitize:
2000-11-28 morschUndulated beam-pipe replaced by Al-Be (40,60) pipe...
2000-11-27 nilsenUpdate of its manual with figures.
2000-11-27 ivanatags T/AliGeant4-3-02__ar-25-10-00__g4-2-0 commented
2000-11-27 schutztest existence of pointer before applying a method
2000-11-27 barberaRoot macros to run the ITS Kalman tracking
2000-11-27 barberaSource file of the ITS Kalman tracking
2000-11-27 barberaNew version containing the files for tracking
2000-11-26 barberaModified to take into account the list of authors
2000-11-26 barberaList of authors
2000-11-26 barberaITS Offline Software user's manual
2000-11-24 morsch- Geometry and materials imported from euclid output
2000-11-24 morschNew version of geometry for stations 3-5 "Slats" (A...
2000-11-23 cblumeFixed bug in expansion routine of arrays (initialize...
2000-11-23 gossetBug correction in AliMUONRecoDisplay.
2000-11-22 schutziModule was defined twice
2000-11-22 ivanacommand: forceAllSensitive added
2000-11-22 ivanafForceAllSensitiveCmd added
2000-11-22 ivanaadded fForceAllLVSensitive - if set, all LV are made...
2000-11-22 ivanaadded fForceAllLVSensitive; SetForceAllLVSensitive()
2000-11-22 ivanaInitial version
2000-11-22 ivanauncommented setAllSensitive true
2000-11-22 ivanaadded comment line with cvs Id