2012-03-05 kleinb do NOT switch off esdfilter for JETAN analysis
2012-03-05 ivanaIn DAs:
2012-03-05 kleinbsetting of eta reange (Sidharth
2012-03-05 antoniolLHC10b,c pass3 support
2012-03-05 prinoFix
2012-03-04 iselioujFrom Mikolaj: Updated AddTaskFlowCentralityPID macros
2012-03-04 prinoAdd props
2012-03-04 prinoAddTask adapted to updated D+ task (Giacomo)
2012-03-04 prinoCoverity
2012-03-04 snellingfixes warnings
2012-03-03 prinoSpeedup (Giacomo) + New histos for B feeddown (Riccardo)
2012-03-03 prinoAdded histos for flow QA (Carlos)
2012-03-03 prinoFix typo (Carlos)
2012-03-03 jotwinowbug fix projecting histograms
2012-03-03 marianPossibility to specify GEM readout option
2012-03-03 marianAdding macro to create Pad response function for the...
2012-03-03 marianUsing the rescaling using angular rescaling only.
2012-03-03 kleinbcoverity fixes
2012-03-03 rpreghenHMPID spectra analysis code
2012-03-03 mflorisRemoving obsolete class
2012-03-03 prinoInclude flow libraries in LoadLibraries macro
2012-03-03 prinoAdd task for D meson v2 with event plane in compilation
2012-03-03 prinoRemove AliEventPlaneResolution class, functionality...
2012-03-02 prinoSpeedup of v2 task (Giacomo)
2012-03-02 snellingupdates Francesco for warnings sprintf
2012-03-02 aadaredeleting duplicate files
2012-03-02 aadaredeleting
2012-03-02 aadareswitch from aclic compiled libs to libPWGCFCorrelations...
2012-03-02 aadareadding AliPool and AliDhcTask
2012-03-02 aadareadding AliEvtPool and AliDhcTask classes
2012-03-02 aadareoutput histos instead of THnSparse
2012-03-02 aadarelightweight event mixing classes (AliEvtPool and AliEvt...
2012-03-02 aadareoutput histos instead of THnSparse
2012-03-02 rpreghenadded TOF pp spectra macros (b.guerzoni)
2012-03-02 gconesabcorrect the default clusterizer setting for AA or pp...
2012-03-02 agheataImportant commit for AOD/ESD reading performance !...
2012-03-02 morschModifications in AliRoot for re-processing a selected...
2012-03-02 aadareupdates in ranges and verbosity
2012-03-02 aadareno change other than revision date
2012-03-02 aadareturned off verbosity
2012-03-02 lietavaMore info in error mesaage, more print in AliTrigger...
2012-03-02 mflorisModifications for TPC only tracks (J. Anielski)
2012-03-02 morschUpdates M. Koehler
2012-03-02 kleinbadded jet trigger selection and jet hadron correlation
2012-03-02 iselioujFrom Francesco: Added AliFlowVZEROResults class
2012-03-02 iselioujFrom Francesco: Added AliFlowVZEROResults, PID-VZERO...
2012-03-02 wiechulao updates (Alla, Filip)
2012-03-02 loizidescov fix
2012-03-02 fcaCoverity 19601
2012-03-01 jotwinowmake cuts streamable
2012-03-01 wiechulao Add T0 Tender supply (Filip, Alla)
2012-03-01 prinoFix PWG3->PWGHF
2012-03-01 prinoAdded methods to compute generated multiplcity from...
2012-03-01 gconesabAdd histograms with eta-phi isolated decay cluster...
2012-03-01 mvlexample macro for on-the-fly generation of pythia6...
2012-03-01 belikovPossibility to vary the cos(PA) cut
2012-03-01 pcrochettake the sigma cut for cluster/trackRef association...
2012-03-01 kleinbexample macro for on-the-fly generation of pythia6...
2012-03-01 jotwinowmodification in task to filter events
2012-03-01 agheataProtected also AliAODEvent::ClearStd against recursive...
2012-03-01 fcaCoverity 18321
2012-02-29 hristovChanges taht allow to
2012-02-29 iselioujFrom Francesco: Update the Bayesian PID with dEdx for...
2012-02-29 cnattrasTrying to fix coverity fake-bug and tweaking resolution...
2012-02-29 morschEvent Header added.
2012-02-29 quarkUpdated Default Geometry (Raffaele)
2012-02-29 laphecetAdding a protection for event generators that do not...
2012-02-29 dsilvermupdate for coding violations (only variable names and...
2012-02-29 jotwinowmodified to filter events
2012-02-29 jotwinowLaser and dEdx trees added
2012-02-29 hristovAdditional protection (test/embedding)
2012-02-29 rgrossoupdated geometry with new volumes XEN1_1/SM3rd_1 and...
2012-02-29 rgrossoConfig.C with correct EMCAL geometry
2012-02-29 slindalcoverity fix
2012-02-29 zampolliNot mentioning explicitly DCS when errors come from...
2012-02-29 dsilvermfrom Francesco Blanco (based on code from Grenoble...
2012-02-28 prinoAddTask for Ds efficiency (Gian Michele)
2012-02-28 marianChecking the refenece - protection agains division...
2012-02-28 marian1. Adding run-by-run Twist and alignment coeficient...
2012-02-28 fnoferinadded fast algorithm to allow to recompute T0-TOF durin...
2012-02-28 aurasConfig.C updated
2012-02-28 aurasUpdates to the cluster finder and the track finder
2012-02-28 kleinbefficiency and pt Resolution v1 (M. Verweij)
2012-02-28 hristovFix for #91995: Fix renaming of OADB/PWG3 object
2012-02-28 hristovFix for #91976: Wrong attribute in the AliAnalysisTaskE...
2012-02-28 hristovChanges for #91932: commit to trunk amd port to Release...
2012-02-28 ivanaIn AliMUONAlignment, AliMUONAlignmentRecord:
2012-02-28 ivanaIn AliMUONTrackerQADataMakerRec: Coverity fix
2012-02-28 pcrochetCoverity fix (Diego)
2012-02-28 kleinbadded jet shape studies as done by ATLAS (Sidharth)
2012-02-27 kleinbcoverity fix (O. Busch)
2012-02-27 kleinb add cut on delta phi (Sidhart)
2012-02-27 mrodriguUpdate of DQM-plots
2012-02-27 prinoTypo fixed (Davide)
2012-02-27 pcrochetcoverity fix (Livio)
2012-02-27 jgrosseoAdding cut on TOF status bit and default cuts for TOF...
2012-02-27 cnattrasChanging include statements to match new structure...
2012-02-27 hristovRemoving -lftgl from the linking
2012-02-27 iselioujFrom Francesco: Added AliAnalysisTaskVnV0 and macros
2012-02-27 cvetanUpdates related to the DQM of 2012. Main changes are...