2009-11-26 cvetanAdditional fix to bug #59368.
2009-11-26 ivanaCoding convention (data member comments after the data...
2009-11-26 agheataAliAODEvent: corrected copy constructor and assignment...
2009-11-26 maseraBug fix. Savannah bug number 59616
2009-11-26 hristovTechnical fix for bug #55111: possible memory corruptio...
2009-11-26 martinezFixing a bug in the computation of the errors (Matthieu)
2009-11-26 martinezSingleMu :modification introduced to retrieve output...
2009-11-26 gconesabElimination of -new AliMagF-, not call the GRP to get...
2009-11-26 cblumeAllow for NTimeBins not being multiples of 3
2009-11-26 abercuciskip the calculation in AliTRDCluster::GetYloc for HLT
2009-11-26 cvetanIncrease class version (forgotten in the previous commit)
2009-11-26 ivanaIn AliMUONESDInterface:
2009-11-26 cblumeCleaup the situation NTimeBin in simulation
2009-11-26 fcaFix for bug #59368
2009-11-26 kkanakiSergey: bug fix with storing cluster id's
2009-11-26 abercuci- move tracklet index stored in track from UShort_t...
2009-11-26 pchristAdding the absorption correction task
2009-11-26 morschFix for
2009-11-26 gconesabchange default reco params to kLowMult, change kLowMult...
2009-11-26 coppedisProtection added until code in STEER won't be updated
2009-11-26 richtermadding macro for TRD HLT (Theodor)
2009-11-26 richtermUpdate by Theodor
2009-11-26 cvetanBug #56211: Storing the reco event specie in the ESD.
2009-11-26 fcaFixing (again) bug #59345
2009-11-26 richtermimportant bugfix for the internal TRD tracklet structur...
2009-11-26 richtermadded more options to run D0 finder from offline or...
2009-11-26 bhippolyRemove useless cast... (B.Hippolyte)
2009-11-26 bhippolyCommon primary vertex access for ESD and AOD (B.HIPPOLYTE)
2009-11-25 richtermadding support for the new AliESDHLTDecision class...
2009-11-25 cvetanRemoval of memory leaks (Laurent)
2009-11-25 cvetanRemoval of memory leaks (Laurent)
2009-11-25 cvetanRemoval of memory small leaks.
2009-11-25 ivanaFixing documentation
2009-11-25 slindalFixing bugs
2009-11-25 mtadel* show_scan_results.C
2009-11-25 allavertex histograms X axis in cm
2009-11-25 schutzoverwrite the image after each cycle
2009-11-25 schutzThe check for save file was blocking the route to the...
2009-11-25 bhippolyremove Global QA task: moved to PWG1 (Yu.Belikov)
2009-11-25 schutzmake GLOBAL always an active "detectors"
2009-11-25 belikovAdding a task for running the GlobalQA over the ESD...
2009-11-25 morschFiles that I have prepared for the Muon AOD creation...
2009-11-25 schutzenable making of image for QA
2009-11-25 morschCall PostData() for each event.
2009-11-25 rgrossoSetting the class name meta-data field in the constructor
2009-11-25 ivana - Implementation of trigger response re-calculation...
2009-11-25 shahoianImplementation of trigger response re-calculation with...
2009-11-25 schutzremoved left over commented out lines
2009-11-25 rgrossoUpdated geometry. It includes in particular the changes...
2009-11-25 slindalFixing segfault
2009-11-25 slindalBug fix, enabling connection to dumps from dev cluster
2009-11-25 morschVertex not deleted but updated.
2009-11-25 abercuciadd track status in debug stream
2009-11-25 cvetanKeep the leading time and width even in case of missing...
2009-11-25 schutzremove unwanted AliCodeTimerxxx to stay compatible...
2009-11-25 richtermImplementing the skeleton for HLT QA for type kESDs...
2009-11-25 ivanaUpdating transform.dat for the geometry update:
2009-11-25 fcaFixing bug #59470
2009-11-25 jotwinowsmall correction
2009-11-25 shahoianFix of the memory leak from L.Aphecetche
2009-11-25 abercuciimprove print-out
2009-11-25 jgrosseoadded trigger correlation hardware to offline
2009-11-25 abercucimove setting OCDB and GRP from default to user responsi...
2009-11-25 morschPrint() implemented.
2009-11-25 ivanaFixes to run the MUON alignment on the grid
2009-11-25 fcaFixing bug #59311
2009-11-25 abercuciadd verbosity
2009-11-25 morschRecent first physics productions.
2009-11-25 shahoianFixes to run the MUON alignment on the grid (Javier)
2009-11-25 morsch AliMCEvent::GetPrimaryVertex() implemented
2009-11-25 abercuciuncomment debug streaming in cluster2track residuals
2009-11-25 coppedisMBCalib object added to OCDB
2009-11-25 agheataCorrection from Enrico.
2009-11-25 maseraUpdates to MillePede2 + MillePede2 fitter (Ruben)
2009-11-24 maseraSwitch to vertexerZ if the number of clusters on either...
2009-11-24 daineseUse SpecialOutput for the CF container (Chiara Z)
2009-11-24 belikovAdding the histograms for the TPC-only track impact...
2009-11-24 dainesemove macro to macro dir
2009-11-24 dainesemove macro to macro dir
2009-11-24 daineseRemove obsolete macros
2009-11-24 allarange of histograms which are needed for set time windo...
2009-11-24 schutzcorrection needed to include HLT in QA
2009-11-24 marianCalibEnv.C calibVarDescription.txt guiAlias.C
2009-11-24 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.cxx.diff Add NaN counter
2009-11-24 mtadelReplace the NextEvent button in the GED version with...
2009-11-24 coppedisReverting changes from AliZDCQADataMakerRec.cxx
2009-11-24 coppedisCalibration for centrality determination in A-A impleme...
2009-11-24 marianBug fix - array non initialized in certain conditions...
2009-11-24 maseraPlane efficiency for MC (G. Bruno)
2009-11-24 schutzmade method public... was this modification reverted??)
2009-11-24 hdalsgaaforgotten file from last checkin
2009-11-24 hdalsgaabug fix in the vertex selection
2009-11-24 daineseBug fix for pp mode on real data
2009-11-24 mtadelFrom Adam K.: Put ITS stand-alone tracks into three...
2009-11-24 slindal-Added HLT test clusters to onlineDisplay macro,
2009-11-24 agheataNew version of the train. D2H wagons separated. AddTask...
2009-11-24 maseraUpdates concerning plane efficiency studies (G. Bruno)
2009-11-24 marianGetting access to the main canvas
2009-11-24 morschPythia version 6.4.21
2009-11-24 agheataWhen the file specified by an output container must...