2001-03-27 allaFMD geometry with pad and SDigits
2001-03-27 barberaSwitch for cooling fluid implemented. Mother volumes...
2001-03-26 vestboAdded a macro
2001-03-26 vestboGeneral updates
2001-03-26 vestboDebugging update
2001-03-26 frankenminor changes
2001-03-26 frankenBugfix using Aliroot Inputfiles, changes in Init select...
2001-03-26 coppedisComment prints
2001-03-26 frankenBugfix in SetSize
2001-03-26 frankenmake use_aliroot default, comment if using Makefile_Root
2001-03-26 frankenremoved class AliLevel3_Root, use AliLevel3 instead
2001-03-26 coppedisCorrected bug in constructor (fIshunt has to be =1)
2001-03-25 hristovAdded MEVSIM classes
2001-03-25 morschUpdate with mevsim libraries.
2001-03-25 morschAdd tmevsin and mevsim libraries.
2001-03-25 morschAdd MEVSIM and TMEVSIM
2001-03-25 morschFirst commit of the MeVSim Fortran code.
2001-03-25 morschRoot interface to MevSim code as TGenerator realisation...
2001-03-24 hristovTest of the access to the MEVSIM module
2001-03-24 morschLog tag and copyright notice added.
2001-03-24 morschMevSim interface added.
2001-03-24 morschMevSim interfaced through AliGenerator, first commit...
2001-03-24 morschRedundant media declarations commented out.
2001-03-23 pcrochetcorrect access to digits in SetBit()
2001-03-23 vestboAdded new peakfinder
2001-03-23 nilsenAdded Cylinderical Coordinates for use with Tracking...
2001-03-23 nilsenSet Reading of AliITSgeom data from Geant3 common block...
2001-03-22 frankencleanup in Read
2001-03-22 vestboChanged to /usr/local/anders/aliroot/mylibs
2001-03-22 vestboRemoved junk
2001-03-22 vestboModified AddTracks
2001-03-22 frankenchange in file including
2001-03-22 frankentypo in function name
2001-03-22 vestboChanged target directory
2001-03-22 frankenRemoved junk
2001-03-22 frankenThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2001-03-22 frankenThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2001-03-22 vestboThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2001-03-22 hristovLoop variables declared once
2001-03-21 barberaNew macro from Massimo Masera to plot hits, digits...
2001-03-21 barberaThe GetTrack function from Massimo Masera added
2001-03-21 hristovClean G4 dirs only if G4INSTALL (I.Hrivnacova)
2001-03-21 hristovPointer to char declared const
2001-03-21 hristovfParticleFileMap fix (I.Hrivnacova)
2001-03-21 morschUse enum constants for particle selection.
2001-03-20 barberaFlags for the rails and the cooling fluid added. Some...
2001-03-20 pcrochetbug fixed in the rejection of soft background (thanks...
2001-03-20 hristovDefault argument set only in the header file
2001-03-20 morschComment without information removed.
2001-03-20 eganglerWhy remove existing methods ? => Restored a meaning...
2001-03-20 eganglerTFile memory leak and "too many files open" problem...
2001-03-20 eganglerObvious small bug
2001-03-20 eganglerSmall cleanup
2001-03-20 eganglerincludes cleanup
2001-03-20 eganglerCode introduced to remove ghosts with the charge correl...
2001-03-20 eganglerfChargeCorrel moved from AliMUONChamber to AliMUONRespo...
2001-03-20 coppedisZDC needs PIPE, ABSO, DIPO and SHIL
2001-03-20 alibrary100 parameters now allowed for geant shapes
2001-03-20 alibraryNew detector loop split in 2
2001-03-17 marianaAnalysis macros for SDD
2001-03-17 marianaAdd new function: Print
2001-03-17 marianaUpdate response parameters and thresholds in cluster...
2001-03-17 marianaUpdate response parameters for SDD and introduce lookup...
2001-03-17 marianaNew data members in raw cluster class for SDD
2001-03-17 marianaSet PASCAL parameters to ALICE conditions
2001-03-17 marianaFaster simulation algorithm for SDD
2001-03-17 marianaImproved cluster finder algorithm for SDD
2001-03-17 marianaUpdate SDD response parameters
2001-03-17 morschAccess function to local momenta renamed.
2001-03-17 morschCorrect inconsistent variable name / method name /...
2001-03-17 morschDefault is no shunting.
2001-03-17 morschUse access methods to hit data.
2001-03-16 morschPut vacuum in beam-pipe not air.
2001-03-16 coppedisCorrection for superposition of ZDC volumes with MUON...
2001-03-16 morschDon't write the AliMUONClusterInput singleton.
2001-03-16 morschMake the two configs consistent.
2001-03-16 morschMothervolume defined MANY because overlap with station...
2001-03-16 morschCorrections of overlap with beam shield and dipole...
2001-03-16 hristovTGeant4 and AliGeant4 included in clean target
2001-03-16 hristovDefault argument initialised only in the header file
2001-03-16 ivanamethod WritePara() added
2001-03-16 morschExclude pdg particle definitions. Done by root now...
2001-03-15 coppedisCode review
2001-03-15 coppedisCode review
2001-03-15 barberaSome service mother volumes modified
2001-03-15 jbarbosaCorrected bug in MakeBranch (was using a different...
2001-03-14 jbarbosaCorrected bug in digits loading.
2001-03-14 jbarbosaChanged calls for digitising.
2001-03-14 jbarbosaFits only for files with more than 10 events.
2001-03-14 jbarbosaRemoved verbose output.
2001-03-14 jbarbosaObsolete.
2001-03-14 jbarbosaSeveral changes to adapt to new IO.
2001-03-14 jbarbosaSeveral changes to adapt to new IO.
2001-03-14 jbarbosaCorrected bug (more to correct).
2001-03-14 jbarbosaChanges to adapt to new IO.
2001-03-14 jbarbosaSeveral changes to adapt to new IO.
2001-03-14 pcrochetModification of the trigger chamber segmentation accord...
2001-03-14 pcrochetGeometry of the trigger chambers : a vertical gap of...
2001-03-14 gossetA few changes for compatibility with EVGEN library:
2001-03-13 barberaSome misleading comments removed