2008-08-28 schutzput the QA making in the event loop
2008-08-28 abercucicut Kalman filter fit for HLT
2008-08-28 coppedisRecombination chamber on C side implemented
2008-08-28 maseraPossibility of using tracks in magnetic field (with...
2008-08-28 coppedisUpdated macro
2008-08-28 coppedisUpdated laser calibration object
2008-08-28 polichehBad Channels Map DA.
2008-08-28 maseraNumber of log messages has been reduced (A. Dainese)
2008-08-28 allamove printout from AliWarning to AliDebug
2008-08-28 coppedisSetting pp @ 5+5 TeV as default for reconstruction
2008-08-28 jthaederChanges done by Konstatin Antipin in order to speed...
2008-08-28 coppedisMinor change to reduce debug prints to truly interestin...
2008-08-28 allaadd RMS of time shift distribution in OCDB
2008-08-28 mrodriguUpdate to declare a QA expert histogram for ACORDE
2008-08-27 prinoUpdates in classes for encoding and decoding compressed...
2008-08-27 schutzadded the notion of expert QA data
2008-08-27 morschInt_t changed to Float_t in AliMagFC
2008-08-27 cheynisPedestal suppression implemented
2008-08-27 hdalsgaaBug fix to avoid occasional nans from fitting
2008-08-27 decaroAdded new cluster finder algorithm (V1)
2008-08-27 decaroCode clean up
2008-08-27 prinoAdd properties
2008-08-27 prinoNew vertexer class for setting the interaction vertex...
2008-08-27 morschProtection added.
2008-08-27 abercucifix "cw" option, small memory leak due to cluster array and
2008-08-27 morschMachine magnets field for 5 TeV included. (C. Oppedisano)
2008-08-27 amastrosCode revisited after debugging.
2008-08-27 laphecetGet initial reconstruction parameters from OCDB (Philip...
2008-08-27 laphecetDefine default values of cluster resolution per chamber...
2008-08-27 cheynisMinor changes in Calib object
2008-08-27 cheynisMinor changes in Calib object
2008-08-27 cheynisMinor changes in Calib object
2008-08-27 cheynisMinor changes in Calib Data
2008-08-27 cheynisConversion of DCS mapping to aliroot mapping
2008-08-27 cheynisConversion of DCS mapping to aliroot mapping
2008-08-27 maseraRemoved overlaps on SPD services (M. Sitta)
2008-08-27 marianCalibration update (Stefan Rosseger)
2008-08-27 laphecetFixing compiler warning
2008-08-27 abercucifix for HLT stand alone track finder
2008-08-27 cblumeFix sign error in Transform()
2008-08-27 kharlovMessage "Signal is out of time range" is suppressed...
2008-08-27 polichehBad channels map and HG/LG are calculated in STANDALONE...
2008-08-27 marianAdding pad gain factors to be used in dEdx calculation...
2008-08-27 marianThe TPC simulated with all channels
2008-08-27 alla CDB as from new DA
2008-08-27 marianAdding 0 amplitude in case of 0 gain
2008-08-27 marianAdding 0 gain in case of not working channels
2008-08-27 kleinbAdd Spectrum Task and helper class, some minor mods
2008-08-27 prinoRemoved log printout
2008-08-27 hristovEnlarged range for the PHOS energy
2008-08-27 marianUse symetric Mag field
2008-08-27 alla changed histograms range
2008-08-27 allacalibration Zposition of vertex added
2008-08-27 marianUse other setup for ExB chebyshev symetric (Marian)
2008-08-27 marianMirroring of the clusters on C-side
2008-08-27 coppedisUpdated DAs for LASER and EMD runs
2008-08-27 coppedisUpdated DAs for LASER and EMD runs
2008-08-27 basantafile name changed in FES
2008-08-26 prinoAdded method to write the SDD raw data for simulated...
2008-08-26 prinoMinor modifications in macro to display ITS recpoints...
2008-08-26 morschTrack references added. (Davide Perrino)
2008-08-26 decaroCable length delays and time-of-flight measurements...
2008-08-26 jklaytest macro for raw response function used in AliEMCALRa...
2008-08-26 jklayremoved some commented lines
2008-08-26 jklaysmall test macro for AOD clusters
2008-08-26 jklaysmaller test macro for ESD track matching
2008-08-26 jklayminor updates to rec macro
2008-08-26 jklaygeometry test macro
2008-08-26 jklayadd geometry import
2008-08-26 jklaynew macro for showing how to load EMCAL data in two...
2008-08-26 jklayremoving old OCDB location for RecoParams not used now
2008-08-26 jklaystandardizing access to AliEMCALRecParams through AliEM...
2008-08-26 coppedisUpdated DA to write ADC mapping object
2008-08-26 coppedisUpdated DA for pedestal run
2008-08-26 rvernetSupport for AOD in example tasks and macros.
2008-08-26 richtermadding AliHLTAltroTimebinAverageComponent
2008-08-26 richtermadding a cxx file for the PendolinoLogger in order...
2008-08-26 laphecetFixing some compiler warnings
2008-08-26 cheynisADC taken as maximum value in the train of LHC clocks
2008-08-26 laphecetSwitch On/Off chambers instead of stations (Javier)
2008-08-26 cheynisADC taken as maximum value in the train of LHC clocks
2008-08-26 cheynisOnline Pedestals dumped into local DB file
2008-08-26 abercuciignore PID calculations in HLT mode (requested by Konst...
2008-08-26 abercucifix cluster signing (second round) and memory leak...
2008-08-26 coppedisMinor changes
2008-08-26 hristovCreating the TOFQA.root file before the QA histograms...
2008-08-26 jklayupdated alignment object
2008-08-26 jklaynew recoparam object in expected location
2008-08-26 jklayupdating AliEMCALRecParam to follow the required RecoPa...
2008-08-25 laphecetRe-connect QA
2008-08-25 richtermcorrecting path in example macro
2008-08-25 richtermadding libAliHLTITS to default libraries
2008-08-25 richtermadding the ITS library agent with handler of {DDLRAW...
2008-08-25 hristovCreate AliQADataMakerSteer if not yet done
2008-08-25 marianAdding updated ExB field map.
2008-08-25 rvernetAOD support for track pairs.
2008-08-25 hristovAliMUONCalibrationData cannot be owner of the CDB objec...
2008-08-25 abercucifix charge signing on clusters in the barrel tracking
2008-08-25 hristovAdditional protection
2008-08-25 hristovRemoving useless printout