2010-11-09 richtermusing now the specification provided by the base class
2010-11-09 snellingfix macro control plots npart eccentricity
2010-11-09 richterm- memory leak fixed, created histograms were not deleted
2010-11-09 morschWarning corrected.
2010-11-09 morschWarning corrected.
2010-11-09 snellingbug fix
2010-11-09 jthaederfix warning
2010-11-09 snellingextra quick QA option
2010-11-09 kkanaki- changed histogram ranges and plotting options
2010-11-09 coppedisUpdate in QA class to follow change in TDC cabling
2010-11-09 kkanaki- added the option to read a file or a chunk from the...
2010-11-09 aszostakAdding macro to find HLT triggered events in raw data.
2010-11-09 gvolpeNew implementation to store photon clusters in ESD...
2010-11-09 maseraMinor bug fix
2010-11-09 pulvirBlock of updates on RSN package:
2010-11-09 snellingtrackmultiplicity based on RP cuts
2010-11-09 morschFix for [bug #74895] Break in GetNContributors from...
2010-11-09 schutzhttps://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index.php?72621
2010-11-09 morschLarger array size for PbPb (R. Arnaldi)
2010-11-09 jjoseMajor Fixes which caused the normal build to crash...
2010-11-09 kkanaki- updated AliRoot and ROOT version to be used on the...
2010-11-09 zampolliChanging query format when path is fully specified...
2010-11-09 gconesabFix compilation warnings
2010-11-09 gconesabFix compilation warnings
2010-11-09 kkanaki- added protection against null pointers
2010-11-09 richtermminor update in macro documentation
2010-11-09 cholmUse Cached result of TString::Format rather than passin...
2010-11-09 hristovFix for bug #75040: Trunk doesn't compile with gcc...
2010-11-09 cholmFixes
2010-11-09 cholmRemove some unused code
2010-11-09 cholmLoad some libs
2010-11-09 cholmMinor fixes
2010-11-09 cholmRemove loading FMDanalysis library
2010-11-09 cholmAdd physics selection for scanning
2010-11-09 agheatafixes for uploading/compiling packages in plugin proof...
2010-11-09 decaroAdded TObjArray cleaning
2010-11-09 snellingbug fix
2010-11-09 abercuciprotect error parametrization formula against large...
2010-11-09 marianToo tigight outlyer cut removed
2010-11-09 morschGlauber files for real data (Alberica)
2010-11-09 snellingfix for multiple centralities
2010-11-09 jjoseFix for FindRuleChecker, few pkgs, updated readme,...
2010-11-09 cblumeFix Coverity defects
2010-11-09 morschAdded methods to set/get centrailty from clusters in...
2010-11-09 jgrosseonew caf url
2010-11-09 cblumeCoverity defects (next round)
2010-11-09 cblumeNext round of fixes (Jochen)
2010-11-09 cblumeAdd tracklet tasks (Jochen)
2010-11-09 morschFlat omega distribution added
2010-11-09 daineseChanges for heavy-ion
2010-11-09 daineseUpdate
2010-11-09 marianReverting back changes for the Cavern Pressure sensor 2
2010-11-09 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2010-11-09 snellingquick acces to QA histograms
2010-11-08 snellingadded QA class
2010-11-08 snellingadded QA for cuts
2010-11-08 marian2 more places with Cavern atmosferic pressure changed...
2010-11-08 snellingadded new triggers
2010-11-08 cblumeAdd tracklet tasks (Jochen)
2010-11-08 marianUsing send pressure sensor by default
2010-11-08 ivanaIn AliMUONResponseV0::DisIntegrate():
2010-11-08 jjoseUpdated RuleChecker to V-2,0 and update CMake pkgs...
2010-11-08 cblumeRemove obsolete class
2010-11-08 cblumeRemove obsolete class
2010-11-08 cblumeFix Coverity defects
2010-11-08 ivanaFixing UNUSED_VALUE Coverity defect
2010-11-08 martinezClass for counting events and for pile-up correction...
2010-11-08 cblumeBug fix for Savannah entry 74517 (Jochen)
2010-11-08 cblumeFix Coverity defects (Jochen)
2010-11-08 laphecetCoverity RESOURCE_LEAK fixes
2010-11-08 laphecetCoverity FORWARD_NULL fixes
2010-11-08 slindalUpdated tpc track to 5cm from 0, 0, z
2010-11-08 jjoseServeral Corrections for PAR files
2010-11-08 jgrosseomore syst unc
2010-11-08 coppedisUpdated DA for CALIBRATION_MB runs
2010-11-08 jgrosseoimproved systematic uncertainty plotting
2010-11-08 pulvirbugfix in AliRsnValue and some macros for running multi...
2010-11-08 jjoseCMake pkg files updated
2010-11-08 cblumeFix Coverity defects
2010-11-08 ivanaFixing CONSTANT_EXPRESSION_RESULT Coverity defect
2010-11-08 jjoseAdded par targets
2010-11-08 ivanaIn AliMUONLocalTriggerBoard:
2010-11-08 pulvirAdded cut for checking multiplicity and done some adapt...
2010-11-08 morschReverting an unintented commit.
2010-11-08 slindalchanged histo binning
2010-11-08 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy:
2010-11-08 slindalAdded color bins to tracks
2010-11-08 abercuciremove dependency on AliTRDrawFastStream
2010-11-08 snellingupdated macros with some current settings
2010-11-08 cvetanAddition to the revision 45154. The calibrated TDC...
2010-11-08 slindalUpdated track histograms
2010-11-08 pulvirBugfix: clean allocated temporary memory in CreateHisto...
2010-11-08 dsilvermadd missing class
2010-11-08 morschCall to pyinre commented out.
2010-11-08 odjuvsla- adding the use of the histogram merger
2010-11-08 odjuvsla- adding histogram merger to build system
2010-11-08 odjuvsla- adding class for merging histograms from different...
2010-11-08 daineseFixes (Giacomo)
2010-11-07 maseraNo PileUp check for HighFlux settings
2010-11-07 dsilvermdeleting unused class AliEMCALCalibHistoProducer and...