2006-06-13 jgrosseorenamed CorrectionMatrix class
2006-06-13 jgrosseonew way of calculation Nsigma correction
2006-06-13 hristovNew version of the jet finder (Rafael)
2006-06-13 hristovFixing warnings which are treated as errors
2006-06-13 ekmanAdded AlidNdEtaCorrection (new procedure).
2006-06-12 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-06-12 mtadelTake track-parameters at inner TPC radius if extrapolat...
2006-06-12 mtadelNew macro, loads TrackPoints from ESDtrack for a given...
2006-06-12 mtadelAdded automatic loading of AliESDfriend (if found in...
2006-06-12 mtadelAdded methods Track::ImportHits() and Track::ImportClus...
2006-06-12 mtadelRenamed RenderElement::SetMainColorByPixel(Pixel_t...
2006-06-12 mtadelFormatting changes.
2006-06-12 maseraInitialization of AliITSgeom from TGeo for the reconstr...
2006-06-12 hristovSimple example macro to make some analyzis for the...
2006-06-12 hristovGetClusterFast function implemented (No getter before...
2006-06-12 hristovNew functioanality added - ProcessSignal + Extraction...
2006-06-12 hristovTPC parameters and Pedestals added to the database...
2006-06-12 hristovTake TPC parameters from CDB as default (Marian)
2006-06-12 hristovVisualization of the calibration data (Marian)
2006-06-12 hristovAdding pedestals and parameters to the CDB (Marian)
2006-06-12 hristovAdding new entries to CDB files (Marian)
2006-06-12 hristovTemporary protection to avoid a problem in TGeo (Marian)
2006-06-12 hristovNew class for signal processing (Marian)
2006-06-12 cvetanMinor bugfix
2006-06-12 martinezFixing bug in Darc header length (Christian)
2006-06-12 martinezPut header length in static (Christian)
2006-06-12 allaOverlaps fixed
2006-06-12 jgrosseosmall fix
2006-06-12 jgrosseoo) proper splitting of STEER dependent classes (PWG0dep...
2006-06-12 jgrosseocoding conventions (Alberto)
2006-06-09 pavlinovfixed bug for SM 10 and 11
2006-06-09 cvetanNew class AliDAQ is introduced in order to handle the...
2006-06-09 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-06-09 mtadelFixed target class for fDoubleSR signal connect.
2006-06-09 mtadelAdded some padding for labels.
2006-06-09 mtadelAccept -mode cmd-line option as an alias for -revemode.
2006-06-09 mtadelUse RGDoubleValuator for range-selection widget.
2006-06-09 mtadelAdded friend PointSetArrayEditor.
2006-06-09 tpogosPt vs Eta correction map at different z of vertex ...
2006-06-09 tpogossmall fix (martin)
2006-06-08 morschStore number of produced particles in header.
2006-06-08 martinezNew classes for payload decoding (Christian)
2006-06-08 martinezSplitting Header and payload decoding (Christian)
2006-06-08 panosAdded AliBalance to PWG2LinkDef.
2006-06-08 panosAdded AliBalance to libPWG2.pkg
2006-06-08 panosMoving Balance Function source code from the ANALYSIS...
2006-06-08 alibraryMoving place of smell-detector
2006-06-08 panosAdding Makefile in the PWG2 module. This makefile will...
2006-06-08 panosRemoved Makefile
2006-06-08 panosCommit PWG2 Makefile. To compile the code of the PWG2...
2006-06-08 alibraryAdding the target PWG0-all
2006-06-08 alibraryFixing few probs on the Mac
2006-06-07 jgrosseocoding conventions
2006-06-07 kharlovRename files for a wider run range
2006-06-07 martinezUpdate rawdata format for trigger (Christian)
2006-06-07 hristovCopy/paste error fixed (Boris)
2006-06-07 ivanaFile CRATE.TXT moved from data to mapping/data/stationT...
2006-06-07 ivanaAdding description of crate.dat file
2006-06-07 ivanaFile CRATE.TXT moved from data to mapping/data/stationT...
2006-06-07 panosModify the QueryTags method: instead of a list of files...
2006-06-07 jgrosseoRenaming linkdef and pkg file to prevent warning of...
2006-06-06 kharlovCalibration parameters for ideal calibration, decalibra...
2006-06-06 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-06-06 mtadelSet double sampling-rate on by default.
2006-06-06 mtadelInitialize event only if path is non-zero.
2006-06-06 mtadelAdded separate y, z box dimensions.
2006-06-06 mtadelNew file, display reconstructed primary vertex.
2006-06-06 mtadelNew file, display DDIP volume.
2006-06-06 mtadelAdded button to control realistic positioning of the...
2006-06-06 mtadelAdded method CopyVizParams(); reset transformation...
2006-06-06 mtadelIncreased precision of drift velocity widget.
2006-06-06 mtadelAdded control for double sampling-rate fDoubleSR.
2006-06-06 mtadelAdded member for double sampling-rate fDoubleSR; copy...
2006-06-06 kowal2Protection against zer findable clusters
2006-06-06 panosRemoving files from the base directory.
2006-06-06 panosModifications in the location of the source files.
2006-06-06 jgrosseominor changes in AliShuttleInterface and AliPreprocessor
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnReader in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnEvent in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnDaughter in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnDaughterCut in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnAnalysis in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 jgrosseoo) removed files that were moved to STEER
2006-06-06 jgrosseoo) updated test preprocessor (alberto)
2006-06-06 morschMSTU(16) = 2 for all processes.
2006-06-05 morschInitialize fGinit and fGfinal.
2006-06-05 hristovResonance analysis (A.Pulvirenti)
2006-06-05 pavlinovadded method DefineSamplingFraction()
2006-06-05 hristovSmell detection (Jose Lo)
2006-06-05 martinezWhen ITS vertex is absent, extrapolation is done to...
2006-06-04 cvetanSmall addition to the altro raw stream decoder in order...
2006-06-04 hristovPropagateTo with maximal sinus as argument (Marian)
2006-06-04 hristovPossibility to compile with Root v5-11-04/06
2006-06-04 pavlinovminor correction after checking
2006-06-04 pavlinovnew function EtaPhiFromIndex
2006-06-03 nilsenRemoved (correctly) dependance on TGeant3
2006-06-03 nilsenError in last commit. still has TGeant3 depenance.
2006-06-03 nilsenRemoved depenance on TGeant3
2006-06-02 pavlinovALICE numbering scheme
2006-06-02 mtadelRecord changes.