2006-08-08 hristovCorrected GetCalibData. The default storage element...
2006-08-08 hristovCorrect initialization of static data members
2006-08-08 hristovRemoving obsolete include
2006-08-07 marianProtection against negative covariance in curvature...
2006-08-07 cvetanAdding PHOS ALTRO mapping. To be used inside AliPHOSRaw...
2006-08-07 cblumeUpdate of PID config file bt Silvia
2006-08-07 hristovCalibration data (Brigitte)
2006-08-07 cblumeRemove AliTRDmatrix
2006-08-07 cblumeAdd getter for time bin max histograms
2006-08-07 cblumeFix bugs in PID assignment
2006-08-07 hristovRemoving obsolete code which affected the event numberi...
2006-08-07 panosUpdate of the macro that creates the tag files: all...
2006-08-07 morschVolume AFaWPlateAI corrected.
2006-08-07 morschLHAPDF/AliRoot code initial commit.
2006-08-07 morschObsolete pdfs replaced/removed.
2006-08-07 morschObsolete structure functions replaced.
2006-08-07 morschLHAPDF 5.2.2 data files.
2006-08-07 morschLHAPDF 5.2.2 source code.
2006-08-07 hristovThe default storage is activated only with an explicit...
2006-08-07 hristovInitialization of some data members (Alberto)
2006-08-04 mtadelMerge from HEAD to EVE-dev.
2006-08-04 morschMoved from EVGEN.
2006-08-04 morschMoved to PDF
2006-08-04 morschMoved to PDF.
2006-08-04 panosRemoved unneeded files
2006-08-04 panosi) Removed the TFileInfo.h which was there since the...
2006-08-04 panosi) Modified the ReadGridCollection(TGridResult *result...
2006-08-04 panosChanged setters from SetXXX(Int_t n) to SetXXX() which...
2006-08-04 panosMinor modifications along with moving from const char...
2006-08-04 panosi)Added the fAlirootVersion, fRootVesrion and fGeant3Ve...
2006-08-04 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-08-04 mtadelAdded global TPCLoader* tpc_loader.
2006-08-04 mtadelMoved point-count variable declaration within the track...
2006-08-04 mtadelCommented-out info print statements.
2006-08-04 morschAnother correction for YOUT2.
2006-08-04 morschFront absorber geometry as built.
2006-08-04 morschSmall correction in comments.
2006-08-04 cblumeRemove obsolete AliTRDprobdist class
2006-08-04 kharlovFill missing ESD fields
2006-08-04 cheynisCalibration parameters retrieved from local CDB
2006-08-03 kirStore in ESD mip Q as pTrk->SetRICHnclusters(100000...
2006-08-03 cvetanCorrect static library list in case of profile target
2006-08-03 cblumeRemove obsolete AliTRDPartID
2006-08-03 morschThe small angle absorber geometry "as built".
2006-08-03 kirNew TPC parameters
2006-08-03 cblumeRemove obsolete PID classes
2006-08-02 cvetanSTART_OF_RUN events are added to the root-ification...
2006-08-02 cvetanAdding detailed debug info in case of fatal error durin...
2006-08-02 hristovCorrection for hits out of detector problem (Ludovic)
2006-08-02 hristovRemoving debug printout
2006-08-01 pcrochetfgkTofLimit from private to public to be used in AliMUO...
2006-08-01 pcrochetUpdated to work with new mapping (Diego, Philippe)
2006-08-01 hristovDo not copy, but create the generated event header
2006-08-01 jgrosseoadding multiplicity correction (simple gaussian method)
2006-08-01 jgrosseosmall fixes
2006-08-01 jgrosseotemporary workaround for PROOF bug #18505
2006-08-01 hristovCopy the generated event header
2006-08-01 cvetan1. Adding a possibility to read and reconstruct an...
2006-08-01 cvetanAdding a constructor from TFolder. Needed by AliReconst...
2006-08-01 cblumeRemove AliTRDv2
2006-08-01 cblumeMove to numbers of atoms for gas mixture
2006-08-01 cblumeRemove IsTrackStopped from StepManagers
2006-07-28 kharlovAdd range for RandomEMC, RandomCPV
2006-07-28 kharlovChange ECM calibration due to modifications in EMC...
2006-07-28 nick28-jul-2006 NvE Slight mods to prevent gcc warnings...
2006-07-28 nick21-jul-2006 NvE AliSample extended for computation...
2006-07-28 maseraVertexerPPZ replaced by vertexerZ
2006-07-27 cvetanSplitting raw data libs
2006-07-27 cvetanMissing DATE event types are added to the base raw...
2006-07-27 jgrosseoadding support for PWG0dep.par PROOF archive
2006-07-26 jgrosseosmall fixes
2006-07-26 jgrosseoadding multipicity from mc, and creation of correlation...
2006-07-26 jgrosseofixing (finally) the nsigma to vertex cut
2006-07-26 jgrosseoadding nsigma study
2006-07-26 cvetanApply misalignment also for the inactive detectors...
2006-07-26 marianAdd function for Laser analysis
2006-07-24 jgrosseoadding selector that creates histograms needed for...
2006-07-24 jgrosseodebug options works now also with derived classes
2006-07-24 bnandisingle cell cluster is fixed
2006-07-24 jgrosseocorrect deletion of tree
2006-07-24 jgrosseomore debug histograms
2006-07-21 hristovCheck PHOS and EMCAL clusters
2006-07-21 hristovAdditional protection
2006-07-21 hristovNew code to work both with the ESD and MC (Mercedes)
2006-07-21 hristovDo not allocate memory in the defualt constructor
2006-07-21 hristovNot persistent class
2006-07-21 hristovReducing the size of index array (Marian)
2006-07-21 jgrosseolast run is stored after each run
2006-07-20 cvetanRaw2SDigits method added.
2006-07-20 morschCorrect vertex handling. (P. Hristov, AM)
2006-07-20 jgrosseointroducing status management: The processing per subde...
2006-07-20 jgrosseointroducing status management: The processing per subde...
2006-07-20 jgrosseoremoving dynamic types
2006-07-19 hristovRemoving temporary fix which is not needed anymore...
2006-07-19 morschSteering routine for conversion from RAW to SDigits...
2006-07-19 morschMethod Raw2SDigits, needed for preparation of embedding...
2006-07-19 jgrosseonew configuration, accesst to DAQ FES (Alberto)
2006-07-19 jgrosseoadding DCS, HLT FES to the configuration
2006-07-19 morschExtra ; removed.
2006-07-19 jgrosseoadded CountAcceptedTracks function