2013-04-24 morschClass version increased
2013-04-24 cholmAdded TTL, split, and merge options to URL
2013-04-24 morschNew control histo.
2013-04-24 cholmAdded new classes AliMCAuxHandler and AliFMDMCHitHandler
2013-04-24 cholmAliMCAuxHandler: A class to handle auxillary input...
2013-04-24 cholmGridHelper can now scan run-list files better:
2013-04-23 fprinoUpdates in Lc-> V0+bachelor (Annalisa)
2013-04-23 gconesabcorrect initialization of object in array from VCluster...
2013-04-23 shahoianImplemented possibility of synchronized, layer-staggere...
2013-04-23 hanrattyimproved feeddown paramaterisation
2013-04-23 morschImplementation of ZPA centrality estimator.
2013-04-23 cbaumannpartially port of current dielectron package, containin...
2013-04-23 dgangadhAdded Chi2/NDF and TPCncls cut options
2013-04-23 dgangadhAdded Chi2/NDF and TPCncls cut options
2013-04-23 cbaumannremoving commit, compile error
2013-04-23 shahoianFix to account for eventual absence of the beam-pipe...
2013-04-23 atoiaimplementation of ZPA centrality estimator
2013-04-23 cbaumannAdd new class
2013-04-23 cbaumannupdate of dielectron package, fixes division by zero...
2013-04-23 lgraczykAdding support for momentum resolution studies in HBT...
2013-04-23 mkrzewicautomatically write MC info into the trees when MC...
2013-04-23 gconesabcorrecting cone exess
2013-04-23 gconesabcorrecting cone exess
2013-04-23 gconesabcorrecting cone exess
2013-04-22 fprinoWeights for 0-10 and 10-30 centrality classes included
2013-04-22 loizidesfix from Salvatore
2013-04-22 shahoianMade chi2-cut, road definitions AliITSUTrackCond and...
2013-04-22 bdoeniguFix
2013-04-22 coppedisUpdated tasks
2013-04-22 loizidesfix from Ruediger
2013-04-22 cbaumannname swtiching
2013-04-22 loizidesfix from Salvatore
2013-04-22 cbaumannupdate MK
2013-04-22 cvetanAdding getter for closest VZERO-AND interaction record.
2013-04-22 fbocksync with GSI svn
2013-04-22 ssakaichanged mass cut
2013-04-22 ssakaiadded PIDresponce of EMCal
2013-04-22 miweberupdate dptdpt task (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari <p.pujahari...
2013-04-22 lgraczykBug fix in HBT code: AliFemtoPairCutRadialDistance...
2013-04-22 simonesAdded Hypernuclei path and enabled compilation
2013-04-22 akisielNew Kch train
2013-04-22 fnoferinadded few methods to draw results
2013-04-22 mchojnacSwitch off the AOD production in case when in the ...
2013-04-22 fnoferinadded few methods to draw results
2013-04-22 jgrosseo2PC PID analysis (Leonardo)
2013-04-22 zconesaUpdates on TRD trigger: 1) remove the track matching...
2013-04-22 shahoianClusters will be read via AliITSRecoDet array to allow...
2013-04-22 shahoian1)Fix in cluster tracking coordinates query.
2013-04-21 morschI added a new field in AliESDCaloCluster/AliAODCluster...
2013-04-21 morschUpdate of AliGenCorrHF, including pp at 2.76 and 8 TeV
2013-04-21 ssakaiadd new task QC and SP with TPC-TOF
2013-04-21 ssakaiAddTask and Conf. file of TPC-EMCal EP method
2013-04-21 arossiPossibility to included associated track efficiency...
2013-04-20 miwebercoverity fixes (Misha Veldhoen <Misha.Veldhoen@cern...
2013-04-20 dgangadhAnalysis code update (Matt Steinpreis)
2013-04-20 gconesabmore figures cleaning
2013-04-20 gconesabremove/compress big figures
2013-04-20 gconesabadd QA and time calibration info from Marie
2013-04-20 shahoianThe AODVertex was not returning the nContrib for pile...
2013-04-19 jbook-add nanoAOD support for TPC event plane
2013-04-19 mchojnacChange the way how TPC pv veretx is rejected
2013-04-19 mcosentifixing the order of cuts in the isolation track selecti...
2013-04-19 pcrochetFix bug in graph plotting (keep boards with no track...
2013-04-19 kowalCorrected bug in media definition
2013-04-19 morsch2 more Double32_t stored in the AOD header. These are...
2013-04-19 jgrosseopt,a < pt,t condition optional
2013-04-19 hqvigstafixed some bugs/logical errors in DrawProduction.C
2013-04-19 fprinoPssibility to use a threshold in the Bayesian PID appro...
2013-04-19 jbook-switch on the prefilter
2013-04-19 cbaumannchange event selection
2013-04-19 miweberadding full path to config macro (MW)
2013-04-19 fnoferincoverity fix
2013-04-19 fnoferinadded few methods to draw results
2013-04-19 shahoianfix in cycles dimension (Sergey)
2013-04-19 hqvigstaIntroduced function void FitRanges(double lowerEdge...
2013-04-19 gconesabT corrections updated up to last runnning period LHC13g
2013-04-19 hqvigstaChanged Input::Input() to work with AnalysisResult...
2013-04-19 hqvigstaimproved logic of DrawProduction.C
2013-04-19 hqvigstaRawProduction::Output::Output now retains the cd
2013-04-19 loizidesfrom rongrong
2013-04-18 shahoianFix in the algo of finding the sensors on the way of...
2013-04-18 shahoianFix in AliITSUSensMap::GetMaxDimension (Sergey)
2013-04-18 shahoianMoved source histo root file for histogrammed pixel...
2013-04-18 morschcould you please commit the attached TPC PID files...
2013-04-18 arossiSeveral updates (F. Colamaria)
2013-04-18 jbook-importent update for histos
2013-04-18 arossi- pointer checks (coverity 21574, 21575, 21792)
2013-04-18 ssakaimodified 2 colliding tasks
2013-04-18 loizidesfrom Salvatore
2013-04-18 jbook-add new features to the histoarray
2013-04-18 ssakaiupdtaes for pPb analysis
2013-04-18 fbocksync with GSI svn
2013-04-18 ssakairemoved ^M end of lines
2013-04-18 ssakaiupdated
2013-04-18 loizidesfrom Fengchu
2013-04-18 loizidesfrom Hanseul
2013-04-18 loizidesfrom Megan
2013-04-18 gconesabrevert unwanted changes
2013-04-18 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic:
2013-04-18 gconesabfix bug and change order of histograms creation