2012-07-02 kleinbadding rho dependence on leading track (M. Verweij)
2012-07-02 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2012-07-02 loizidesfix from Salvatore
2012-07-02 ssakaiupdated
2012-07-02 morschBug corrected
2012-07-02 gconesabreduce histogram bin size for delta eta close to 0...
2012-07-02 jbook-update speed up qa task
2012-07-02 gconesabadd vz bin in correlation histograms - Gustavo; add...
2012-07-02 cbaumannupload change for Ionut
2012-07-02 gconesabadd isolation recalculation and associated histogram...
2012-07-02 gconesabadd a cut on the maximum pT of particles in cone, to...
2012-07-02 gconesabupdate the event rejection for LHC11a, only events...
2012-07-02 gconesabupdate the event rejection for LHC11a, only events...
2012-07-02 agheataSilencing preloading of particles.
2012-07-02 kleinbupdates for pp train, detector corrections (D. Sakata)
2012-07-02 loizidesupdate from rosi
2012-07-01 snellingcheck against division by zero
2012-07-01 mcosenticoverity fix
2012-07-01 marianChanges for task:
2012-07-01 richtermremoving log message
2012-07-01 richtermcashing of EMCALMapper instances to avoid unnecessary...
2012-07-01 belikovUpdating the overall systematics with the systematics...
2012-07-01 richtermremoving global component instances formerly used for...
2012-06-30 miwebermodifications for acceptance correction in readBalance...
2012-06-30 richtermremoving object TPC/Calib/PreprocStatus from the list...
2012-06-30 gconesabprotection agains non initialized pool
2012-06-30 richtermminor coding rule corrections, removing depricated...
2012-06-30 richterminheriting from AliHLTDataSink instead of deprecated...
2012-06-30 richtermminor coding rule corrections, removed deprecated class
2012-06-30 gconesabfix MB mask definition, protection in case trigger...
2012-06-30 richtermminor coding rule corrections and documentation
2012-06-29 cbaumannfix separator
2012-06-29 cnattrasFixing minor issue stopping running on the grid
2012-06-29 morschBug fix.
2012-06-29 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-06-29 morschIncreased class version.
2012-06-29 morschUpdate
2012-06-29 polichehAdded functionality in AliPHOSTRURawReader to test...
2012-06-29 cbaumannupdate from Taku
2012-06-29 gconesabadd setting of MB trigger mask since kMB is not always...
2012-06-29 gconesabadd setting of MB trigger mask since kMB is not always...
2012-06-29 richtermreplacing calls to AliCDBManager::GetId after this...
2012-06-29 wiechulao automatic detection of 11a pass4 (Alla)
2012-06-29 snellingadd muons to the path
2012-06-29 gconesabprevious version contained only few runs that where...
2012-06-29 prinoUse different names for cut object tlist in case f...
2012-06-29 gconesabupdate for new passes - Marie
2012-06-29 loizidesfix
2012-06-28 shahoianMoved CreateUserInfo to Terminate
2012-06-28 prinoAdd string to differentialte output name in case of...
2012-06-28 loizidesremove broken class
2012-06-28 loizidesstart of class
2012-06-28 rgrossoMaking AliCDBManager::GetId protected (was public)
2012-06-28 marianChanges:
2012-06-28 hristovFix for copy/paste bug
2012-06-28 hristovNew module: Vc
2012-06-28 zconesaDefine data members as non permanent
2012-06-28 morschThis fixes the problems of the PID observed in the...
2012-06-28 cbaumannAdd variables
2012-06-28 maseraNew method LoadPreSDDCalib (Ruben)
2012-06-28 maseraBackward compatibility fix (Ruben)
2012-06-28 prinoUpdated histos with multiplicity and centrality
2012-06-28 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-28 jbook-updates
2012-06-28 wiechulao updates to fix the 11a pass4 problem of T0 (Alla)
2012-06-28 shahoiantechnical fix
2012-06-28 gconesabadd histograms to mix event and mc truth, fix UE cone...
2012-06-28 drohrMove cluster sorting from CA tracker component inside...
2012-06-28 ssakaiupdated
2012-06-28 cbaumannAdd missed macro
2012-06-28 mcosentichanges from mconnors
2012-06-28 cbaumannadd macros to run analyses more granuarly
2012-06-28 wiechulao add Delta vars for flow (Julian)
2012-06-28 prinoFixes for merging output of D2H QC/SP task (Grazia)
2012-06-28 marianIncluding the subcomponent calibration only ic case...
2012-06-28 wiechulao fixes
2012-06-28 zconesaevict crash
2012-06-28 kleinbfill average trials in a separeted histo
2012-06-28 snellingadding a static member for the current value of Psi_v0a...
2012-06-28 zampolliWriting back ITS alignement data (Ruben).
2012-06-28 drohrAdd external cagpu library for GPU tracker to AliRoot
2012-06-28 mcosentiupdates for mcosenti and fzhou
2012-06-28 loizidescleanup
2012-06-28 loizidescleanup
2012-06-28 loizidesfix init once
2012-06-28 loizidessimplify
2012-06-28 ssakairemoved cout statement
2012-06-28 lmilanoupdate for the new file structure
2012-06-28 hristovChange for #95551 Addition of a method to AliQAv1 to...
2012-06-28 shahoianFix in track angle definition
2012-06-28 gconesabfix the temporary fix for time recalibration
2012-06-28 gconesabfix the temporary fix for time recalibration
2012-06-27 shahoianThe TPC inner track coordinates will be added to track...
2012-06-27 maseraStore for each track info the TPC track position at...
2012-06-27 morschCorrection
2012-06-27 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-06-27 loizidesfix
2012-06-27 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2012-06-27 loizidesadd cut track vs clusters
2012-06-27 loizidesoverwrite select collision cand