2009-06-23 allaclass for multiplicity analysis and macro to run it...
2009-06-23 daineseBug fix
2009-06-23 daineseAdded missing classes
2009-06-23 daineseAdded task
2009-06-23 daineseFix coding rules violations
2009-06-23 pchristFixes for the analysis modes (Marek)
2009-06-23 rvernetadded a few comments
2009-06-23 richtermupdate by Gaute:
2009-06-23 maseraMoving from Float_t to Double_t
2009-06-23 maseraAdding protection on time of flight (E. Fragiacomo)
2009-06-23 laphecetCorrect the message about rejected pads, by not mixing...
2009-06-23 richtermcorrecting compilation error on gcc 4.4 due to changed...
2009-06-23 agheataDisable Evchar if no TR read.
2009-06-23 alladraw option added
2009-06-22 daineseFix warning
2009-06-22 cvetan1. Adding ARVersion.h as a prerequisite for the DA...
2009-06-22 abercuciupdate documentation
2009-06-22 belikovFix in filling the track residuals.
2009-06-22 lietavaCopy constructor,=operator, reset added (Plamen)
2009-06-22 allaadd AliT0TriggerParameters
2009-06-22 lietavaGetters, copy constructor,=operator added
2009-06-22 daineseAnalysis macro (Andrea R)
2009-06-22 agheataAdded PWG2 Unicor EvtChar analysis tasks. Temporary...
2009-06-22 kleinbUpdated versions from Arian
2009-06-22 agheataFixed calling sequence for FLOW analysis.
2009-06-22 agheataFixed a typo and disabled some wagons that do not work.
2009-06-22 kleinbAdded test histogram
2009-06-22 snellingupdate to set multiplicity cuts separately before and...
2009-06-22 odjuvslaFixing coding violations.
2009-06-22 belikovBug fix (S. Gorbunov).
2009-06-22 hristovAdding AliTORecoParam
2009-06-22 basantahot channels and modulewise mean values are taken care...
2009-06-22 basanta1.hard coded numbers removed 2.removal of chains in...
2009-06-22 pulvirbugfix in macro
2009-06-21 basantaonline hot channels introduced
2009-06-21 allausing reco and trigger parameters for T0
2009-06-21 allausing reco and trigger parameters for T0
2009-06-21 allareco i trigger parameters for T0
2009-06-21 alla T0 RecoParam
2009-06-21 alla parameteres for T0 trigger
2009-06-20 daineseBug fix
2009-06-20 agheataFixed atoi -> TString::Atoi
2009-06-19 laphecetRemoving a comma that gcc 3.4 does not like ;-)
2009-06-19 marianForgotten - warnings removal
2009-06-19 marianAdding visualization of single TPC transformation
2009-06-19 marianAdding interface for delta R, RPhi and Phi
2009-06-19 marianExample macros to exprt drift velocity calibration...
2009-06-19 marianRemoved gain calibration part
2009-06-19 marianPossibilty to use median instead of the sigma of gaus fit
2009-06-19 akisielCorrect UNICOR library name
2009-06-19 akisielIncreate event multiplicity cut
2009-06-19 akisielAdd PWG2 Train2 example steering macro
2009-06-19 akisielAdd unicor Kink evchar
2009-06-19 akisielPROOF-INF for evchar
2009-06-19 akisielChange the function to match the macro name
2009-06-19 akisielAdd proper comments
2009-06-19 akisielAdd missing AliFemtoCorrFctn
2009-06-19 laphecetUpdate to latest version
2009-06-19 laphecetUpdate of the "data cleaning" part of the reconstruction.
2009-06-19 dsilvermCSP registers depend of FEE firmware, not RCU firmware
2009-06-19 agheataAdded task check performance cascade (PWG2/SPECTRA...
2009-06-19 allawarning in version number
2009-06-19 allawarning in version number
2009-06-19 marianRemoved printf (Marian)
2009-06-19 daineseNew directory for macros
2009-06-19 agheataSome mods to match the last version of the alien plugin.
2009-06-19 agheataIn case one does not use run numbers or ranges, but...
2009-06-19 cvetanUpdated version of the forward dets QA task
2009-06-19 daineseIncluded also 3 and 4 prong decays; added variables...
2009-06-19 maseraChanges related to the extraction of the V0 finder...
2009-06-19 coppedisProtection added
2009-06-19 cblumeEnable ConvertDigits
2009-06-19 coppedisHits updated for better particle bookeeping
2009-06-19 daineseTake out ntuples from TLists and use dedicated output...
2009-06-19 daineseAdded tasks for prompt charm fraction and Jpsi from...
2009-06-19 daineseNew task for prompt charm fraction analysis (Andrea R)
2009-06-19 coppedis Minor changes
2009-06-19 snellingusing multiplicity weight for filling the eventwise...
2009-06-19 coppedisMinor change
2009-06-19 kowal2Some messages put into debug
2009-06-19 cblumeFix memory leak
2009-06-19 coppedisObsolete data file
2009-06-18 marian1.
2009-06-18 coppedis...finally going to AliDebug
2009-06-18 cvetanInitial version of the analysis task containing the...
2009-06-18 coppedis...from AliWarning to AliInfo for debug info
2009-06-18 fcaUse AliLog for messages
2009-06-18 marianAliTPCkalmanFit.h AliTPCkalmanFit.cxx -
2009-06-18 belikovFixing the coding conventions.
2009-06-18 belikovFixing the coding conventions.
2009-06-18 belikovFixing the coding conventions.
2009-06-18 hdalsgaaA misplaced debug message removed and an option inserte...
2009-06-18 belikovFixing the coding conventions.
2009-06-18 bhippolyprotection added in the Terminate as suggested by A...
2009-06-18 bhippolyprotection added in the Terminate as suggested by A...
2009-06-18 daineseAdded CF task multi var multi step
2009-06-18 daineseClass version number ++
2009-06-18 schutzchanged the name of the Sim->sin and Rec->rec libraries...
2009-06-18 daineseDelete AddTaskBkgLikeSign.C
2009-06-18 dainesefix