2010-03-23 morschVZEROQA from library.
2010-03-23 morschCoding rule violations corrected :-)
2010-03-23 morschProtection needed in case of kinematics-only-analysis.
2010-03-23 hristovAdd a new variable, that is the radial position of...
2010-03-23 fca This is a backward incompatible change in AliRoot...
2010-03-23 richtermbugfix for an issue with recent autoconf versions on...
2010-03-23 odjuvsla- adding temporary fix for problems with including...
2010-03-23 odjuvsla- adding EMCAL reco param handler to build system
2010-03-23 odjuvsla- moved some functionality from the detector reco param...
2010-03-23 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-03-23 gconesabtrying to fix memory leaks
2010-03-23 ivanaUpdated test script and added macros for running with...
2010-03-23 richtermcoding conventions
2010-03-23 jgrosseocoding violation fixes
2010-03-23 cblumeBugfix to take care of runloader in HLT (Theo)
2010-03-23 kleinbdelete iterator (mem leak)
2010-03-23 kleinbDelete fPathName in the d'tor
2010-03-22 gconesabupdate from D. Peressounko
2010-03-22 cvetanPHOS and TRD geometry as installed. Transparent TRD...
2010-03-22 richtermupdating macros (Theo)
2010-03-22 richtermadding compatibility code for AliTRDrawStream r39608...
2010-03-22 richtermupdating build checks for the HLT TRD (Theo)
2010-03-22 morschVersion number increased.
2010-03-22 richtermfixing coding violations
2010-03-22 allawriting in T0.RecPoints calibrated time
2010-03-22 cblumechange GetRadius(...) to GetPt(...) and use configurabl...
2010-03-22 abercucinew plot w/wo TRD contribution for pt @ vertex
2010-03-22 coppedisUseful macros for the shifter
2010-03-22 coppedisUseful macros for the shifter
2010-03-22 coppedisUseful macros for the shifter
2010-03-22 morschAvoid extrusion by HALL.
2010-03-22 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2010-03-22 ivanaIn AliMUONSDigitizerV2:
2010-03-22 abercuciadd debugging messages for collision event/track selection
2010-03-22 coppedisSOD updated
2010-03-22 coppedisUpdated preprocessor
2010-03-22 cblumeFix compiler warnings
2010-03-22 kleinbDo not stream event by event pointers and variables...
2010-03-22 abercuciuse trigger selection only for real data
2010-03-22 gconesabAdd contact mail for responsibles
2010-03-22 belikovAdding the name of the responsible person
2010-03-22 hristovRemoving lines committed by mistake
2010-03-21 maseraChanges to avoid multiple initializations (Melinda)
2010-03-21 mrodriguCoding conventions fixed for AliACORDEDataDCS class
2010-03-21 miskoanalysis task with event mixing
2010-03-21 miskoAliUnicorAnalGlobal: histogram cemu added
2010-03-20 cvetanTypo corected
2010-03-20 marianAdding example to make summary log
2010-03-20 cvetanCoding convention violations fixes (Matevz)
2010-03-20 marianMacros for PWG1 train running/validation/certification
2010-03-20 kharlovProtection against uninitialized variables
2010-03-20 gconesabadd a histogram counting the analyzed number of events
2010-03-20 rpreghencalib par update
2010-03-20 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-03-19 marianMissing protection in case of not present Space points
2010-03-19 marianProtection against zerro pointer
2010-03-19 morschFatal changed to Error
2010-03-19 marianFixed missing class
2010-03-19 bhippolyFollowing advices of A.Maire and A.Gheata for Tasks...
2010-03-19 zampolliAdding special reconstruction macro for pass0 (taken...
2010-03-19 zampolliCommitting macros/scripts/jdl for pass0/passX
2010-03-19 odjuvsla- temporary fix
2010-03-19 zampolliTypo fixed.
2010-03-19 bhippolySUMMARY = CFContainer improvement + step towards bookke...
2010-03-19 odjuvsla- fixed wrong constant
2010-03-19 odjuvsla- reconstruction classes no using the reco param handle...
2010-03-19 odjuvsla- adding reco param handlers to build system
2010-03-19 odjuvsla- added handlers for reconstruction parameters
2010-03-19 morschFix for https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?64530
2010-03-19 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-19 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-19 slindalbugfix
2010-03-19 hdalsgaafixing coding violations from FC
2010-03-19 morschUpdates for SPD QA
2010-03-19 haavardaccomodate 'x' for missing DCS point in DDL status...
2010-03-19 morschWarning corrected.
2010-03-19 cblumeUpdate reco param object (Markus)
2010-03-19 cblumeUpdate reco param object (Markus)
2010-03-19 morschUpdates for event replication.
2010-03-19 agheataCoding violation fixes
2010-03-19 cvetanAdding TDC channel delays to the calib object.
2010-03-19 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-19 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-19 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-19 morschPossibility to have a software trigger on multiplicity.
2010-03-19 akisielAdding variable comments
2010-03-19 akisielAdd SPD multiplicity selection and monitoring
2010-03-19 akisielFix coding convention violations
2010-03-19 abercuciset by default collision selection
2010-03-19 coppedisMacro to plot OCDB pedestal behaviour vs. run no.
2010-03-19 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-19 richtermadding option to skip some of the std content of the...
2010-03-19 richtermadded a protection for missing raw reader instance...
2010-03-19 kharlovProtection against uninitialized array of bad channels.
2010-03-19 snellingfixes coding violations
2010-03-19 slindalIncreased cluster histogram binnin
2010-03-19 kaamodtCleanup and changing of cuts (Ana)
2010-03-19 dsilvermmore standardizing of result return codes + always...
2010-03-18 gconesabJetCorrel correction of coding violations, and other...
2010-03-18 shahoianAllow fixing of local parameters for solver