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2002-05-27 vestboBugfix in line 314; paranthes missing
2002-05-27 morschkMaxMCProcess = 34 and comma between last two strings...
2002-05-27 vestboMoved GetGoodParticles to alimacros
2002-05-27 vestboMoved some getters to AliL3MemHandler
2002-05-27 hristovAliTrackReference added
2002-05-27 vestboSmaller changes
2002-05-27 vestboMade all AliL3FileHandler specific functions virtual...
2002-05-26 loizidesSolved merge problem of last checkin.
2002-05-26 loizidesMinor changes to make tracking work with new Aliroot...
2002-05-25 vestboBugfix
2002-05-25 vestboRenamed houghtest.C to runhough.C
2002-05-25 vestboSome minor changes in AliL3Hough
2002-05-25 vestboCan now use 8 bit data as input, by setting the apropriate
2002-05-24 loizidesRenamed macro test.C in runtracker.C
2002-05-24 hristovAliTrackReference added, AliDisplay modified
2002-05-24 vestboBugfix; Need Init(slice,patch)
2002-05-23 schutzParameters files depending on the energy range (0.5...
2002-05-23 schutzIntroduced members GetPrimary and GetNPrimaries, to...
2002-05-23 schutzstrstr changed by TString Containers
2002-05-23 schutzErased calls to SetPrimary, because it was erased in...
2002-05-23 schutzGive names to reconstructed particles with AliPHOSPIDv1
2002-05-23 schutzIntroduce new default paramenters (previous version...
2002-05-23 schutzAdded 2 methos to retrieve the primary particles
2002-05-23 vestboAdded AliL3Evaluate in case compiling with AliROOT
2002-05-23 vestboExample macro how to run Hough.
2002-05-23 vestboSwitched on slow merging.
2002-05-23 vestboCleaning up. Made some changes in AliL3HoughMaxFinder...
2002-05-23 schutzin dtor check the existence of fFile before to close...
2002-05-22 schutzChecks for existing folder before posting the makers
2002-05-22 schutzIncrement the version number
2002-05-22 vestboBugfix from previos ci
2002-05-22 vestboDo not give *row to Init
2002-05-22 vestboDo not give *row to Init
2002-05-22 vestboFix in AliDigits2Memory. Do not remove single timebins...
2002-05-22 morschPdg code added to track list.
2002-05-22 morschProcess kPyMbNonDiffr added.
2002-05-22 loizidesBField is now also read from configuration.
2002-05-22 loizidesChanged default path value to ".".
2002-05-22 schutzProtected against having _ in the file name
2002-05-22 loizidesIncorporated BFieldFactor from gAlice->Field()->Factor().
2002-05-22 skowronBug correction
2002-05-22 schutzAdded 3 methods: to list the branches available in...
2002-05-22 vestboMacro that should lie in exa
2002-05-22 vestboMoving to static AliL3Transform.
2002-05-21 skowronReaderInternal: Internal data format implementation
2002-05-21 skowronMacro for converting data into internal format ~DST
2002-05-21 hristovFind correctly TreeK in case CONFIG_SPLIT_FILE is set...
2002-05-21 schutzSet ownership
2002-05-21 schutzSet ownership
2002-05-21 schutzRemoved the possibility to systematically read QA Tree...
2002-05-21 schutzMade file static to be able to do file->cd in GetInstance
2002-05-21 schutzSystematically abort if the xxRef method fails to find...
2002-05-21 schutzEnable clusterizing from any Digits branch
2002-05-21 schutzAdded a service method (BranchName) and a method that...
2002-05-21 kowal2Correcter eror by A. Dainese
2002-05-19 hristovChanges needed by ICC/IFC compiler (Intel)
2002-05-19 hristovNo optimisation for the dictionaries
2002-05-19 hristovNew platform for ICC/IFC compiler (Intel)
2002-05-19 hristovChanges needed by ICC/IFC compiler (Intel)
2002-05-18 loizidesAddes gettransform.
2002-05-18 loizidesFirst checkin of program to extract parameters from...
2002-05-18 loizidesUse new Transformer.
2002-05-18 loizidesAdded comment line.
2002-05-17 schutzParameters file needed for the TPrincipal analysis
2002-05-17 schutzThis version is now called v1
2002-05-17 schutzAdded abort instead of return 0
2002-05-16 hristovDummy subroutines to avoid files with no code in
2002-05-16 schutzRename photon identification methods
2002-05-16 schutzNew version of PID
2002-05-16 schutzOld pid is in principle obsolete
2002-05-16 schutzAddes method to test if photon or not
2002-05-16 schutzNew PID version that uses TPrincipal
2002-05-16 schutzChanges default values of pin noise and emc threshold
2002-05-15 morschUse fOsigma[2] for vertex smearing. Default is 2000 cm.
2002-05-15 morschCdEventFile() method added.
2002-05-15 morschFirst commit. Input file needed by multi.C
2002-05-15 morschInput file name changed.
2002-05-15 morschFirst commit.
2002-05-15 morschAliGenBeamGas added.
2002-05-15 morschFirst commit.
2002-05-14 barberaThe Init method of AliITSreconstruction has to be calle...
2002-05-14 hristovCorrect cuts for elecrons and neutrons (V.Filippini)
2002-05-13 hristovTreeC created once per event (M.Masera)
2002-05-13 hristovDummy subroutines to avoid files with no code in
2002-05-13 barberaexample for the creation of fast and slow points on...
2002-05-13 hristovSome frequent problems corrected: arrays with variable...
2002-05-13 kowal2Added protection in Int_t AliTPCtracker::AliTPCRow...
2002-05-11 morschPCONE QBEU had last z defined twice.
2002-05-10 nilsenChanges by Massimo Masera to allow Recpoints and Cluste...
2002-05-10 nilsenfix to use default paramters for the SDD response.
2002-05-10 nilsenChange my Massimo Masera in the default constructor...
2002-05-10 nilsenChanges by Massimo Masera to allow the TTree of cluster...
2002-05-09 vestboBugfix in GetPadPitchWidth(patch). return inner width...
2002-05-09 kowal2Protection against nonexisting input tree
2002-05-08 kowal2New macro to create DB for AliTPCtrackParam.
2002-05-08 kowal2New AliTPCtrackParam DB by A. Dainese
2002-05-08 kowal2Now the code is blind to the binning used for pulls...
2002-05-08 kowal2New class by Andrea Dainese. It deals with the paramete...
2002-05-08 kowal2Added new class AliTPCkineGrid
2002-05-08 morschEnergy correction for default absorber configuration.