2009-01-19 daineseFixed typo
2009-01-19 daineseFixed typo
2009-01-19 kaamodtHistogramHandlerComponent: Put more functionality in...
2009-01-19 cvetanTypo corrected
2009-01-19 cvetanNew generator for beam-beam pileup simulation. The...
2009-01-19 daineseAdded constructor from MC
2009-01-19 daineseGet the cuts from AliAnalysisVertexingHF object
2009-01-19 daineseload libCORRFW
2009-01-19 daineseAdded like-sign pairs (Carmelo)
2009-01-19 cvetanFixews for new AMORE DA release (agreed with Sylvain...
2009-01-16 abercucirestrict momentum resolution plot only to non electrons...
2009-01-16 snellingadding histograms
2009-01-16 abercucinew plots for pt resolution in TRD
2009-01-16 schutzremoved AliQA Object from AliRunTag
2009-01-16 schutzrenoved a warning
2009-01-16 mtadelRemove information printout.
2009-01-16 richtermspelling in code documentation corrected
2009-01-16 jthaederfinalized drawing schema for eta-phi Jet cones in alieve
2009-01-16 snellingFlow values not in %
2009-01-16 richtermcorrecting compilation error on gcc 4.3: missing climit...
2009-01-16 haavardAltro configuration stored to OCDB
2009-01-16 abercuci! MAJOR ! update in the TRD tracking
2009-01-16 hristovDo not change the track parameters if the propagation...
2009-01-15 sgorbunoCA tracker added to compilation
2009-01-15 hdalsgaaUpdate of the AliFMDInput class to read TrackRefs as...
2009-01-15 marianUpdate of documentation (Marian)
2009-01-15 sgorbunocompilation errors fixed
2009-01-15 marianUpdated documentation (Marian)
2009-01-15 daineseBug fix
2009-01-15 marianRemoving not used function (Marian)
2009-01-15 daineseLoad CORRFW library
2009-01-15 daineseExample class for D0->Kpi corrections (Chiara)
2009-01-15 daineseExample class for D0->Kpi corrections (Chiara)
2009-01-15 kleinbadded merging of different pt_hard bins in macro and...
2009-01-15 richtermtemporary workaround for circular dependency libSTEERba...
2009-01-15 richterm- randomize seed of DataGenerator by using ChainId...
2009-01-15 richtermminor bugfix regarding optional propagation of componen...
2009-01-15 snellingimproved the look of the figure to compare the differen...
2009-01-15 cholmVarious fixes
2009-01-14 abercuciprepare for the new tracklet fit/attach
2009-01-14 hdalsgaaAdded the AliTrackReference::kFMD to enable the TrackRe...
2009-01-14 abercuciprepare for the new tracklet fit/attach
2009-01-14 hristovAdding FMD
2009-01-14 snellingProtection for fitting almost empty histogram
2009-01-14 dibariProblem with fake shifts solved.
2009-01-14 richtermexpanding compnent statistic structure to store cycle...
2009-01-14 abercucifix copy constructor of AliESDinfo
2009-01-14 hdalsgaaAdded preprocessor definitions
2009-01-14 marianAdding pictures (Marian)
2009-01-14 marianUpdate on the update frequency estimate (Marian)
2009-01-14 hdalsgaaBug fixes and improvements. The acceptance correction...
2009-01-14 hdalsgaaIntroducing the FMD trackreferences in the stepmanager...
2009-01-14 coppedisGeometry simplified and corrected
2009-01-13 marianUpdated documentation (Marian)
2009-01-13 marianRemoving the setup of the OCDB from the SetupCalibTask
2009-01-13 maseraUn-hide method AliExternalTrackParam::GetC with "using...
2009-01-13 snellingBug fixes in GFC
2009-01-13 abercuciremove warning produced by hiding GetC of
2009-01-13 decaroSavannah bug 45804 fixed
2009-01-13 hdalsgaaAdded calculation of a strip in a FMD ring
2009-01-13 richtermCompletely reworked version of TPC CA tracker (Sergey)
2009-01-13 richtermadd fallback compile info of library
2009-01-13 richtermusing AliExternalTrackParam for propagation to matching...
2009-01-13 marianAdding cluster resolution. (Marian)
2009-01-13 marianAdding the resolution plots (Marian)
2009-01-13 richtermupdate of the GlobalTrackMerger: tests with parameters...
2009-01-13 richtermchanging CM tracker argument -bfield to -solenoidBz...
2009-01-13 morschSkip standard output while buffer is not ready.
2009-01-13 richterm- break up of argument string into argument list: makin...
2009-01-12 pchristMinor changes in the macros/tasks
2009-01-12 laphecetEnable error logger and properly count the number of...
2009-01-12 morschMakeProngs() corrected.
2009-01-12 pchristMinor changes in the macros
2009-01-12 morschRemoveDaughters() added. (A. Dainese)
2009-01-12 daineseUse AliNeutralTrackParam for D0 propagation
2009-01-12 daineseRef to the 2Prong moved from AliAODRecoCascadeHF to...
2009-01-12 marianDelete file (Marian)
2009-01-12 ivanaRemoving unnecessary includes
2009-01-12 marianAdding documentation for cluster parameterization
2009-01-12 maseraFile restored as in rev. 30451
2009-01-12 richtermbugfix: setting size to 0 in case for early return...
2009-01-11 marianAdding documentation for alignment
2009-01-09 snellingoption to turn of alternate sets of equations used...
2009-01-09 ivanaIn AliMUONReconstructor:
2009-01-09 maseraSavannah bug 45751 fixed (A. Dainese)
2009-01-09 laphecetFixing a memory leak
2009-01-09 decaroStyle corrections
2009-01-09 decaroRemoved 9 global variables declatation
2009-01-09 decaroInserted a new static class variable (fgTOFRawWriter...
2009-01-09 decaroChanged some integer pointers definition in integer...
2009-01-09 decaroAdded some comments for the global class variables
2009-01-09 morschRandom number function name corrected to hwrgen and...
2009-01-09 laphecetMain changes:
2009-01-09 snellingadded 8th order cumulant distribution
2009-01-09 snellingsimplified adding nonflow
2009-01-09 belikovRemoving the hard-wired particle masses (B. Hippolyte)
2009-01-09 kleinbadded 2dim unfolding histograms to jet task, cosmetic...
2009-01-09 pchristTaking into account properly the analyzed phase space...
2009-01-09 morschInitialisation added.
2009-01-09 morschDeriving from VTrack now. (A. Dainese)