2011-10-22 pchristAdding the possibility to switch off the centrality...
2011-10-22 hristovFixed typo (Yuri)
2011-10-22 mflorisFixing unused parameter warning
2011-10-21 prinoUpdated syst. err. on yield extraction (AndreaR, Alessa...
2011-10-21 pchristsome more QA histograms included and some changed macro...
2011-10-21 esickingModifications of filterbit setting, trigger settings...
2011-10-21 gvolpeMinors
2011-10-21 mflorisAdding 2 triggers to list of known unsupported triggers
2011-10-21 mflorisImportant update of the Physics selection: the BG...
2011-10-21 richtermmemory leak https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index.php...
2011-10-21 richtermadding NULL pointer protection
2011-10-21 kleinbfixing naming for lego train, minor changes in settings
2011-10-21 coppedisI need to change work
2011-10-21 coppedisIndex in bound
2011-10-21 gvolpeNew pedestals file
2011-10-21 jgrosseocoverity fix
2011-10-21 jthaederfixes for :
2011-10-21 abercucifix coverity
2011-10-21 hristovNo DA for MFT for the moment
2011-10-20 daineseUpdates for pileup analysis (Gian Michele)
2011-10-20 hristovAdding the new detector MFT (Antonio Uras)
2011-10-20 jgrosseonumber of iterations as a tunable parameter (Marta V)
2011-10-20 jgrosseoone track trigger using tpc only tracks (Chiara)
2011-10-20 jgrosseoproduce error if addtask macro fails or does not add...
2011-10-20 jgrosseoadding baseline task to library
2011-10-20 wiechulao remove warning
2011-10-20 jthaederUpdate of DAs to use Monitoring Bit,
2011-10-20 jgrosseoadding usage of vtx axis as a parameter in the addtask...
2011-10-20 coppedisFix
2011-10-19 mploskonRongrong: 1. All the extrapolation methods are implemen...
2011-10-19 gconesabCorrect index mapping, add L1 amp histogram and other
2011-10-19 jthaederupdate to allow HLT and TPC to run from the same AddTas...
2011-10-19 cholmInclude base class 'header'
2011-10-19 cholmExport OADB_PATH to slaves
2011-10-19 cholmFixes
2011-10-19 cholmFix double delete
2011-10-19 rpreghenswitch on bkg-rejection in TOF cpass0 task
2011-10-19 abercucifix coverity (Ionut)
2011-10-19 cholmEnable use iof GDB in PROOF sessions, and some updates...
2011-10-19 morschEMCAL Response in OADB
2011-10-19 morschNew directory
2011-10-19 morschUpdates on TRD PID Response
2011-10-19 allacoverity fixed
2011-10-18 shahoianConverted warning about rotation to forbidden angle...
2011-10-18 alla if 1.5 >CFD >-10 satellite is on
2011-10-18 wiechulao Add functions and list for HMPID
2011-10-18 prinoDisable physics selection in Config files used for...
2011-10-18 coppedisAdding a protection on TDC index
2011-10-18 shahoianProtection against division by 0 (Maksym Zyzak)
2011-10-18 daineseAdded Ds pp 2010 (Gian Michele)
2011-10-18 hristovFix for #87900: Request to port changes is AliTOFQAData...
2011-10-18 hristovTuned proton-proton cross-sections at 0.9, 2.76 and...
2011-10-18 hristovAdditional protection (Jochen)
2011-10-18 esicking1. Fix for case of real data. 2. Fix for analysis of...
2011-10-18 akisielCorrect warnings
2011-10-18 jgrosseo1. Update to AliESDtrack
2011-10-18 cvetanIn case of short runs - take the output file from onlin...
2011-10-18 jotwinow- changes by Markus Koehler
2011-10-18 richtermusing TObjString::String instead of GetString to get...
2011-10-18 richtermusing TObjString::String instead of GetString to get...
2011-10-17 prinoAdd setter for physics selection swicth
2011-10-17 prinoAdd physics selection in IsEventSelected (Zaida)
2011-10-17 decaroFix for memory leak, read histo ranges from config...
2011-10-17 daineseAdded histograms for dEdx and timing (Ruben)
2011-10-17 gconesabProtection against negative or null xE
2011-10-17 allamore strong write OCDB protection
2011-10-17 alla correct fill T0 triggers for all run periods
2011-10-17 allaPass0 task for any period
2011-10-17 snellingcoverty fix + dE/dx parameterization dependent on eta
2011-10-17 daineseUpdate tracking syst unc for pp 2010
2011-10-17 akisielFix Coverity warnings
2011-10-17 daineseAdded histograms for dEdx and timing (Ruben)
2011-10-17 cvetanMacro and default object for the new Pb-Pb entry.
2011-10-17 kleinbCoverity Fix (M. Verweij)
2011-10-17 abercucifix coverity
2011-10-17 cvetanThe preprocessor is updated in order to store the equal...
2011-10-17 laphecetMove verbose to debug (Javier)
2011-10-16 maseraAliITSVertexerZ: disable pileup search with PbPb (F...
2011-10-16 maseraNew algorithm for high multiplicity events (trace algor...
2011-10-16 gconesabAdd more shower shape long axis histograms for differen...
2011-10-16 kharlov1) More robust invariant mass fit
2011-10-16 gconesabAdd cell rejection based on energy in sorrounding cells...
2011-10-16 agheataCoverity fix
2011-10-16 cblumeFirst fix for the exb calibration.
2011-10-16 mrodriguDQM histograms fixed
2011-10-16 cvetanDA output for test shuttle.
2011-10-15 kleinbinclude also negative pT for the jet spectrum
2011-10-14 richtermmemory leak https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?87435 fixed
2011-10-14 richtermreverting 52148, cleanup must be moved to base class
2011-10-14 richtermfixing memory leak https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?87435
2011-10-14 richtermcorrecting minor compilation warning
2011-10-14 cblumeBug fix (Julian)
2011-10-14 akisielAdd Kinematics reader
2011-10-14 laphecetChange one info msg
2011-10-14 laphecetRemove SetNumberOfEventsPerFile which is a priori no...
2011-10-14 gconesabDo not apply the bunch offset, this is dealt with in...
2011-10-14 kharlovImproved graphical presentation
2011-10-14 rpreghenupdate to monitor macros
2011-10-14 mflorisAdded more functions and fixed blast wave
2011-10-14 snellingpid updates