2012-05-21 morschIntroduction of the D+ and Ds (and the -Xi_c case)
2012-05-21 morschUpdate
2012-05-21 antoniolAdded extraflag to force TRD bug correction
2012-05-21 antoniolAdded extraflag to force TRD bug correction
2012-05-21 jbook-add mc boolean for aod analysis
2012-05-21 cblumeTRD/AliTRDdEdxCalibHistArray.cxx Redefine nbin...
2012-05-21 gconesabAllow fill QA time histograms for Cells in AODs, add...
2012-05-21 allachecker tuned to high lumi run
2012-05-21 snellingreduce memory usage
2012-05-21 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-05-21 loizideshist switch and update from pdsf train
2012-05-21 loizidesupdates from pdsf train
2012-05-21 loizideshist switch, leading jet option
2012-05-21 loizidesUpdates from Salvatore
2012-05-21 loizidesmerge with pdsf train
2012-05-21 loizidesgeometry handling
2012-05-21 prsnkoTime histo range adjusted
2012-05-21 rbailhacHFE task for lego train 2011
2012-05-21 rbailhacUpdate
2012-05-20 prinostore ntuple in same file as histos (Renu)
2012-05-20 kharlovQA checker for RAW is implemented
2012-05-20 aurasAdded support macro AddMisalignmentToClusters.C
2012-05-20 pchristAdding the pt trigger and associated bins in the Psi...
2012-05-20 ssakaifixed coverity error
2012-05-19 morschWarning corrected.
2012-05-19 ssakaiadd new task
2012-05-19 ssakainew macro for EMCal electron
2012-05-19 ssakainew task macro for EMCal electron analysis
2012-05-19 ssakainew task for EMCal electron
2012-05-19 morschsingle instance of AliTPythia used
2012-05-19 morschUpdate for LHC12c
2012-05-18 morschPhysics selection update for LHC12c
2012-05-18 rbailhacUpdate
2012-05-18 agheataRemoved hardcoded AliESDs.root in AliESDInputHandler...
2012-05-18 cholmRefactored Ali{SPD,FMD}MCTrackDensity into a common...
2012-05-18 abercuciadd trending for resolution
2012-05-18 rpreghenparticle-efficiency task added to spectra library
2012-05-18 mcosenticoverity fixes
2012-05-18 morschUpdates for Lambda_b and Xi_c
2012-05-18 fbelliniFix for coverity
2012-05-17 lmilanoSqrt(2) added in the combined nsigma
2012-05-17 lmilanoDCA calculation aupdated
2012-05-17 morschUpdates
2012-05-17 loizidesadded classes for background and jet modeling from...
2012-05-17 ssakaifixed coverity error
2012-05-17 lmilanotrack->DCA() intead of PropagateToDCA
2012-05-17 cbaumannAdd macros for first AOD tests
2012-05-17 gconesabmove macro to new directory
2012-05-17 gconesabexample macros to create OADB files
2012-05-17 shahoianCoverity fix
2012-05-17 gconesab added run dependent corrections on T for calibration...
2012-05-17 gconesabfirst implementation of correction factors dependent...
2012-05-17 prinoPossibility to select 2 triggers in OR (Zaida)
2012-05-17 cblume* The calib hist binning is changed to log binning
2012-05-17 abercuciupdate task to reflect changes in the reconstruction...
2012-05-17 loizidessync with pdsf
2012-05-17 abercucifix typo
2012-05-17 abercuciextend seeding detectors by ITS in view of ALICE upgrade
2012-05-17 abercuciavoid ROOT warning messages when overwritting histos
2012-05-17 abercuciadd seeder mark-up for parallel TPC/ITS seeding
2012-05-17 loizidesadded
2012-05-17 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-17 loizidesadapt to new class
2012-05-17 loizidesupdates from pdsf
2012-05-17 loizidesupdate from pdsf plus tparameter change
2012-05-17 loizidesupdate from pdsf
2012-05-17 loizidesstatic casts should be ok
2012-05-17 loizidesupdates from pdsf plus pt cuts in match loop
2012-05-17 loizidesupdates from pdsf plus pt cuts in match loop
2012-05-17 loizidesexchange aod event
2012-05-17 loizidesadd exchange container
2012-05-17 loizidesadd rho base class
2012-05-17 loizidesAdd base class
2012-05-16 morschUpdates
2012-05-16 kleinbfixed typo
2012-05-16 prinoProtections on divisions
2012-05-16 wiechulao fix for coverity 20084
2012-05-16 akisielAdd TPC entrance separation to V0 cuts
2012-05-16 akisielUse DCA from global tracks for TPC-only
2012-05-16 aurasUpdate in AliMuonForwardTrackPair class
2012-05-16 mcosentiincluding energy cell distribution
2012-05-16 hristovAdditional protection
2012-05-16 akisielUpdates for the V0 analysis
2012-05-16 akisielMacro for the kaon train
2012-05-16 guernaneCorrect TRU online mapping for the 2 1/3 SM
2012-05-16 prinoUpdated treatment of D0/D0bar mass assumption (Carlos)
2012-05-16 kleinbmissing initialisation
2012-05-16 aurasMinor updates
2012-05-16 kleinbadding acceptance bins, removing function declarations
2012-05-16 marianWarning removal.
2012-05-15 shahoianAux.getter for weights
2012-05-15 morschSavannah request #94499
2012-05-15 morschUpdate the function
2012-05-15 pcrochetadding T0 to muon AODs (Laurent)
2012-05-15 lmilanoupdate to the runGrid Macro
2012-05-15 lmilanobug fix in eta cut
2012-05-15 marianProtection against empty histogram.
2012-05-15 laphecetCorrecting previous commit log : should have been ...
2012-05-15 laphecetUpdate for 2012
2012-05-15 laphecetUpdate for 2012