2014-06-02 lcunqueiGet Extra Tracks from Embedding
2014-06-02 mvlSmall update from Rongrong
2014-06-02 shahoianDistinguish seed creation for backpropagation from...
2014-06-02 shahoianAdded separate chi2 cut for ITS/TPC matching
2014-06-02 ssakaiupdated
2014-06-02 dkeijdenJet task updated in readme for QA AOD plot macro's
2014-06-02 sjenaUpdates: DptDpt MC
2014-06-01 belikovA better parameterization for the cooked matrix
2014-06-01 lgraczykAdding DEtaDPhi correlation functions with corrections...
2014-06-01 prsnkoWeight added for MC
2014-06-01 prsnkoInitialization of magnetic field fixed
2014-05-30 shahoianchi2 comparison and debug output block was repeated...
2014-05-30 mkrzewicadd a protection and a warning against running with...
2014-05-30 mkrzewicPWGPP-53 fix run data extraction during the period...
2014-05-30 quarkAdding base classes for zmq networking and modificiatio...
2014-05-30 cnattrasmaking histogram range consistent for all raw historams
2014-05-30 rlietavaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-05-30 rlietavaFix for raw ctp decoding (Marek)
2014-05-30 tbreitnefixing clang issues
2014-05-30 tbreitneincreasing output buffer size in AliHLTTPCCATrackerComp...
2014-05-30 tbreitneempty block generation in AliHLTTPCHWClusterDecoder
2014-05-30 tbreitneAdding warning if no data header was found in HLTRawRea...
2014-05-30 tbreitneconsolidate zero-length arrays (aka struct hack)
2014-05-30 ssakaiupdated for conversion study
2014-05-30 prsnkoWeights for MC simulations added
2014-05-30 zconesaupdate comments
2014-05-30 zconesaAdd pt weights for lhc12a12, lhc12a12bis, lhc13e2fix
2014-05-30 prsnkoSwitch to AliCaloPhotons
2014-05-30 zconesaCorrect Nch weight getter for pp
2014-05-30 zconesaUpdated comments
2014-05-29 hristovAdding EMCAL to EINCLUDE
2014-05-29 hristovMerge with TRDdev.2.0
2014-05-29 prsnkoMC calibration updated for LHC13b2, LHC13e7
2014-05-29 hristovRemoving returns that were use for debug purposes
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-17 Removing compilation warnings (copy constructor)
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-17
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-17 Adding dummy function: AliTPCDigitizer::Digitiz...
2014-05-29 mivanovCreate TRD streamers in recreate mode (to avoid crashes...
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-37 - for OCDb entries which can not be retrieved...
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-37 - STEER/CDB/AliOCDBtoolkit.cxx - Use consistent...
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-37 - STEER/CDB/AliOCDBtoolkit.cx - catch exceptio...
2014-05-29 mivanovPWGPP-1 - Applying chi2 cut between the TPC/TRD track...
2014-05-29 mivanovPWGPP-55, ATO-36, ATO-35 Process ITS standalone tracks...
2014-05-29 mivanovPWGPP-4 ATO-35 - optional enablig of core dumps in...
2014-05-29 shahoianModifications from Alexandru
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-17 ATO-34 Adding switch to use crosstalk in the...
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-17 ATO-34 Modification of code before implementing...
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-15 STEER/CDB/AliOCDBtoolkit.{h,cxx} - implementing...
2014-05-29 mivanovAdding cut value for the TPC/TRD chi2 cut for the Refit...
2014-05-29 mivanovPWGPP-4 Functionality to make a program snapshot ...
2014-05-29 mivanov[ATO-16] stream cluster information for all clusters.
2014-05-29 mivanovCheck presence of the OCDB entries. Error message in...
2014-05-29 mivanovrename mode -> dEdxMode
2014-05-29 mivanovExaple usage case added
2014-05-29 shahoianFixes from Marian:
2014-05-29 shahoianFix of sigmaZ for crossing tracklets from Alex
2014-05-29 shahoiantechnical fixes
2014-05-29 shahoianAdded debug streamer steering from Marian and new track...
2014-05-29 shahoianFix in tracklets sz2 assignment for crossings
2014-05-29 shahoianadapted to new version of FitRobust
2014-05-29 shahoianxxx
2014-05-29 shahoianfix in calling of gaussian spread function
2014-05-29 shahoiancommit to clean dev branch
2014-05-29 prsnkoMC part improved
2014-05-29 mcosentiincluding the overflow/underflow of track match in...
2014-05-29 lmilanoupdate from Markus
2014-05-29 fbelliniFixed container name in Sigma* macro (Enrico) + Fixed...
2014-05-29 ssakaiupdated EMCal tasks
2014-05-29 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-05-28 mkrzewicMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-05-28 mkrzewicfrom Jan Wagner:
2014-05-28 prsnkoTime calculation corrected
2014-05-28 prsnkoTime calibration for LHC13bcdef updated
2014-05-28 gconesabfix the attempt to reweight the cluster cell energy...
2014-05-28 gconesabadd functionality to weight cell/cluster energy fractio...
2014-05-28 gconesabadd new functionalities by Adam
2014-05-28 dgangadhAdd Muon Corrections
2014-05-28 dgangadhcode updates, Add Muon Corrections, KT4index bug fix
2014-05-28 majanikcorrection to the PID monitor
2014-05-28 fbock- added cuts for pp, triggered data
2014-05-28 majanikAdditional histogram in PID monitor + adding lines...
2014-05-28 lcunqueiTesting the patch
2014-05-28 hristovAdding STEER/STEER to EINCLUDE
2014-05-28 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Area calculation improvement
2014-05-28 cblumeVersion where the process for HLT and vdrift on DAQ...
2014-05-28 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-05-28 maseraUpdates in SA tracker
2014-05-28 morschUpdates EvtGen Code
2014-05-27 pcrochetMUON trending scripts (Diego)
2014-05-27 pcrochetModification for new trending scripts (Diego)
2014-05-27 cnattrasIncreasing range of histograms for pPb
2014-05-27 cnattrasMaking default settings more universal
2014-05-27 ssakaiadded some hist
2014-05-27 tbreitnedefault to chd v3 on empty blocks
2014-05-27 tbreitnenext50 trigger mask in AliHLTGlobalEsdConverterComponent
2014-05-27 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Different cuts
2014-05-27 xsanchezreturning to vAN-20140515 version of the anlsyis task...
2014-05-27 rgrossoSTART_TIME updated to May 04 2014, 21:02:30 GMT
2014-05-27 tbreitneBug fix: AliHLTRawReaderPublisherComponent
2014-05-27 tbrokerUpdated lmee PbPb analysis configs