2010-05-10 gvolpeNew QA plots added (L. Molnar)
2010-05-10 gconesabProvide full path to the new library created after...
2010-05-10 abercucirestructured the class AliTRDv0Info
2010-05-10 coppedisBug in raw histo filling corrected
2010-05-10 belikovThe ITS SA tracks are not anymore accepted for the...
2010-05-10 mfloris- AliPhysicsSelection: protected writing of fHistBunchC...
2010-05-10 morschCorrect reference to AOD file in AliEventTag.
2010-05-10 mflorisFew improvements:
2010-05-10 philleRemoving unused class AliHLTEMCALSharedMemoryInterface,
2010-05-10 daineseUpdate
2010-05-10 akisielPrefer TURL when adding files to chain
2010-05-10 ivanaAdding a protection against division by zero in Fcn1();
2010-05-10 mtadelGive a more meaningfull name to the default 3D View.
2010-05-10 decaroRemoved blocker TOF DQM bug (F.Bellini)
2010-05-10 abercuciremoved the condition on the 10 TPC clusters after...
2010-05-10 abercuciincluded all the non-friends
2010-05-10 daineseNow PtBin() returns -1 if pt>maximum of all bins
2010-05-10 philleRefactoring of handling of constants.
2010-05-10 philleAdded Fatal logmessage in the case
2010-05-10 philleRemoval of obsolet constant definitions
2010-05-10 philleRemoved dependency on PHOS + EMCAL headers
2010-05-10 philleRemoved class AliEMCALConstant
2010-05-10 sgorbunoMC labels added for ITS tracks ?\127 ?\127?\127
2010-05-09 philleRemoved cout statement that was accidentally added
2010-05-09 philleRemoving cout statement
2010-05-09 laphecetMust have a default ctor to be streamable
2010-05-09 daineseSmall changes and fixes (Carmelo)
2010-05-09 philleRemoving man-in-the-middle class
2010-05-09 philleMaking the DoDeInit function non virtual
2010-05-09 philleRemoving redundant class
2010-05-09 philleRemoving obsolete class
2010-05-09 philleRemoving obsolete class from build system
2010-05-09 dsilvermPeakFinder update - from Per Thomas
2010-05-09 philleRemoving man-in-the-middle class
2010-05-09 marianM AliTPCcalibAlign.cxx - filtering...
2010-05-09 marianM AliTPCkalmanAlign.cxx - class to process...
2010-05-09 philleRemoval of dead code
2010-05-09 philleDefining constants static
2010-05-09 philleUsing AliHLTCAloConstants insted of
2010-05-08 daineseAdded method
2010-05-08 daineseNew class for DStar->D0pi cuts (Alessandro)
2010-05-08 daineseRemove files committed by mistake
2010-05-08 daineseAddition of Lc->V0+bachelor analysis (Zaida)
2010-05-08 daineseAddition of Lc->V0+bachelor analysis (Zaida)
2010-05-08 daineseAdded method IsInFiducialAcceptance (Chiara Z)
2010-05-08 laphecetThe sigma cut used for noise generation can now be...
2010-05-08 laphecetFixing a warning
2010-05-08 laphecetChanged default OCDB from 2009 to 2010
2010-05-08 laphecetCorrecting a message
2010-05-08 laphecetUpdating comments
2010-05-08 jgrosseoupdated TPC cuts
2010-05-07 ivana- Add information in the trigger chamber efficiency...
2010-05-07 hristovFix for bug #67104 solving the following problems:
2010-05-07 dsilvermmacros that use RAW mapping classes for translating...
2010-05-07 morschOne step back.
2010-05-07 hristovFix for report #66820 Request - remove Error message...
2010-05-07 marianM AliTPCcalibDB.h - GetDistortion not...
2010-05-07 jotwinowprotection against NULL pointer
2010-05-07 martinezFix compilation problem in linux (Diego)
2010-05-07 jotwinowbug fix and small changed in the macros
2010-05-07 jotwinownew macro to run TPC MC performance
2010-05-07 slindalAdded HLT/rec to enable use of AliHLTReconstructor...
2010-05-07 slindal-added AliHLTReconstructor object to online display...
2010-05-07 martinezStore information to calculate the correlation between...
2010-05-06 aszostakProtection against the zero magnetic field and cleanup...
2010-05-06 hristovFix for report #66245: Verbose output from ITS
2010-05-06 richtermcorrecting log message argument after variable type...
2010-05-06 richtermfirst working version of the DCSPublisher
2010-05-06 richtermregistration of AliHLTGlobalDCSPublisherComponent added
2010-05-06 richterm- start DIS serving added to server loop
2010-05-06 cblumeAdd a merge function for the offline calibration train...
2010-05-06 andronicremoved RooFit usage (+ small change in the DebugTree...
2010-05-06 odjuvsla- adding protection for calibration events
2010-05-06 gconesabremove from digits array those channels with bad timing...
2010-05-06 laphecetTest for equality was completely wrong !
2010-05-06 dsilvermcheck for channels with bad pedestal RMS values (noisy)
2010-05-06 gconesabmove geometry initialization pointers from Init to...
2010-05-06 marianUpdate and Init function of correction
2010-05-06 daineseBug fix in like-sign refs
2010-05-06 morschChange in Notify needed for CAF datasets.
2010-05-06 morschUndefined variable problem corrected.
2010-05-06 kkanaki- fixed check on empty HLTesdTree
2010-05-06 marianM AliTPCCorrection.h - Update also input param...
2010-05-06 kkanaki- added check for the existence of HLT tracks in the...
2010-05-06 coppedisDecoding for the ADC and ADD TDCs introduced in raw...
2010-05-06 belikovPossibility to update track parameters with the paramet...
2010-05-05 philleBug Fix: Forgot to call the initialization of
2010-05-05 philleUncommented code that was commented
2010-05-05 philleCosmetics
2010-05-05 philleMaking AliHLTCaloConstants abstract ( as it ought...
2010-05-05 philleReindtroduction of constant class
2010-05-05 philleRemoval of obsolete file from build system
2010-05-05 philleRemoval of obsolete file
2010-05-05 philleDecomissioning of obsolete file
2010-05-05 marianAdding test of the track update with another track
2010-05-05 snellinga few extra histograms
2010-05-05 richtermadding dummy functions for GetNumberOfTracklets() and...
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring: of constants classes:
2010-05-05 philleRefactoring of constants handling classes.
2010-05-05 maseraAdded protections to avoid divisions by zero (Savannah...