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2003-04-08 morschfRefVolumeId for reference volume identification added.
2003-04-08 morschWrite track references for particle entering frame...
2003-04-08 morschAliTrackReference constructor without passing pointer...
2003-04-08 morschAddTrackReference moved to AliModule.
2003-04-08 morsch- AddTrackReference moved to AliModule
2003-04-08 morsch- TrackReference related methods and data members moved...
2003-04-07 hristovRemoving the module from the list of modules in the...
2003-04-07 hristovDeleting track references in the destructor
2003-04-07 hristovBug fix in MiniHeader (D.Favretto)
2003-04-04 coppedisUpdated to compile with new AliZDCv2.cxx
2003-04-04 coppedisBug in geometry corrected
2003-04-04 morschBoost() moved to AliGenMC
2003-04-04 morschBoost method added.
2003-04-04 morschBoost for assymmetric systems added.
2003-04-04 morschUser set central field value.
2003-04-02 morschOption for 0 solenoid field added.
2003-04-02 pcrochetformer trigger Look Up Table with calc. pt
2003-04-02 pcrochetnew trigger Look Up Table (B.Forestier)
2003-04-01 morschUpdates for LHC v6.4 and corrected compensator field...
2003-04-01 morschPycell configurable.
2003-04-01 hristovRemoving libbsd.a
2003-04-01 hristovPointer initialized
2003-03-31 morschUnhandled cases added.
2003-03-31 morschPPR simulation of uncorr. background.
2003-03-27 hristovIntroducing Mac OSX platform (Darwin)
2003-03-27 morschCharm production process configuration for pPb and...
2003-03-27 hristovInitialization of static data members in the implementa...
2003-03-27 nilsenRemoved the use of NAN. Problem with compatibility...
2003-03-26 morschSetTrackIsExiting, SetTrackIsEntering, SetTrackIsInside...
2003-03-25 nilsenITS new Geometry files. Not yet ready for uses, committ...
2003-03-25 coppedisChanges in ZDC geometry to avoid overlaps with other...
2003-03-25 cblumeUpdate of simple generator
2003-03-25 morschQuarkonia for pp @ 14 TeV added.
2003-03-25 morschSetDecayer method added.
2003-03-25 morschNumbers of slow nucleons either from model or user...
2003-03-25 schutzPurity check is corrected
2003-03-24 morschExample for pA and slow nucleon simulation.
2003-03-24 morschSlow nucleon generator and model.
2003-03-24 morschGrayParticle -> SlowNucleon
2003-03-24 morschBug corrected.
2003-03-24 morschFinishRun() implemented.
2003-03-24 morschDeclaring some methods constant.
2003-03-21 hristovMerging correctly the changes with the previous code...
2003-03-21 nilsenRemoved warning from part of code not properly implimne...
2003-03-21 maseraFix to avoid out-of-detector fast rec points (problem...
2003-03-21 hristovLoading libgeant321
2003-03-21 skowron3D added in Lednicky alg.(L.Malinina)
2003-03-21 hristovAliPHOSMemoryWatcher moved to STEER and renamed as...
2003-03-21 maseraAdded possibility to re-fit tracks found in the externa...
2003-03-20 schutzPartial redesign of identification bits and coding...
2003-03-20 hristovLoading Geant3
2003-03-20 hristovMaking some constants available to CINT
2003-03-19 hristovCorrections to obey the coding conventions
2003-03-19 hristovOption to use the new (V3) tracking (T.Kuhr)
2003-03-19 hristovNew macros to reconstruct tracks in ITS and TRD (T...
2003-03-19 hristovSet event number (T.Kuhr)
2003-03-19 hristovFixes for the file managment(T.Kuhr)
2003-03-19 hristovLoad/UnloadClusters added to the base class and the...
2003-03-19 hristovAdditional functions, corrections to match the base...
2003-03-19 morschLoad EVGEN before external generators.
2003-03-19 morschCorrection in LoadHits.
2003-03-18 hristovNo ios::binary on Alpha with cxx
2003-03-18 hristovntracks declared Int_t
2003-03-17 hristovNew static member function Deprecated is added
2003-03-17 hristovUsing Riostream.h instead of iostream.h
2003-03-17 hristovPossibility to set the errors on the primary vertex...
2003-03-17 hristovUsing TMath functions
2003-03-17 morschNew methods and data member added by M. Horner.
2003-03-17 morschUpdates by M. Horner and J. Klay
2003-03-17 pcrochetaccess to data member of AliMUONGlobalTrigger and AliMU...
2003-03-17 pcrochetdata member declared private instead of public; access...
2003-03-16 hristovUsing TMath
2003-03-16 hristovLink libAliPythia6.so
2003-03-16 hristovAllow automatic schema evolution for AliPythia
2003-03-15 morschAliDecayerPythia replaced by AliDecayer
2003-03-15 morschexport AliGenCocktail.h
2003-03-15 morschClassed imported from EVGEN.
2003-03-15 morschClasses imported from EVGEN
2003-03-15 morschClasses imported from EVGEN.
2003-03-15 morschGenerators using external code moved to corresponding...
2003-03-15 morschMoved to different directories.
2003-03-14 hristovIncluding error of vertex position (Yu.Belikov)
2003-03-13 hristovDCA calculation moved to the AliKalmanTrack (Yu.Belikov)
2003-03-13 morschLimited pT range for parameterized Upsilon and J/Psi...
2003-03-13 hristovAdditional comment
2003-03-13 hristovExact solution instead of linear approximation in Propa...
2003-03-11 dibariA simple macro to display a selected chamber a la STAR
2003-03-11 dibariminor syntax bugs corrected
2003-03-11 hristovWrongly committed files reverted
2003-03-11 hristovCorrections to obey the coding conventions
2003-03-11 morschIncreased mother volume for compensator magnet to avoid...
2003-03-11 hristovCorrections to obey the coding conventions
2003-03-11 morschReduced pillars to avoid overlaps with diple.
2003-03-11 morschDefinition of obsolete volume B059 commented.
2003-03-11 morschModified radius of compensator dipole.
2003-03-11 morschModification of compensator dipole to avoid overlaps.
2003-03-11 morschIncrease mother volume to avoid extrusions.
2003-03-10 hristovSubscript out of range corrected
2003-03-10 hristovCorrections to obey the coding conventions (D.Favretto)
2003-03-10 hristovCorrected size of array ppcon (icc)