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2000-03-28 martinezAdding new classe AliPHOSv0_hits
2000-03-28 martinezNew class derived from AliPHOSv0 which writes all hits...
2000-03-27 fcaMake destructor virtual
2000-03-27 allaModifing geometry
2000-03-24 allaVertex reconstruction
2000-03-24 allaNew AliSTARThit
2000-03-24 allaNew AliSTART
2000-03-24 martinezcuts larger than 10 keV !!!!!
2000-03-22 fcaRationalisation of the virtual MC interfaces
2000-03-22 fcaSetting appropriate energy range
2000-03-22 nilsenFixed error with aCC compiler on HP-Unix. Thanks Peter...
2000-03-22 fcaSetGenerator does not replace an existing generator...
2000-03-21 fcaAdding GEANT3 common blocks to known structures for...
2000-03-21 fcaAdding GEANT3 common blocks to known structures for...
2000-03-20 morschChange muon particle code to PDG code.
2000-03-20 schutzTString replaced by char * in RecAna::RecAna
2000-03-20 fcaMods to make the code compile on HP
2000-03-20 fcaNew version to support new PHOS code
2000-03-20 schutzThis is a MAJOR modification:
2000-03-15 schutzChanges imposed by HP-UX which ignores the new C++...
2000-03-14 schutzThe web becomes richer
2000-03-14 schutzThe web becomes richer
2000-03-14 schutzCorrect for incompabilities with HP-UX and compaq ...
2000-03-13 schutzCorrect path of images and src
2000-03-13 schutzThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2000-03-13 schutzImprove documentation
2000-03-07 nilsenMerged ITS-working with HEAD. Improved some of the...
2000-03-07 nilsenMerge form ITS-working to HEAD. Added many new function...
2000-03-07 nilsenmerged form ITS-working to HEAD. Minor changes.
2000-03-07 nilsenMerged form ITS-working to HEAD. Minor changes
2000-03-07 nilsenmerged form ITS-working to HEAD. Minor changes
2000-03-07 nilsenMerged from ITS-working to HEAD. Minor changes.
2000-03-07 nilsenMerge from ITS-working to HEAD. Include many changes...
2000-03-07 nilsenUpdate from ITS-working to Head. Included many changes...
2000-03-07 morschstatic Int_t irwn=0;
2000-03-07 fcaNew version of the code, see history.txt for more details
2000-03-06 schutzEMCAL Threshold for digitaziation put in the correct...
2000-03-05 nilsenModified to take into account non-default streamer...
2000-03-05 nilsenFixed merge error.
2000-03-03 martinezClusterizer parameters
2000-03-03 martinezRemoving couts
2000-03-03 martinezRemoving threshold in FinishEvent()
2000-03-03 martinezRequiring EMC in 2D histo of digits and Clusterizer...
2000-03-03 martinezAdding Get functions to Clusterizerv1
2000-03-03 martinezAdding Get virtual functions to Clusterizer
2000-03-03 martinezAdding Get functions to Clusterizerv1
2000-03-03 martinezAdding Get virtual functions to Clusterizer
2000-03-02 schutzadded the correction for the start point depth of the...
2000-03-02 schutzAdded a threshold (fDigitThreshold) to validate a digit
2000-03-02 schutzIntroduce a crummy way to deal with the primary list...
2000-03-02 schutzFast simulation ready to be tested
2000-03-02 schutzDerives from AliPHOSFastRecParticle now
2000-03-02 schutzCorrected the copy ctor: Rene was wrong(!)
2000-03-02 martinezEnergy threshold in digit 2D histo in DisplayRecPoints()
2000-03-02 martinezDisplayRecPoint threshold is added for digit 2D histo...
2000-03-02 schutzFast simulation continued: Particle identification...
2000-03-02 schutzcosmetics only
2000-03-02 martinezFinishEvent deja=kFALSE in the hit loop
2000-03-01 schutzLimiting the number of primaries to 3 in the integer...
2000-03-01 schutzContinuous progress on the Fast Simulation: AliPHOSFast...
2000-03-01 schutzonly cosmetics
2000-02-29 fcaMove gucode into AliGeant3.cxx
2000-02-29 fcaPass flags to recursive makes
2000-02-28 fcaSome additions to improve the compatibility with G4
2000-02-28 fcaMake drawing and viewving named macros
2000-02-28 cblumeInclude the new TRD classes
2000-02-28 cblumeCleanup
2000-02-28 cblumeAdd new TRD classes
2000-02-28 fcaNew constructor for PHOS in configuration file
2000-02-23 morschClass AliGenDoubleScan included
2000-02-23 morschAliGenDoubleScan included
2000-02-23 morschWrong comments removed from file
2000-02-23 morschFirst commit of this file
2000-02-23 fcaAliVMC and AliGeant3 classes introduced
2000-02-23 morschDetailed composition of insulation material.
2000-02-23 schutzfR0 moved to AliPHOSTrackSgmentMakerv1 (thanks Ivana)
2000-02-22 schutzThe fisrt step toward a fast simulation
2000-02-22 schutzprimary was not correctly save in AddHit
2000-02-22 schutzThe AliRecParticle objects are now drawable objects
2000-02-22 schutzCorrected for a bug: fRo was defined twice
2000-02-21 schutzA new particle specie was created: a PHOTON HADRON
2000-02-21 schutzThe Unfold method is now optionnal via Set(Unset)UnFold...
2000-02-18 fcaremove junk file also from head
2000-02-17 schutzFull PID delegated to AliPHOSPID
2000-02-17 schutzParticle identification scheme included (GM)
2000-02-17 schutzParticle ID: distinguish now NEUTRAL HADRON form NEUTRAL EM
2000-02-16 schutzParticle identification improved by shower profile...
2000-02-16 morschConvert geant particle code into pdg code before puttin...
2000-02-16 schutzCorrection for left over bugs after ParticleGuesser...
2000-02-16 schutzParticleGuesser removed and replaced by PID
2000-02-15 fcaCorrections
2000-02-14 schutzAdded setter for the lead-converter thickness
2000-02-14 schutzCorrected energy deposition in pin diode (Gines)
2000-02-14 schutzAliPHOSDigit has its own streamer
2000-02-14 schutzAdded functionalities to have the list of primary parti...
2000-02-14 morschCorrect particle type for gamma and neutrons
2000-02-14 fcaNew version from Y.Schutz
2000-02-11 schutzJust updated
2000-02-11 schutzAliPHOSDigit remembers now which primary particle it...
2000-02-03 schutzCosmetics only