2008-09-01 schutzremoved geometry.root for raw rec
2008-09-01 basantagain set to 1 for all ch
2008-08-31 jthaederReverted Peter's change, in order to break Windows...
2008-08-31 amastrosProblem in FindTemp fixed
2008-08-31 hdalsgaaNew versions with QA shifter histograms added
2008-08-31 hdalsgaaReference distributions for FMD reconstruction
2008-08-31 jthaederBugfix for handling DataOrigins coming from ITS detectors.
2008-08-30 hristovCompilation on Windoiws/Cygwin
2008-08-30 hristovAdding expert QA mode (Yves)
2008-08-30 cholmImproved ALTRO mapping: Now does the full conversion...
2008-08-30 cholmSimple scripts to run various steps.
2008-08-29 schutzremved the cycles from the Merging + correction in...
2008-08-29 schutzadded a setter of the QA expert write flag
2008-08-29 morschDummy routine for stand-allone use of dpmjet added.
2008-08-29 mtadelMake separate, specialized geometries for RPhi and...
2008-08-29 schutzexpert QA data are written on demand only. The cycles...
2008-08-29 prinoRemove unused responseSPD and responseSSD objects from...
2008-08-29 masera- AliITSQASPDDataMakerRec.cxx
2008-08-29 prinoHLT mode retrieved from the OCDB and used to set SDD...
2008-08-29 maseraSPD Fast-OR bits decoding (H. Tydesjo)
2008-08-29 maseraRemoved obsolete inclusion of AliITSresponse.h
2008-08-29 maseraSPDDead file contains:
2008-08-29 maseraModifications to eliminate the simulation parameters...
2008-08-29 maseraUpdated QA class for SDD (Melinda)
2008-08-29 decaroExpert/Shifter histograms
2008-08-29 abercucifix macro
2008-08-29 prinoNew calibration object to store the HLT status to be...
2008-08-29 maseraExpert flag adopted for some ESD QA histograms (A....
2008-08-29 maseraSSD: updated segmentation class and cleanup of ClusterF...
2008-08-29 maseramisalignemt of geometry read from CDB (G. Bruno)
2008-08-29 prsnkoExpert/shifter separation added, new raw histos added
2008-08-29 prsnkoPedestal RMS calculation added
2008-08-29 coppedisChecker for pp implemented
2008-08-29 maseraModifications in order to allow mis-alignments in SSD...
2008-08-29 prinoModifs to increase the speed of the SDD raw streamer...
2008-08-29 prinoNew naming scheme of QA histograms (Panos)
2008-08-29 basantanew mev-adc conversion
2008-08-29 schutzputting bck all detectors
2008-08-29 basantageometry for 2008 run
2008-08-29 kharlovProtection against too high digit occupancy (>1500...
2008-08-29 abercucifix error in dEdx slice calculation for LQ method ...
2008-08-29 laphecetAdding basic checks for RecPoints and ESD. Splitting...
2008-08-29 hristovProvide return value
2008-08-29 abercuciextend the usage of the train also for measured data...
2008-08-29 jgrosseoadding log line (no of dcs dps)
2008-08-29 hristovUpdated version (Zubayer)
2008-08-29 laphecetNow using new HP decoder. Skip buspatches with parity...
2008-08-29 laphecetPutting real capa values
2008-08-29 cblumeUpdate by Sylwester
2008-08-29 cblumeUpdate by Sylwester
2008-08-29 cblumeUpdate by Sylwester
2008-08-29 cblumeUpdate by Sylwester
2008-08-29 cblumeSkip non existing data points w/o giving an error
2008-08-29 abercuci updates in the resolution task (clusters 2 tracklets...
2008-08-28 marianThe mirror correction moved to the AliTPCtransform...
2008-08-28 marianPseudo code to fill the AliTPCclusterParam
2008-08-28 marianDelted version
2008-08-28 marianAdding pad type correction (Marian)
2008-08-28 marianAdding dEdx correction for pad type (Marian)
2008-08-28 prinoModifs to speed-up the SDD raw data decoding (F. Prino)
2008-08-28 marianAdding position correction to the dEdx (Marian)
2008-08-28 marianAdding Position correction
2008-08-28 aszostakMoving default resolution constants to HLT/MUON. Will...
2008-08-28 marianAdding charge and position corrections as a function...
2008-08-28 marianUse the Gain calibration form OCDB if not specified...
2008-08-28 jthaederAdded class AliHLTITSCompressRawDataSDDComponent
2008-08-28 mtadelkine_tracks.C
2008-08-28 marianAdding gain for the dEdx maesurement (Marian)
2008-08-28 abercucioverwrite a bug fix by mistake. Sorry. Thank you Markus
2008-08-28 abercucifix bug showing up in debug stream in Clusters2TracksStack
2008-08-28 polichehAdded protection against occasional non-LED STANDALONE...
2008-08-28 mtadelChange how ESDfriend is set in alieve.
2008-08-28 abercucinew reco Param object for HLT
2008-08-28 schutzput the QA making in the event loop
2008-08-28 abercucicut Kalman filter fit for HLT
2008-08-28 coppedisRecombination chamber on C side implemented
2008-08-28 maseraPossibility of using tracks in magnetic field (with...
2008-08-28 coppedisUpdated macro
2008-08-28 coppedisUpdated laser calibration object
2008-08-28 polichehBad Channels Map DA.
2008-08-28 maseraNumber of log messages has been reduced (A. Dainese)
2008-08-28 allamove printout from AliWarning to AliDebug
2008-08-28 coppedisSetting pp @ 5+5 TeV as default for reconstruction
2008-08-28 jthaederChanges done by Konstatin Antipin in order to speed...
2008-08-28 coppedisMinor change to reduce debug prints to truly interestin...
2008-08-28 allaadd RMS of time shift distribution in OCDB
2008-08-28 mrodriguUpdate to declare a QA expert histogram for ACORDE
2008-08-27 prinoUpdates in classes for encoding and decoding compressed...
2008-08-27 schutzadded the notion of expert QA data
2008-08-27 morschInt_t changed to Float_t in AliMagFC
2008-08-27 cheynisPedestal suppression implemented
2008-08-27 hdalsgaaBug fix to avoid occasional nans from fitting
2008-08-27 decaroAdded new cluster finder algorithm (V1)
2008-08-27 decaroCode clean up
2008-08-27 prinoAdd properties
2008-08-27 prinoNew vertexer class for setting the interaction vertex...
2008-08-27 morschProtection added.
2008-08-27 abercucifix "cw" option, small memory leak due to cluster array and
2008-08-27 morschMachine magnets field for 5 TeV included. (C. Oppedisano)
2008-08-27 amastrosCode revisited after debugging.