2008-07-12 maseraRevision of SSD calibration classes (E. Fragiacomo)
2008-07-12 maseracompilation warnings
2008-07-12 cheynisAdded missing part in StepManager for handling V0A
2008-07-12 haavardRemoved list of HighVoltage STATus entries in OCDB...
2008-07-11 coppedisBug in sector assignment corrected
2008-07-11 coppedisBug in sector assignment corrected
2008-07-11 coppedisBug in sector assignment corrected
2008-07-11 richtermadded pointer consistency check before decoding
2008-07-11 richtermadded data origin kAliHLTDataOriginEMCAL {EMCL}
2008-07-11 haavardRemove High Voltage STATus values from preprocessor...
2008-07-11 richtermbugfix #38673 (Kenneth): last pad per row was always...
2008-07-11 richtermpropagate properly AliTPCseed object from tracker to...
2008-07-11 aszostakChanging dHLT configuration to write out all reconstruc...
2008-07-11 coppedisRaw data readable also if no SOR event (temporary solution)
2008-07-11 mtadelBy default, propagate picked element to its projectable.
2008-07-11 mtadelDo not make event-path absolute unless it is specifying...
2008-07-11 aszostakAdding macro to convert dHLT data in HLTOUT DDL streams...
2008-07-11 coppedisUpdated AliZDCPreprocessor class
2008-07-11 schutzadded the RUNTYPE from GRP in ref path
2008-07-11 basantabug fixed for DDL3
2008-07-11 schutzadded a data member
2008-07-11 maseratypo corrected
2008-07-11 dsilvermadd AliEMCALCalibTimeDep to base
2008-07-11 dsilvermget temperature evaluation from AliSplineFit (AliDCSSensor)
2008-07-11 schutzadded the RUNTYPE from GRP in ref path
2008-07-11 schutzadded the RUNTYPE from GRP in ref path
2008-07-11 cvetanTrigger interaction records conainer class + the corres...
2008-07-11 maseraRemoved compilation warning
2008-07-11 jgrosseoupdate in processing of magnetic field values (Chiara)
2008-07-11 basantaRanges are fixed for QA
2008-07-11 zampolliAliTOFRecoParam now inheriting from AliDetectorRecoParam.
2008-07-11 hristovDo not reconstruct clusters in the TOF holes
2008-07-11 hristovSmall improvements (Annalisa)
2008-07-11 fcaStandardise naming
2008-07-11 fcaStandardise naming
2008-07-11 fcaStandardise naming
2008-07-11 maseraModification to match the surveyed points in the update...
2008-07-11 fcaStandardise naming
2008-07-11 maseraNew class for realignment with AliAlignmentTracks ...
2008-07-11 allamacros to plot ESD plots from reconstructed cosmoc...
2008-07-11 hristovTypo
2008-07-11 allahistogram rate for monitoring
2008-07-11 coppedisUpdated AliZDCRawStream class - decoding of SOR completed
2008-07-11 coppedisUpdated DAs
2008-07-11 fcarenaming LinkDef for consistency
2008-07-11 fcaFixing compilation
2008-07-11 hristovAdding time bin information (Piergiorgio)
2008-07-11 fcaFixing compilation
2008-07-11 hristovPossibility to use Geant4 (Ivana)
2008-07-11 basantaruntype set to pedestal
2008-07-11 maseraImprovements for plane efficiency evaluation (G. Bruno)
2008-07-11 belikovFor the tracks reconstructed with ITS alone, keep the...
2008-07-11 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-07-10 cvetanAdding reading of alignobjs from a file. In AlignVolume...
2008-07-10 mtadelkine_tracks.C
2008-07-10 decaroBug fixed into equipmentID-volume correspondence
2008-07-10 ivanaUpdate in MUON trigger classes:
2008-07-10 cvetanFixes from Andrea
2008-07-10 polichehHigh_gain/Low_gain ratio calculated in the ProcessLEDRun()
2008-07-10 polichehRun type changed: PHYSICS only
2008-07-10 polichehDetector Algorithm for STANDALONE(=LED) runs.
2008-07-10 morschUpdates needed for running with PROOF (D. Perrino)
2008-07-10 jgrosseosetting status to pending when touch file fails
2008-07-10 morschCorrected use of TRefArray in CaloClusters (G. Conesa)
2008-07-10 morschdummy GetLabel() from interface added.
2008-07-10 morschGetLabel() added to interface.
2008-07-10 cheynisRevision of V0A by Lizardo Valencia and Andreas
2008-07-10 cheynisRevision of V0A by Lizardo Valencia and Andreas
2008-07-10 coppedisSome prints commented
2008-07-10 alla DA for calibration runs. Should be changed before...
2008-07-10 alla new run type LASER implemented
2008-07-10 marianUpdate in visulaization (Marian)
2008-07-10 alla different reconstruction for high multiplicity
2008-07-10 cblumeReverse the pad column ordering
2008-07-10 schutzchanged ACORDE version
2008-07-10 schutzchanged a parameter
2008-07-10 gconesabDepending on input type AOD reader will fill aod lists...
2008-07-10 laphecetMoving one method from RecoParam to Constants, in antic...
2008-07-10 coppedisMinor chages
2008-07-09 mtadelFrom Magali:
2008-07-09 richtermfirst steps to set the covariance matrix from the error...
2008-07-09 mtadelUse new stamping syntax.
2008-07-09 richtermadded cutoff parameter in z direction to ignore cluster...
2008-07-09 mtadelFrom Basanta: Fix a type, delete TObjArray after loading.
2008-07-09 richtermTPC NoiseMapComponent & calibration (Kelly)
2008-07-09 basantapedestal values subtracted
2008-07-09 allac++ bug fixed Thanks to Yves
2008-07-09 allafixes for crashing SHUTLLE
2008-07-09 basantagain = -99 if not required entries
2008-07-09 basantagain values initialised to -1
2008-07-09 richtermadded macro for TPC reconstruction producing private...
2008-07-09 richterm- bugfix HLTOUT processing: handler execution for sub...
2008-07-08 jklayupdates for HLT-EMCAL code
2008-07-08 mtadelDetect possible particle decay by the process-id of...
2008-07-08 maseraUpdated radii for evaluation of layers material budget...
2008-07-08 laphecetImplemented first version of merging for TrackerData...
2008-07-08 laphecetLet the number of sigma cut be a recoparam, and not...
2008-07-08 ivanaUpdated serial number for station 345
2008-07-08 maseraSPD overlaps removed (A. Pulvirenti)
2008-07-08 jgrosseostreamlining storing in ocdb, adding comments