2009-06-17 akisielFix warnings
2009-06-17 daineseFixed shadowed declaration
2009-06-17 morschWarnings corrected.
2009-06-17 schutzparametrized the number of allowed QA histograms
2009-06-17 morschWarnings corrected.
2009-06-17 cblumeChange calling sequence of digital processing
2009-06-17 cheynisProtection added on loading Digit Tree
2009-06-17 fcaRemoving macros by now in PWG1
2009-06-16 daineseAdded missing libraries to read AOD from official train...
2009-06-16 daineseRemoved DefineOutput from default constructor
2009-06-16 dainesechanged name of input and output containers
2009-06-16 prinoCorrection for SDD charge dependence on drift distance...
2009-06-16 prinoCorrection for SDD charge dependence on drift distance...
2009-06-16 belikovA new function needed for event mixing (R.Romita)
2009-06-16 snellingreaction plane back for ESD
2009-06-16 morschQCD and photon radiation for q-pythia
2009-06-16 daineseEnabled more wagons, added libraries needed to read...
2009-06-16 morschFASTJETAN library loaded.
2009-06-16 morschCorrect default fastjet path.
2009-06-16 morschObsolete lines removed.
2009-06-16 daineseNew wagon on D+ for the train (Renu)
2009-06-16 daineseNew wagon on D+ for the train (Renu)
2009-06-16 fcaAdding missing include
2009-06-16 abercucifix error in the HLT mode (Theodor)
2009-06-16 abercuciprotect against presample clusters in the dQ/dl calcula...
2009-06-16 abercuciswitch to using the new GRP manager
2009-06-16 prinoUse for PID in ITS the Bethe Bloch from AliExternalTrac...
2009-06-16 morschReconstruction using FASTJET in a separate library.
2009-06-16 morschWarning corrected.
2009-06-16 fcaAdding necessary include
2009-06-16 lietavaConsistencyCheck() rewritten.
2009-06-16 fcaFixing trunk compilation
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated DAs to comply with root known problems
2009-06-16 snellingclean up of reading ESD (preparation for adding nonflow...
2009-06-16 rpreghenTOF preprocessor modified in order to use TOFFEElight...
2009-06-16 morschUpdates on ZDC ESData (Ch. Oppedisano)
2009-06-16 mtadelFix eff-c++ warnings.
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated inputs according to OCDB changes
2009-06-16 rpreghenadded macro to check TOFFEElight configuration from...
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated reco alghorithm, changes in OCDB object and...
2009-06-16 coppedisClasses for trigger processing in simulation
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated RecoParam object for Pb-Pb data
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated RecoParam object for p-p data
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated calibration object
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated calibration object
2009-06-16 rpreghenincreased number of channels used in the TOFFEElight...
2009-06-16 cblumeFix compiler warning
2009-06-16 cvetanNew classes for storing of the trigger scalers in ESD...
2009-06-16 morschMethod to calculate mean vertex position added. (Romita...
2009-06-16 snellingremoved redundant check
2009-06-16 morschMacro corrected for use with LHAPDF
2009-06-16 lietavaClass version updated.
2009-06-16 lietavaClass version updated.
2009-06-16 lietavaTrigger inputs are copied to esd header
2009-06-16 lietavaTrigger inputs added.
2009-06-16 kowal2Removed compiler warnings
2009-06-15 dainese- Three classes by MinJung Kweon AliHFEpriVtx, AliHFEse...
2009-06-15 dainese- Three classes by MinJung Kweon AliHFEpriVtx, AliHFEse...
2009-06-15 cblumeFix compiler warning
2009-06-15 lietava1.) Fix in ReadScalers 2.) Sorting of scaler records...
2009-06-15 lietavaData made private. (Plamen)
2009-06-15 lietavaCompare method fixed (Plamen)
2009-06-15 lietavaClass mask calculation fixed, class index added to...
2009-06-15 lietavaModification of error message for max number of inputs
2009-06-15 hdalsgaacorrecting warnings and getting rid of libFMDutil depen...
2009-06-15 cvetanProtection against division by zero.
2009-06-15 cvetanUsage of the new GRP-manager code in AliEVE event manag...
2009-06-15 cvetanObsolete parameter
2009-06-15 cvetanNew code for common reading and interpretting of the...
2009-06-15 belikovMaking the static method ParticleMass(...) work correct...
2009-06-15 rpreghentypo corrected
2009-06-15 rpreghenadded feature to AliTOFcalibHisto class in order to...
2009-06-15 belikovFixing a little bug.
2009-06-13 snellingfix for older files
2009-06-13 snellingmake output to screen a bit less verbose
2009-06-13 snellingsimulate partial acceptance
2009-06-13 gconesabcorrected warnings and coding violations
2009-06-12 bhippolyAdding GlobalQA task of I. Belikov
2009-06-12 bhippolyRetiring obsolete TSelector stuff
2009-06-12 marian1. Adding new transformation - for A and C side alignment
2009-06-12 prinoModifications in SDD correction maps: new method to...
2009-06-12 prinoUpdates in SDD DA: new event counting scheme, protectio...
2009-06-12 cblumeMaking online tracklets usable in offline reconstruction
2009-06-12 lietavaCorrection for numbering of inputs from 1 in cfg file...
2009-06-12 miskoPreparing UNICOR for running on PWG2 train etc.
2009-06-12 mtadelFrom Mikolaj. Some fixes of event-selector. Document...
2009-06-12 cvetanSmall fix (Mikolaj)
2009-06-12 agheataCreation of collections using run ranges is now able...
2009-06-12 snellingcorrections for detector asymetry
2009-06-12 maseraAdded check for wrong records in the config file (R...
2009-06-12 ivanaREADMErec.txt updated.
2009-06-12 gconesabAnaExample: Bug with handling calo cells corrected
2009-06-12 richtermbugfix: correcting the condition for the check for...
2009-06-12 kleinbfixed coding violations
2009-06-12 hristovUpdated list of files
2009-06-12 kaamodtAdded a new class for the AOD information
2009-06-11 marian1. Adding sorting of the Points in point array
2009-06-11 jthaeder* fixed bug while getting leading jet candidate
2009-06-11 sgorbunocompilation warnings corrected,
2009-06-11 mtadelFix compilation warning.