2008-02-15 agheata- Extra minor fix in AliAnalysisManager::PackOutput...
2008-02-15 belikovIndependent switch for the global QA
2008-02-15 cblumeNew QA gui by Sylwester
2008-02-15 cblumeNew QA gui by Sylwester
2008-02-15 richtermenable keyword substitution
2008-02-15 richtermadded libAliHLTRCU library to host RCU specific code...
2008-02-15 richtermAltroChannel selector cleaned from TPC dependencies
2008-02-15 haavardCorrect misprint (PadNoise rather than Noise) in OCDB...
2008-02-14 jklayremoved references to TMCParticle in the jetfinder
2008-02-14 maseraFixed compilation warning
2008-02-14 marianRemove obsolete DA (Marian)
2008-02-14 maseratypo corrected
2008-02-14 cblumefixed a bug in AliTRDchamberTimeBin::GetClusters()
2008-02-14 cblumenew format of raw data major version, checking Test...
2008-02-14 maseraAdded protections to avoid crashes with bad modules
2008-02-14 hristovBug fix (Andrea)
2008-02-14 cblumeUpdate of tracking code (alignment/calibration awareness)
2008-02-14 daineseAdded missing getters (Andrea)
2008-02-14 cvetan1. extended class interface in order to support extract...
2008-02-14 cblumeUpdate of tracking code (alignment/calibration awareness)
2008-02-14 cblumeUpdate of tracking code (alignment/calibration awareness)
2008-02-14 cblumeUpdate of tracking code (alignment/calibration awareness)
2008-02-14 cvetanMissing header file... Alla, please be more careful...
2008-02-14 allabug in online lokup table fixed
2008-02-14 belikovBug fix in DCA calculation (S.Gorbunov)
2008-02-14 cblumeUpdate by MinJung: Nug fixes and handling of new type...
2008-02-14 agheata- Extra correction in AliAnalysisManager::PackOutput...
2008-02-13 allaimproved DA
2008-02-13 decaroDefault TOF decoder: updated
2008-02-13 decaroDefault TOF decoder: updated
2008-02-13 maseraMacro to produce basic plots related to hits and rec...
2008-02-13 maseraFixes related to the placement of the SPD ladders w...
2008-02-13 maseraModified range of vertical displacement for alignment...
2008-02-13 cvetanImprovements in the raw-data dumping utility which...
2008-02-13 marianUpdated Publisher Mrian)
2008-02-13 marianVersion 0 of the AMORE implementation for TPC
2008-02-13 maseraBug fix
2008-02-13 maseraNew methods to check injector status (F. Prino)
2008-02-13 maseraAnode numbering adapted to hardware channel numbering...
2008-02-13 maseraNew treatment of DCS data points for SDD (V. Pospisil)
2008-02-13 maseraPlane Efficiency framework upgrade: possibility to...
2008-02-12 marianPossibility to use alien or xrd zipped files
2008-02-12 marianUsing proper file IDs in DAs
2008-02-12 marianSuppress error messages (Marian)
2008-02-12 decaroRedundant include file removal
2008-02-12 decaroTObject hierarcy removal
2008-02-12 decaroAdded possibility to visualize TOF raw data with both...
2008-02-12 decaroAdded possibility to visualize TOF raw data with both...
2008-02-12 zampolliUpdating FileId in TOF DAs
2008-02-12 ivanaAdding an example of CDB location on alien.
2008-02-12 akisielAn example macro for running data analysis on AOD directly
2008-02-12 pchristMinor fixes - Mihaela
2008-02-12 richtermconfiguration handling for solenoid B field (Gaute)
2008-02-12 morschPossibility to trigger on the "bottom scintillator...
2008-02-12 hristovAdditional protection (from v4-10-Release)
2008-02-12 hristovMaking AliDCSValue sortable (Vladimir)
2008-02-12 hristovRemoving hardwired scaling factors, corresponding corre...
2008-02-12 agheata- Correction in AliAnalysisManager::PackOutput() ...
2008-02-12 hristovCompilation on win32gcc: AliGenBeamGasNew moved to...
2008-02-12 hristovCompilation on win32gcc
2008-02-12 hristovCompilation on win32gcc: AliGRPPreprocessor moved to...
2008-02-12 hristovExplicit dependences between the libraries (win32gcc)
2008-02-12 hristovNew target: compilation on Windows with Cygwin gcc
2008-02-11 prsnkoDont put energy to zero for overflowed samples
2008-02-11 prsnkoremove bad modules BEFORE cleaning digits
2008-02-11 prsnkorandom entry in primary list removed
2008-02-11 hristovAdditional protection (Christian)
2008-02-11 marianPossibility to getthe data from zip file
2008-02-11 zampolliAdded protection against storing null objects
2008-02-10 marianFilter out tag files (Marian)
2008-02-10 marianAdd messages - action.sh
2008-02-09 marianTPC reconstruction macro - according Marco Meoni
2008-02-09 marianTemporary fix - because of noisy pads (Marian)
2008-02-09 marianAdding additional sum check (Jens)
2008-02-09 marianRemoving error message in SetFastCluster (Marian)
2008-02-09 richtermvarious fixes in the HLTOUT treatment
2008-02-09 richtermbugfixes for HOMER reader working on data buffer; minor...
2008-02-09 richtermminor change, making helper methods globally available
2008-02-08 polichehSet validity range for EMC calibration object from...
2008-02-08 marianAdding rec.C for test TPC data
2008-02-08 marianMarian
2008-02-08 ivanaMaking SetMaxReg() method private to avoid its mis...
2008-02-08 marianAdd macro for pedestal calibration (Jens)
2008-02-08 marianAdding new type of jobs (Marian)
2008-02-08 pcrochetbug fixed (Valerie)
2008-02-08 rgrossoUpdated ldap configuration files for TOF and schema
2008-02-08 decaroCoding convention: GC2 violation -> suppression
2008-02-08 decaroAliROOT classes are at least TObject objects
2008-02-08 decaroCoding convention: RN17 and RS2 violations -> suppression
2008-02-08 decaroCoding convention: RC16 violation -> suppression
2008-02-08 decaroAdded more functionalities on TOF data visualization...
2008-02-08 decaroCompilation warning suppression
2008-02-08 belikovA new bunch of Global QA histogramms
2008-02-08 cvetanAdditional protections agains empty sources and bad...
2008-02-08 pchristProton analysis for AODs - analysis train
2008-02-08 marianAdding tpc offline user manual (Marian)
2008-02-08 marianAdding the TPC offline manual for TPC users.
2008-02-08 hristovUsing XNet.ReadAheadSize: 1000000
2008-02-08 hristovCorrect detection of CDH mismatch (Cvetan, Roberto)
2008-02-08 pchristAOD analysis for protons - analysis train