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2012-05-07 janielskAdded possibility to do cut on TPCnSigma and rapidity...
2012-05-07 ssakaimodified
2012-05-07 mflorisPrintout
2012-05-06 kleinbadded Info needed for the recoil spectra (L. Cunqueiro
2012-05-06 ssakaiadded shower shape info
2012-05-06 gconesabaddapt to changes in AddTaskEMCALClusterizer.C
2012-05-06 gconesabadd option to put new list of clusters in output or...
2012-05-06 gconesabFill raw clusters histogram, from input or output event...
2012-05-06 gconesabrecover alternative list of clusters from input or...
2012-05-06 marian1. Protection against 0 error estimate
2012-05-05 shahoianAux.getters for MP2 record
2012-05-05 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-05 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-05 prinoCode skeleton for D0-electron correlations (Matthias)
2012-05-05 gvolpeFile with new alignment objects added
2012-05-05 gvolpeOld alignment files removed
2012-05-05 jotwinowadditional functionality added
2012-05-05 marianUsing the TRD friend track for monitoring of the TPC...
2012-05-05 kleinbusing correct branch name
2012-05-05 gconesabcompilation warning
2012-05-05 gconesabcoverity
2012-05-05 gconesabcoverity, GetRecoUtils was not returning the pointer...
2012-05-04 mflorisPhysics Selection OADB update (Zaida)
2012-05-04 prinoFix typo (Zaida)
2012-05-04 rbailhacLast coverity deffect
2012-05-04 morschNew base class
2012-05-04 rbailhacCoverity
2012-05-04 lmilanoUpdate to the rusAODProof macro
2012-05-04 mflorisAdded missing histogram
2012-05-04 gconesabfollow modification in AliEMCALCalibData regarding...
2012-05-04 gconesabcorrect compilation warning due to missing initializati...
2012-05-04 morschNew base class
2012-05-04 decaroCreateCTTMMatrix call: moved from CreateLTMMatrixFromDi...
2012-05-04 gconesabset the delta phi-eta histograms range via the configur...
2012-05-04 gconesabadd ranges for delta phi- delta eta histograms - Catherine
2012-05-04 morschObsolete data member removed.
2012-05-04 kleinbupdated to addtask macro
2012-05-04 gconesabAdd protection in method AliEMCALGeometry::GetAbsCellId...
2012-05-04 gconesabcorrect way to get the towers adjacent to cell in Ecros...
2012-05-04 mvalaAdded Event plane cuts
2012-05-04 coppedisreverting...
2012-05-04 morschMacro to add multihandler
2012-05-04 morschspelling corrected
2012-05-04 morschfix for event mixing
2012-05-04 morschSupport for mixing handlers added.
2012-05-04 prinoCoverity
2012-05-04 gconesabexample macro to check contents of a OCDB bad channel...
2012-05-04 gconesabremove old maps, info is in OADB and OCDB
2012-05-04 kleinbapply changes also to DEV Setter for filterMaskBest
2012-05-04 gconesabAdd option to constrain tracks on ESDs
2012-05-04 gconesabremove prints from previous commit
2012-05-04 gconesabadd option to constrain TPC tracks to vertex in ESDs...
2012-05-04 mflorisFixing bugs (removing a member from AliSpectraAODTrackC...
2012-05-03 cbaumannmodify Includes for LEGO train
2012-05-03 gconesabadd setting of geometry-oadb checker bool
2012-05-03 gconesab move OADB bad channel access from macro to task, setti...
2012-05-03 cblumeUpdate requested by Annalisa
2012-05-03 loizidesbugfix
2012-05-03 morschIt is a fix because the task was crashing on MC (no...
2012-05-03 gconesabCorrect the not needed conversion of phi angle from...
2012-05-03 lmilanoPostData() fix, runAODProof updated
2012-05-03 prinoUpdate for D* v2 (Robert)
2012-05-03 slindalSquashed commit of the following:
2012-05-03 slindaltets
2012-05-03 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2012-05-03 marianUpdate of macros.
2012-05-03 prinoHistograms for correlations between generated and measu...
2012-05-03 cvetanUpdate adding the K0s and Lambda spectra.
2012-05-03 marianRenaming the macro for merge by component
2012-05-03 hdalsgaaAllowing FMD rings to be excluded and reduce the amount...
2012-05-03 hqvigstaFix compiler warning, constructor initialization order.
2012-05-03 kleinbUpdates for trigger classes (CKB) and to PartonDisc...
2012-05-03 simonesadd task for AliAnalysisTaskV0ForRAA
2012-05-03 simonesAliAnalysisTask for Lambda and K0s analysis for RAA
2012-05-03 kleinbremove use of EMC info from AliAODPID (M. Estienne)
2012-05-03 mfloris- New PID interface class, also taking care of QA histos
2012-05-03 kleinbadded setter for best pt cut
2012-05-03 ssakaiupdate trigger selections
2012-05-03 rbailhacFurther update
2012-05-03 rgrossoPrintf corrected
2012-05-03 coppedisUpdating PMT gains for Pb-Pb
2012-05-03 jgrosseoreverting 56154 and 56161 - does not compile
2012-05-03 jgrosseoupdate of Mish's analysis
2012-05-03 jgrosseoupdated fitting
2012-05-03 rbailhacUpdate to run on AOD
2012-05-03 loizidescosmetics
2012-05-03 loizidesadd phi/eta match
2012-05-03 loizideschanges from Rosi/Constantin
2012-05-03 zampolliUpdate for T0 OCDB update at CPass1 (Alla)
2012-05-02 aadarereverting to previous version - task does not compile
2012-05-02 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-02 loizidesconsistent filename
2012-05-02 morschadditional function, with which one can retrieve the...
2012-05-02 marianAdditional protection.
2012-05-02 ssakaichanged minimum pT cut
2012-05-02 ssakaichanged minimum pT cut
2012-05-02 aadareupdates from dongjo kim
2012-05-02 cbaumannchange include line
2012-05-02 gconesabfill new entry of calo cells with MC label of cell
2012-05-02 ddobrigkAdded "AddTask..." macros. Slight changes to output...