2011-02-05 maseraCoverity
2011-02-05 andronicframework updates (Jens, Fiorella).
2011-02-05 hristovDo not use -l for the moment, it breaks the compilation...
2011-02-05 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings
2011-02-05 hristovProtection if the rule checker is not found
2011-02-05 hristovDo not use -l for the moment, it breaks the compilation...
2011-02-04 maseraCoverity
2011-02-04 maseraCompilation warnings
2011-02-04 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings
2011-02-04 prinoBug fix (Melinda)
2011-02-04 polichehCoverity fixes.
2011-02-04 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings
2011-02-04 polichehCoverity fixes.
2011-02-04 fcaFirst step for rulechecker -- not working yet
2011-02-04 cvetanCoverity fix.
2011-02-04 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings (A. Mastroserio)
2011-02-04 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings (Ruben)
2011-02-04 hristovFix for bug #77794: Segmentation violation in reco...
2011-02-04 pchristUpdated ITS spectra task and relevant macros - Adding...
2011-02-04 coppedisCorrecting fot BEAM2 phase and using L0 for timing
2011-02-04 coppedisFragmentation model tuned on data v0
2011-02-04 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings
2011-02-04 snellingremove a number of histograms
2011-02-04 shahoianAdded missing header protection declaration
2011-02-04 pulvirRecovery ESDpid from InputHandler
2011-02-04 cholmAdded some more scripts to installation
2011-02-04 cholmAdded script to set-up an analysis train for local...
2011-02-04 fcaCoverity
2011-02-04 polichehCoverity fix of FORWARD NULL. Check for null pointer...
2011-02-04 jgrosseofix in branchnames (Constantin)
2011-02-04 schutzadded a reference file (copied from LowMultiplicity...
2011-02-04 vulpescuCoverity again
2011-02-03 daineseAdded protection (Zaida)
2011-02-03 richtermremoving minor defects reported by Coverity: pointer...
2011-02-03 richtermrequire that module agents implement the cleanup for...
2011-02-03 richtermremoving code duplication and using common functionalit...
2011-02-03 richtermadding protection if ESDManager could not be created
2011-02-03 daineseFix copy-paste error
2011-02-03 shahoianFix in max possible Pb beam energy
2011-02-03 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings and code cleanup
2011-02-03 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings
2011-02-03 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings
2011-02-03 hristovResize to fit the number of references (Ruben)
2011-02-03 hristovUpdated documentation
2011-02-03 maseraClean-up of geometry classes
2011-02-03 hristovUpdated list of libraries
2011-02-03 agheatawrite the validation file only in grid
2011-02-03 cvetanThird step towards VZERO AOD: inclusing in the AliAODEv...
2011-02-03 abercucifix crash reported in <savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?77755>
2011-02-03 agheatastatistics file written now only if AddTaskStatistics...
2011-02-03 cvetanCoverity fix
2011-02-03 pulvirChecked and cleaned code on all PID cuts. Removed TOF...
2011-02-03 agheatamethod added to add a run list (A.Pulvirenti)
2011-02-03 snellingadded setter for harmonics
2011-02-03 snellingMods for K0 and D0 flow
2011-02-03 daineseReordering cuts to go faster
2011-02-03 cholmFix up some drawing stuff
2011-02-03 cholmUpdates
2011-02-03 cnattrasFixing one more warning identified by Coverity
2011-02-03 cnattrasFixing warnings identified by Coverity and changing...
2011-02-03 maseraCode clean-up + fixes for Coverity warnings
2011-02-03 richtermremoving dead branch detected by coverity
2011-02-03 richtermadditional protection in list iteration, removing unuse...
2011-02-03 akisielAdd the include for AOD Handler
2011-02-03 daineseCount candidates before cuts (Chiara)
2011-02-03 richtermremoving unused variable
2011-02-03 daineseCoverity (Chiara)
2011-02-03 zampolliUpdating TRD configuration with new DPs.
2011-02-03 akisielAdd possibility to run in ESD-to-AOD train. Fix Coverit...
2011-02-03 akisielFix Coverity 10652-3
2011-02-03 akisielFix Coverity 10974-82
2011-02-03 akisielFix Coverity 10982
2011-02-03 marianAliTPCCalPad.cxx.diff coverity fixes
2011-02-03 decaroTo fix memory leak (savannah ticket 77520)
2011-02-03 cvetanSecond step in the introduction of VZERO AOD. Now AliES...
2011-02-03 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings
2011-02-03 cterrevoadding AliITStrackU for the upgrade tracker
2011-02-03 fcaCoverity
2011-02-03 fcaCoverity
2011-02-03 cterrevoadding include of TObject.h
2011-02-03 fcaCoverity
2011-02-03 maserabug fix
2011-02-02 maseraRemoving unsupported code related to beam test setups...
2011-02-02 marianTPCCEda.cxx.diff fix export to amore
2011-02-02 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings
2011-02-02 fcaCoverity
2011-02-02 fcaCoverity
2011-02-02 belikovFix in the calculation of the probabilities for the...
2011-02-02 maseraCoverity warnings
2011-02-02 vulpescuCoverity
2011-02-02 richtermbugfix: adding missing break in switch statement
2011-02-02 pchristUpdated working version of the ebye charge fluctuation...
2011-02-02 fcaCoverity
2011-02-02 richtermcoverity reports 15781 15550 15089 13953 13952 13951...
2011-02-02 pchristRemoving old code
2011-02-02 fcaCoverity
2011-02-02 amarinBug fixes for rotation method
2011-02-02 fcaCoverity
2011-02-02 fcaCoverity
2011-02-02 fcaCoverity