2011-02-21 morschSetter added.
2011-02-21 daineseAdded centrality treatment and ignoring fake status...
2011-02-21 gconesabcoverity fix 2
2011-02-21 agheatadelta AOD using AOD as input can be can be now written...
2011-02-21 gconesabcoverity fix
2011-02-21 daineseSetters added (Magnus)
2011-02-21 kleinbAdded protections and PostData in UserCreateOutputObjects
2011-02-21 hristovCorrected initialization
2011-02-21 hristov- Replace the TClonesArray of AliMUONTrackParam by...
2011-02-21 agheataswitched back to raw:// CDB
2011-02-21 agheataChanged back to raw://
2011-02-21 marianForgotten commit
2011-02-21 cholmRefactoring for dN/deta tasks, more diagnostics histogr...
2011-02-21 cholmRefactoring of dN/deta task to common base class
2011-02-21 pulvirAliRsnCut:
2011-02-21 pulvirRemoved the 'useMC' data member which is never used...
2011-02-21 pulvirRemoved AliRsnPairDef data member. If neede, it must...
2011-02-21 hristovMissing space
2011-02-21 richtermadding explicit type conversions
2011-02-21 richtermadding explicit type conversions
2011-02-21 richtermcorrecting memory leaks on error conditions
2011-02-21 richtermcommenting code lines having no effect but had been...
2011-02-21 richtermno functional change, using safe string operations...
2011-02-21 fcaAdd -Wconversion to Mac warnings
2011-02-20 maseraMethod GetPattern removed
2011-02-20 martinezFixing warning (Laurent)
2011-02-20 maseraPossibility to constrain the curvature in local eq...
2011-02-20 marianExport into OCDB time dependent alignment TPC-ITS-Vertex
2011-02-20 marianAdding function neccessary for multidimentsional linear...
2011-02-20 fcaFixing warnings
2011-02-20 slindalFix for coverity, potential mem leak
2011-02-19 cblume- remove legacy code for old raw reader
2011-02-19 morschReplacing TRefArray by TObjArray speeds up reading...
2011-02-19 cblume- use identical code for calculation of tracklet parame...
2011-02-19 zampolliUpdating EMCAL configuration at P2.
2011-02-19 cblume- remove legacy code for old raw stream
2011-02-19 basantafixed coverity warnings
2011-02-19 fcaAliESDpid now IS A TObject
2011-02-19 marianLinear fit with constrains implemented
2011-02-18 kleinbnew flags for handling of delta AODs
2011-02-18 kleinbAdded PostData to UserCreateOutputObjects
2011-02-18 kleinbfix to avoid crash when runnign with option 1
2011-02-18 kleinbhandle reference tracks correctly for background subtra...
2011-02-18 kleinbput delete before placement new, mem. leak possible...
2011-02-18 morschtardy .h
2011-02-18 morsch1. i need to know pointer to parent inputhandler (In...
2011-02-18 morschMinor modifications to use also the Centrality in 2d...
2011-02-18 morsch2D Centrality files
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fixes (Laurent, Ivana)
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fix. Set labels of half-chamber histograms...
2011-02-18 morschswapped p2 pt2 corrected
2011-02-18 morschfunctions replaced by expressions
2011-02-18 morschsprintf replaced by snprintf.
2011-02-18 marianPossiibility to use time dependent alignment
2011-02-18 pdebskiChanged hard-coded credentials (logbook connection) to
2011-02-18 pulvirWhere possible, replaced dynamic_cast with ROOT RTTI...
2011-02-18 laphecetMore mods for embedding
2011-02-18 jgrosseobug fix in finding particle's mother
2011-02-18 coppedisRemoving warning for calibration events
2011-02-18 coppedisTasks moved to PWG1
2011-02-18 loizidesCoverty fix
2011-02-18 pulvirFixed bug in AliRsnPair::Fill()
2011-02-18 kleinbAdding PostData in UserCreateOutputObjects()
2011-02-18 kleinbAdded PostData in UserCreateOutputObjects
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fix (Ivana)
2011-02-18 mvalaSmall corrections to the TENDER code, which will suppor...
2011-02-18 agheatafixes from Laurent for the MC branch in the AOD filters
2011-02-18 marianPatch for the tracker
2011-02-18 cterrevothe reconstruction now can be done setting up to 8...
2011-02-18 hristovUse the bit set in the zdc for the energy calibration...
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fix (Ivana)
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fix (Ivana)
2011-02-18 daineseReverted wrong commit (thanks Raoul for spotting it)
2011-02-18 pdebskiRemoved hard-coded username and password for accessing
2011-02-18 belikovCoverity fixes (A. De Caro)
2011-02-17 smaEliminate warnings
2011-02-17 gconesabInverse the MC non linearity correction
2011-02-17 belikovNew values for the V0 and Cascade finding cuts in PbPb
2011-02-17 snelling1.) QC code runs now even faster
2011-02-17 snellingfix for TOF
2011-02-17 cblumeFix warning (Raphaelle)
2011-02-17 amarinExtra cut number to allow a cut using TOF signal
2011-02-17 laphecetBe much less verbose when not needed...
2011-02-17 martinezAdding centrality selection and additional muon track...
2011-02-17 daineseAdded counter for fake daughters
2011-02-17 kleinbfixed typo
2011-02-17 pulvirCorrection of matching check
2011-02-17 kleinbmore coverity fixes
2011-02-17 kleinbfixed typo
2011-02-17 pulvirAdded some useful constructors to AliRsnDaughterDef
2011-02-17 pulvirImproved functionality of AliRsnDaughterDef::MatchesDau...
2011-02-17 loizideshas to be positive otherwise no clusters made
2011-02-17 polichehCoverity fixes.
2011-02-17 mflorisrun centrality on MC
2011-02-17 mflorisImplemented fix for bug in ITSsa analysis (eta cut)
2011-02-17 gconesabcoverity fixes
2011-02-17 hristovAdding a bit to distinguish whether the reco ZDC data...
2011-02-17 richtermcorrecting typo in the source file definitions preventi...
2011-02-17 snellingmore coverty fixes
2011-02-17 snellingcoverty fixes