2007-11-21 jgrosseoremoval of a few debug lines
2007-11-21 szostakFixing comments from /** */ to /// so that the rule...
2007-11-21 allanow QA writes correct hist in T0.QA.file
2007-11-21 richtermcoding conventions
2007-11-21 rgrossoTransform method can copy the covariance matrix into...
2007-11-21 morschUpdates on Dummy Geometry. (M. Estienne)
2007-11-21 allafixed for work with new AliQADataMaker
2007-11-21 haavardTPC Shuttle preprocessor updated to use CE calibration
2007-11-20 jgrosseoconverted multiplicity selector into task
2007-11-20 morschMissing initialisations added.
2007-11-20 mtadelClassdocs.
2007-11-20 marianAdding the
2007-11-20 ivanaMoving comment line up as required by coding rules.
2007-11-20 ivanaRemoved inline keyword where not needed.
2007-11-20 ivanaCoding conventions:
2007-11-20 ivanaCoding conventions: fMaxDDL renamed to fgkMaxDDL.
2007-11-20 ivanaCoding conventions:
2007-11-20 maserabug fix
2007-11-20 coppedisNew alignment object
2007-11-20 aljaRecord changes.
2007-11-20 aljaPut projections classes to new files.
2007-11-20 aljaAdd some docs.
2007-11-20 ivanaAddind methods for iterating
2007-11-20 cvetanFixes need in order to use the raw-reader in HLT (Jochen)
2007-11-20 maseraPossibility of skipping layers in trackers MI and SA...
2007-11-20 panosAdding the code for the (anti)proton analysis - SPECTRA...
2007-11-20 panosAdding the PROOF-INF.PWG2spectra directory needed for...
2007-11-20 allasome viol fixed
2007-11-19 mtadelRemove MCTrackRef class.
2007-11-19 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-11-19 mtadelAdd some class docs.
2007-11-19 aljaRecord changes.
2007-11-19 aljaDocument members and functions.
2007-11-19 aljaRename class RhoZ and CircularFishEye to NLTRhoZ and...
2007-11-19 mtadelFollow rename of method in AliESDtrack.
2007-11-19 arcelliadd TOF QA stuff
2007-11-19 arcelliTOF QA Checker for hits, raws, (s)digits, recpoints...
2007-11-19 arcelliTOF QAMaker for hits, raws, (s)digits, recpoints, esds
2007-11-19 maseraImprovements and bug fixes for DAs and Preprocessor...
2007-11-19 maseraSSD ladder supports + endcaps systems (E. Cattaruzza)
2007-11-19 dibariNew features for the private event display
2007-11-19 richtermadditional boundary checks (Kenneth)
2007-11-19 allatrigger vertex +-20cm
2007-11-19 panosUpdated macros and readme file
2007-11-19 panosUpdated macros
2007-11-19 panosUpdated par files - Fixes in the notify for proof
2007-11-19 marianAdding new functionality to the AliTPCCalibViewer
2007-11-19 ivanaUpdated list of framework libraries
2007-11-19 ivanaRun number, random number seed now set to AliSimulation.
2007-11-19 dibariFlag properly set in Preprocessor
2007-11-19 richtermadded HOMER block and source descriptor classes
2007-11-17 gustavomc handler should not be set in the analysis task,...
2007-11-17 gustavoremoved deleting of not owned data and deleting of...
2007-11-17 gustavostreaming of AliAnaGamma and its data members (removed...
2007-11-17 gustavopar mode correction (MG)
2007-11-17 morschInit() method added.
2007-11-16 morschRestore changes of 1.101 and 1.102 which have been...
2007-11-16 ivanaRegenerated files with one more update in trigger mappi...
2007-11-16 ivana- Changed the mask format accordingly to real life
2007-11-16 maseraUsage of gain in simulation and in reconstruction for SDD
2007-11-16 cblumeTemporary fix of circular dependencies
2007-11-16 szostakRestoring method call to CheckByteOrder() since the...
2007-11-16 ivanaLoading mapping data from CDB and nor from ASCII files
2007-11-16 ivanaRegenerated files with update in trigger mapping by...
2007-11-16 ivanaStart local board at slot 1 (as for offline), slot...
2007-11-16 ivana- Disable calibration run
2007-11-16 ivanaAdded class for Global Crate object (Christian)
2007-11-16 ivana- Remove old switches format (10 words) using one integ...
2007-11-16 ivanaChanged a method to read the new (regional) crate file
2007-11-16 ivanaChanged the crate id numbers accordingly to the new...
2007-11-16 ivana- Added Global Crate object
2007-11-16 ivana- Added read/write of global crate file
2007-11-16 ivana- Added class for Global Crate object
2007-11-16 schutzBug corrected in declaration of assignement operator
2007-11-16 belikovReducing the printout
2007-11-16 schutzBug report 31348
2007-11-16 nick16-nov-2007 NvE Processor IceDwalk updated to treat...
2007-11-16 richtermremoved assert to get rid of warning when not compiling...
2007-11-16 richtermbugfix: compilation error after arturs changes
2007-11-16 morschALICE_ROOT dependence removed. coreFlukaVmc.inp should...
2007-11-16 richtermget rid of compilation warnings
2007-11-16 ivanaAdding missing comments
2007-11-16 ivanaOverload the Clone() method of TObject to replace the...
2007-11-16 ivanaCorrected a bug in kalman tracking (final parameters...
2007-11-16 ivana- Compute parameter covariances including absorber...
2007-11-16 cblumeRemove printf and add trd_gasCO2
2007-11-16 richtermbugfix: compilation error after arturs changes
2007-11-16 ivana- Adding new member function:
2007-11-16 ivanaUpdated for changes in the framework to make to make
2007-11-16 schutzCoding conventions
2007-11-15 morschPass event number as argument of AliVEventHandler...
2007-11-15 marianAdding AliTPCTracklet to the repository (M.Mager)
2007-11-15 szostakGetting rid of trivial warnings.
2007-11-15 szostakGetting rid of trivial warnings.
2007-11-15 szostakThe ShipDataToFXS methods should be protected, not...
2007-11-15 szostakThe ProcessCalibration methods should be protected...
2007-11-15 panosChanging the order between the tree and file creation.
2007-11-15 szostakGetting rid of trivial warnings.
2007-11-15 acollaAliMC::BeginEvent gets run number from CDB manager
2007-11-15 coppedisCorrect definition of paths in AddAlignableVolumes