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2005-02-22 hristovAOD class for V0 analysis (B.Hippolyte)
2005-02-22 hristovAdditional methods (B.Hippolyte)
2005-02-22 cussonnoRemove delete from class destructor (Ch. Finck)
2005-02-21 hristovUsing Root FindObject instead of hash table (M.Ivanov)
2005-02-21 cussonnoNew segmentation with switch between old and new (Ch...
2005-02-20 cblumeBug fix by Prashant
2005-02-18 hristovAdding phi->ee and omega->ee in the TRD cocktail (B...
2005-02-18 pcrochetadd AliMUONTriggerSegmentation
2005-02-18 pcrochetadd AliMUONTriggerSegmentation class (draft version)
2005-02-18 hristovSetting impact parameters in RefitInward
2005-02-18 nick18-feb-2005 NvE Copyright format modified in all .cxx...
2005-02-18 pcrochetAdd rotations (thanks to Gines)
2005-02-18 martinezRemoving warnings
2005-02-17 tkuhrConverted from DOS to Unix
2005-02-17 tkuhrbugfix
2005-02-17 morsch- Name output unit 11 "fluka.out"
2005-02-17 morsch- Correct card for optical properties diielectroc-METAL...
2005-02-17 hristovRemoving extra semicolon (FC3)
2005-02-17 morschReader for RELDIS event file (Chiara Oppedisano)
2005-02-17 morschDetermine correctly "flavor" of resonances.
2005-02-17 morschCorrect placement of magnet door opening for "TFluka".
2005-02-16 nick16-feb-2005 NvE Support for user selectable split level...
2005-02-16 skowronRetrofeed from 4-01-Release
2005-02-16 skowronRetrofeed from 4-01-Release
2005-02-16 morschParamterisation of CDF J/Psi data used. (G. Martinez)
2005-02-16 morschIntegration precission set to 1e-6. (G. Martinez)
2005-02-16 hristovConverted from DOS to Unix
2005-02-16 hristovAdding method (for test purposes) MakeMiniESDtrack...
2005-02-16 hristovRemoving obsolete macros (Yu.Belikov)
2005-02-15 hristovSmall improvment in the speed
2005-02-15 hristovfIndex correctly initialized, no reset needed
2005-02-15 hristovUsing try/catch in the creation of AliITStrackV2. Copy...
2005-02-15 maseraV2 clusterer moved to the standard framework. V2 cluste...
2005-02-15 hristovInitialization of persistent data members
2005-02-15 hristovAvoiding some potentially slow methods
2005-02-15 hristovUsing the same arguments in SetTruePos and GetTruePos
2005-02-14 hristovRemoving warnings. From now on they are considered...
2005-02-14 morschPsi' pdg code corrected. (S. Stocco)
2005-02-14 cblumeSet Probabilities to zero if there is no signal in...
2005-02-13 hristovFix to avoid infinite loop
2005-02-11 hristovIncreasing the max. number of TPC clusters. A correctio...
2005-02-11 hristovRestoring the calculation of time bins (M.Ivanov)
2005-02-11 skowronSerious memory leak corrected
2005-02-11 cussonnoRemove memory leak (A. Zinchenko)
2005-02-10 hristovNo return in void function (Alpha)
2005-02-10 hristovmath.h declares fmod (Alpha)
2005-02-10 nick09-feb-2005 NvE New class AliTimestamp introduced to...
2005-02-09 skowronRetrofeed from the Release developement
2005-02-09 skowronRetrofit from Release developement
2005-02-09 hristovAdditional functions required by TVirtualMC
2005-02-09 pcrochetRead trigger info from Digits in MUONTestTrigger (Chris...
2005-02-09 morschUncomment accidentally commented line.
2005-02-08 hristovAdditional initialization. Do not remove fHeader, it...
2005-02-08 morschConstant magnetic field in barrel. (A. Dainese)
2005-02-07 morschImplement g3 behaviour for metal surface.
2005-02-07 morschPossibility to define reflectivity of optical medium.
2005-02-07 coppedisUpdated spectator signal files
2005-02-04 morschUpdates and corrections by Fabien Guerin.
2005-02-04 morschDestructor added.
2005-02-04 hristovDummy implementation of Alarms
2005-02-04 hristovRemoving extra semicolon (FC3)
2005-02-04 hristovAdding AliGenCocktailEventHeader.cxx
2005-02-03 cblumeNew code from Prashant
2005-02-03 morschMissing + added.
2005-02-03 morschAliGenCocktail passes its pointer to the entries and
2005-02-03 dibariPlots added
2005-02-03 morsch- Possibility to set pointer to container class.
2005-02-02 hristovIf the TRD geometry is not stored in the file, get...
2005-02-02 hristovAdditional protection
2005-02-02 hristovRemoving QA files from compilation
2005-02-01 cblumeUpdate of parameters by Bogdan
2005-02-01 schutzRemoved the QA checker mechanism
2005-01-30 morschSome corrections for caller == 40.
2005-01-29 martinezrootrc for mapping macros
2005-01-29 martinezModifying comments (Ivana)
2005-01-28 morschUse Bronch.
2005-01-28 cussonnoRemove old config muon file
2005-01-28 martinezdoc for mapping package (ivana)
2005-01-28 martinezMapping test macros (D. Guez, I. Hrivnacova)
2005-01-27 martinezscript for testing the MUON code (see README file for...
2005-01-27 martinez- New virtual function in AliMUONVGeometryDESegmentatio...
2005-01-27 martinez- New virtual function in AliMUONVGeometryDESegmentatio...
2005-01-27 martinez- Renaming Config_MUON_test.C as Config.C
2005-01-27 martinezConfig.C
2005-01-27 martinezRemoving obsolete macros and classes
2005-01-27 martinezUpdated constants & method
2005-01-27 bnandiRedundant file, to be removed
2005-01-27 bnandiRedundant file, removed
2005-01-27 bnandiAliLog is implemented
2005-01-27 bnandiSetDebug removed and AliLog is implemented
2005-01-27 bnandiNew methods Reconstruct and FillESD added
2005-01-26 hristovDefault value of fgChargeCorrelSt12 set to 1 to avoid...
2005-01-26 hristovRemoving wide clusters from the reconstruction (M.Ivanov)
2005-01-26 hristovAdditional ESD data members related to TRD tracking...
2005-01-26 hristovAdditional functionality (M.Ivanov)
2005-01-26 hristovAdditional protection in comparison macros (M.Ivanov)
2005-01-26 hristovChanges for the kink finder. Coding conventions (M...
2005-01-26 hristovChanges for the V0 finder (M.Ivanov)
2005-01-26 coppedisError in ZDC positiong corrected
2005-01-26 cvetanMissing header file added