2002-02-22 morschValidateHit method added.
2002-02-22 morschDummy Validate() method added.
2002-02-22 morschValidate pad hit before digitization.
2002-02-22 morschValidateHit added.
2002-02-22 morschIncrease version number.
2002-02-22 morschDon't write the map-data.
2002-02-22 alibrarycorrect making of debug libraries and executables
2002-02-22 alibrarycorrect dependencies when adding/removing files
2002-02-22 alibraryReduce verbose output
2002-02-21 morschMove SetHighwaterMark() after last possible SetTrack()
2002-02-21 hristovNew interface to the mag. field
2002-02-21 schutzAllowed "/" in the file name (continued)
2002-02-21 schutzAllowed to have "/" in the filename (continued)
2002-02-21 kowal2Changes with the field conversion factor setting
2002-02-21 morschCreate dummy field map for L3 in case no detailed map...
2002-02-21 morschSetLimit() method added.
2002-02-21 morschCorrection in FillFromHitFlaggedTrack. (Jennifer Klay)
2002-02-20 hristovfParticleBuffer points to object which doesn't belong...
2002-02-20 hristov\n is allowed only at the end of string, replaced ...
2002-02-20 hristovCompare a TString with a string, otherwise the conversi...
2002-02-20 hristovMade to work with new JetFinder (Sahal)
2002-02-20 hristovControl-M removed
2002-02-20 hristovDefault arguments set only in the header file
2002-02-20 hristovInitialisation of static const moved to the implementat...
2002-02-20 skowroncheck on swapped pair
2002-02-20 schutzReplaces possible "/" by "_" in the headerFile name...
2002-02-20 schutzReplaced possible "/" by "_" in the headerFile name...
2002-02-20 morschVersion number increased.
2002-02-20 morschProtection against numerical inprecission for hits...
2002-02-20 morschMake it compile.
2002-02-20 morschSolenoidField() method in base class.
2002-02-20 morschCorrect documentation of SetNuclei method.
2002-02-20 morschCorrection in the setting of MINT(124).
2002-02-20 kowal2Added new class
2002-02-19 morschReading of 0.2 T solenoid field map enabled.
2002-02-19 morschField maps for B = 0.2 T solenoid (L3).
2002-02-19 vicinanzUpdated Linkdef and libTOF.pkg
2002-02-19 vicinanzt0 classes added and material update (steel added)
2002-02-19 vicinanzNew AliTOFPID class added
2002-02-18 vestboThe default should be not to save mcid
2002-02-18 vestboAdded the possibility to save the particle id's through...
2002-02-18 hristovPut protection in the destructor
2002-02-18 cblumeAdd SetGeometry()
2002-02-18 hristov#include <AliConfig.h> removed
2002-02-18 kowal2Removed compiler warning
2002-02-18 kowal2Covariance matrix for the TPC parametrization
2002-02-18 kowal2Test macro for the paramtrized reconstruction
2002-02-18 kowal2TPC parametrization by Andrea Dainese
2002-02-18 vicinanzMinor changes to AliTOF constructor
2002-02-16 morschFirst version from Aleksei Pavlinov <pavlinov@physics...
2002-02-14 nickMissing comment lines added in SetName() and GetName...
2002-02-14 nick14-feb-2002 NvE Support for name tag introduced in...
2002-02-14 morschSimple macro to plot field map.
2002-02-14 morschAliMagFMaps and AliFieldMap added.
2002-02-14 morschMagnetic field map for ALICE for L3+muon spectrometer...
2002-02-14 morschField maps for 0.4 and 0.5 T solenoid field.
2002-02-14 morschChange AliJet.. to AliEMCALJet...
2002-02-14 morschALiEMCALJetMicroDst first commit.
2002-02-14 morschMajor updates by Aleksei Pavlinov:
2002-02-14 cblumeChange to SetDebug()
2002-02-14 cblumeAdd switch for hit structure type
2002-02-14 schutzChanged (again) the ADC gain for preshower
2002-02-13 cblumeBug fix reported by Jiri. Make atoi input zero terminat...
2002-02-13 vicinanzAdded AliTOFhitT0 class
2002-02-13 morschInclude corrections by V.Uzhinskii JINR, Dubna, Russia...
2002-02-13 jchudobaPass option to subtasks. Delete input TTrees. Use gAlic...
2002-02-13 jchudobaRemove some deletes from dtor, those objects are delete...
2002-02-13 schutzChanged the ADC gain factor for pre shower
2002-02-12 hristoveventsPerRun added (needed by grun.C)
2002-02-12 hristovvatt added to the Himain2Common
2002-02-12 cblumeRearrange the deleting of the list of sdigitsmanager
2002-02-12 kowal2coreccted bug in SetGauss
2002-02-12 cblumeAdd new constructor
2002-02-12 cblumeRemove delete fTree
2002-02-12 morschInitialize TParticle correctly with vertex position.
2002-02-12 morschInitialize and fill VATT array for vertex positions.
2002-02-12 morschInclude VATT to store vertex off particles.
2002-02-12 vicinanzNew t_zero macro added to repository
2002-02-12 morschPossibility to set the number of events per run in...
2002-02-12 morschstatic variable for number of events per run added.
2002-02-12 cblumeRemove fTree from destructor
2002-02-12 cblumeIncrease version number
2002-02-12 morschNew gamma-jet signal options added.
2002-02-12 morschGet daughter indices right.
2002-02-12 morschCorrection in SelectFlavor()
2002-02-12 morschSetNoGammas can be used to inhibit writing of gammas...
2002-02-12 schutzdefault constructor sets datamembers to zero
2002-02-12 schutzNMaxIParent has been increased from 40 -> 50 (Bill
2002-02-11 cblumeCast to UInt_t
2002-02-11 cblumeReintroduce the hit flags
2002-02-11 cblumeAdd new classes
2002-02-11 cblumeUpdate macros
2002-02-11 cblumeAdd new macros
2002-02-11 cblumeGeometry and hit structure update
2002-02-11 cblumeNew pad plane design, new TRF+PRF, tail cancelation...
2002-02-11 cblumeGeometry update, compressed hit structure
2002-02-11 cblumeCompressed hits structure from Marian
2002-02-11 cblumeUpdate of the geometry. Get rid of MANY
2002-02-08 morschAdd name and title in constructor.
2002-02-08 morschSetOutputFileName(..) allows to specify an output file...