2007-10-29 cvetanNew macro for visualization of the HMPID clusters ...
2007-10-28 coppedisError in alias name definition (suggested by A. Colla)
2007-10-28 richtermsolve new dependencies of libSTEER (libProofPlayer...
2007-10-27 alibraryAvoiding the creation of empty fles with funny dates
2007-10-27 ivanaAdding MtgCurrent.dat input file for trigger
2007-10-27 ivanaFixed ChamberNumber(), which was it was not working...
2007-10-27 ivanaImproved error handling
2007-10-26 alibraryImprove Makefile generation for violation checking
2007-10-26 cvetanCorrect error message in case of wrong detector code
2007-10-26 pcrochetMUONTrigger.C restored thanks to Laurent (Philippe C.)
2007-10-26 hristovMoving non-implemented copy constructor and assignment...
2007-10-26 mploskonFix: OCDB init moved from constructor to DoInit function.
2007-10-26 marianAliTPCRecoParam derives from AliDetectroRecoParam ...
2007-10-26 zampolliUsing a TChain instead of a TTree
2007-10-26 schutzQA can be switched off SetQA(kFALSE)
2007-10-26 cvetanUpdate the help message
2007-10-26 cvetanNew DA targets in order to facilitate the building...
2007-10-26 rgrossoAdded method GetDeltaForBranch getting the delta transf...
2007-10-26 morschSymmetrizing handler calls in AnalysisManager.
2007-10-26 coppedisObsolete code removal
2007-10-26 morschCall fTreeA->SetDirectory(0) in the proof case.
2007-10-26 coppedisBug in raw data sector assignment for reference PM...
2007-10-26 coppedisDebug print commented
2007-10-26 panosMoving the AliDCS* classes to CDB - fixing circular...
2007-10-26 coppedisZEM signal not yet splitted in ZDC ESD
2007-10-26 coppedisZEM signal not yet splitted in ZDC ESD
2007-10-26 coppedisZEM signal not already splitted in ZDC ESD
2007-10-26 coppedisUpdated classes to cope with new digits/raw data
2007-10-25 richtermbugfix: crash at component cleanup fixed
2007-10-25 kharlovTools for embedding
2007-10-25 schutzImplement the merging of all QA data files
2007-10-25 abercucirename Interpolator to PDF, add new class TKDInterpolat...
2007-10-25 abercucinew macros for testing the STAT package
2007-10-25 abercuciupdate testing macros
2007-10-25 schutzPossibility to run the checker starting from a file
2007-10-25 dibariProtections added to avoid craches as indicated from...
2007-10-25 dibariMinors
2007-10-25 dibariToo wide range for charge.
2007-10-25 dibariMore checks
2007-10-25 allaremove warnings
2007-10-25 belikovNew base classes for handling the reconstruction parame...
2007-10-25 allapublic conctructor to avoid complains during digitzation
2007-10-25 allaFill CDB with new alignment and LookUpTable
2007-10-25 acollaAdded 2 data points (to be stored in reference) to...
2007-10-25 allacorresponance to new LookUptable
2007-10-25 allacopy constructor and operator added
2007-10-25 masera1) removed global variables from AliITSRecoParam.h
2007-10-25 schutzAdditional protection for the case when galice.root...
2007-10-25 jklayupdates to derive AliEMCALRecPoint from AliCluster...
2007-10-24 cvetanFix from Andrea
2007-10-24 maseraCoding conventions
2007-10-24 markusSimplify code, avoid code duplication.
2007-10-24 markusMake AliReconstruction::ESDFile2AODFile(TFile*, TFile...
2007-10-24 marianIncluding pedestal calibration for time bins
2007-10-24 coppedisDigits and raw data updated for commissioning
2007-10-24 acolladebug AliInfo removed
2007-10-24 acollaMTR configuration added.
2007-10-24 acollaNew functionality added in AliCDBManager: the activated...
2007-10-24 belikovThis macro is now replaced by AliPIDCompaison.C
2007-10-24 belikovA replacement of the former AliESDComparison.C macro
2007-10-24 rgrossoIntroduction of EMCAL in the look-up tables
2007-10-23 schutzProtection against the absence of galice.root
2007-10-23 schutzStart the event loop of the calocluster with 0 rather...
2007-10-23 schutzInitialiye the runloader also when processing ESD
2007-10-23 hristovIncremented class version
2007-10-23 hristovTemporary fix to avoid creation of transient objects...
2007-10-23 zampolliRearrangement of Calibration objects for simulation
2007-10-23 zampolliRearrangement of Calibration objects for simulation
2007-10-23 aljaWhitespace.
2007-10-23 aljaSet center of the projection to the primary vertex.
2007-10-23 aljaRecord changes.
2007-10-23 aljaIn UpdateProjection() fix bug => translate point accord...
2007-10-23 aljaAdd function for scalar product in vector.
2007-10-23 aljaSet center of NLTProjection.
2007-10-23 aljaFix bug in GetBreakPoint(). Check segments on projected...
2007-10-23 aljaMove implementation of NLTProjectable class for geometr...
2007-10-23 pcrochetclass def incremented (Philippe C)
2007-10-23 hristovReverting changes
2007-10-23 abercuciwithout malloc
2007-10-23 abercucicode violation
2007-10-23 alibraryFixing misprint
2007-10-23 abercucimissed TStatToolkit
2007-10-23 abercuciupdate package name
2007-10-23 marianAding toolkit for accesing files on XRD (Marian)
2007-10-23 richtermfix linking problem
2007-10-23 alibraryAdding new LinkDef file
2007-10-23 alibraryAdding new lib
2007-10-23 alibraryRemoving obsolete files
2007-10-23 alibraryRemoving obsolete files
2007-10-23 zampolliUseless TObjArray::Clear() removed.
2007-10-23 cblumeIncrease version number
2007-10-23 zampolliClear() removed; safer delating of histogram added
2007-10-23 cblumeHoles for PHOS
2007-10-23 cblumeFix overlap problem in cooling pipes
2007-10-23 abercuciupdate Toolkit classes
2007-10-23 abercucilibrary name changed
2007-10-23 richtermadded libAliHLTHOMER dynamic manager
2007-10-23 abercuciCPU and Memory tests, coding violations fixed, library
2007-10-23 richtermfurther work on HLTOUT treatment
2007-10-23 richtermenhanced HOMER reader to work on normal buffer