2007-07-10 philleModified files to use constants declared in the
2007-07-10 philleThe decoder now handles correctly the case when
2007-07-10 philleModifes the Raw analyzer tuo use the new decoder,
2007-07-10 philleMinor changes
2007-07-10 philleModifieng all files to use constants declared the new...
2007-07-10 philleminor changes
2007-07-10 philleMinor changes
2007-07-10 phillemerging CVS with local copy
2007-07-10 ivanaUpdate buspatch cable length for station 345 (Christian)
2007-07-10 ivanaCompleted glitch error tagging
2007-07-10 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2007-07-10 philleIncluding the new namespace PhosHLTConst
2007-07-10 mtadelNew files, 3DS import demo from Bertrand.
2007-07-10 mtadelRefix triangle/vertex accessors.
2007-07-10 philleMapping from hardware to geometrical adresses and vice...
2007-07-10 phillePhos constants, the PHOS constants are now defined...
2007-07-10 ivanaBack to previous version
2007-07-10 ivanaDoxygen configuration for checking warnings
2007-07-10 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-07-10 mtadelFrom Bertrand: windows fixes, added transparency.
2007-07-10 mtadelFrom Bertrand: windows fixes.
2007-07-10 belikovA little fix (Nico)
2007-07-09 richtermdata type define for entropy encoded RAW data added...
2007-07-09 dibariTgz changed with tar
2007-07-09 dibariPedestal files are packed in tar (not gz!)
2007-07-09 richtermdocumentation
2007-07-09 richtermcorrections to write ESD format (Gaute)
2007-07-09 philleHelper classes to hold data from an altro channel.
2007-07-09 philleMore rigid consistency checks. The decoder now handles...
2007-07-09 mlisaseveral files changed to change name of AliFemtoAnalysi...
2007-07-09 cvetanRemoving the last remaining AliFatal
2007-07-09 cvetanRCU data block is always aligned to 32bit, but the...
2007-07-09 hristovSwitching on the optimization on Opteron and Itanium
2007-07-09 cvetanFirst version of the HMPID online calibration algorithm...
2007-07-09 cblumeSmall additional update by Raphaelle
2007-07-09 philleCleanup
2007-07-08 philleFirst version of fast Altro decoder for the HLT.
2007-07-08 morschLambda_c mass according to Babar measurement. (S. Masci...
2007-07-08 kharlovRemove obsolete UML directory
2007-07-08 kharlovRemove obsolete html documentation
2007-07-07 morschDebug statement removed.
2007-07-06 ivanaMacros to process survey and photogrammetry data
2007-07-06 cvetanAdditional protection (Artur)
2007-07-06 ivanaMore robust raw-reader for HLT
2007-07-06 ivana- Changed the algorithm to improve the quick test of...
2007-07-06 cvetanMore robust raw-reader for HLT (Artur)
2007-07-06 cvetanPN entries for ACORDE (Raffaele)
2007-07-06 rsilvaFixed bugs in ~AliSurveyObj (delete created objects...
2007-07-06 ivanaFixing bug in Next()
2007-07-06 panosAdding TString.h needed for some compilers
2007-07-06 rsilvaAdded GetName() method. Allows use of TObjArray::FindOb...
2007-07-06 cblumeUpdate on calibration classes by Raphaelle
2007-07-06 agheata- Bug fix in AliAnalysisDataWrapper::Merge(). Merging...
2007-07-06 maseraAliITSMultReconstructor: correction for a shift in...
2007-07-06 ivanaUpdated with modifying AliMpDDLStore by Christian
2007-07-06 ivanaUpdate detection element name for chamber 6 (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd number of manus per buspatch module for station 2
2007-07-06 ivanaFile for buspatch cable length (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaUpdate serial number (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd buspatch length & change patch module interface...
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd methods to set/get cable length & change patch...
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd path for buspatch cable length file
2007-07-06 mtadelAdded function to draw given range od 2d sectors.
2007-07-06 ivana- Added new static function ReadData() for loading...
2007-07-06 ivanaAdding AliMpCDB class
2007-07-06 ivanaAdded loading mapping from CDB, now obligatory,
2007-07-06 ivanaNew class for CDB IO
2007-07-06 ivanaMapping objects in CDB
2007-07-06 kowal2Removed unused variable
2007-07-06 cblumeUpdate on calibration classes by Raphaelle
2007-07-06 cvetanFix for 64-bit platforms
2007-07-06 belikovRemoving the unnecessary header
2007-07-06 coppedisDA for EMD events to produce energy calibration data
2007-07-06 coppedisUpdated algorithm
2007-07-06 allacorrection lokk-up table online
2007-07-05 dibariGeometry now properly loaded
2007-07-05 ivanaAdding comments (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaCorrecting a format error in AliError (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaNew class to generate fake gain runs (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaUpdating gains and make it easier to test different...
2007-07-05 ivanaUpdated for Gain generation (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaMoving PedestalEventGenerator from shuttle to sim,...
2007-07-05 ivanaMoving PedestalEventGenerator from shuttle to sim ...
2007-07-05 ivanaAdding some protections. Adding some timers. (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaMake the decalibration a static method that can be...
2007-07-05 ivanaReorganization of the code. Can now easily be used...
2007-07-05 ivanaUpdated the diff and plot methods. For debug purposes...
2007-07-05 dibariNo more misaligned_geometry
2007-07-05 dibariCoding conventions
2007-07-05 dibariCompatibility with G4 (from A. Gheata)
2007-07-05 kharlovAdditional protection for cast from Double_t to Short_t
2007-07-05 cvetanMacro to generate the CDB entry with the ideal geometry...
2007-07-05 cvetanUpdated ideal geometry using the macro from Raffaele
2007-07-05 morschCoding violations corrected.
2007-07-05 cvetanNew method to calculate correctly the track extrapolati...
2007-07-05 ivanaRemving, the info moved to READMEtrigger
2007-07-05 ivanaReplaced with READMEcalib
2007-07-05 ivanaAdding general description + some info from README
2007-07-05 ivanaUpdated title only
2007-07-05 ivana- Updated test script description