2007-12-14 cblumeProtection against strange det numbers
2007-12-14 jgrosseofixing type
2007-12-14 marianModifiing documentation (Marian)
2007-12-14 marianAdding reconstruction script for TPC test 2007 (Marian)
2007-12-14 cblumeNew function SetSubtractBaseline() and improved debug...
2007-12-14 maseraSDD gain DA updated with ECS run information and link...
2007-12-14 ivanaIn ReadFiles(): increased the size of line used in...
2007-12-14 coppedisError corrected
2007-12-14 morschUpdates to STEERBase head.
2007-12-14 kleinbChanged return type of GetNCells (Gustavo)
2007-12-14 gustavoChanges in AliESDCaloCluster propagated here
2007-12-14 coppedisClass updated after first data taking
2007-12-14 gustavoChange GetNprimary by GetNtrack
2007-12-14 gustavoProtection against cluster labels larger than kinematic...
2007-12-14 hristovUsing double precision
2007-12-14 gustavoMissing {} in if statement, more comments and protections
2007-12-13 kharlovOldRCUFormat is set via AliPHOSRecoParam
2007-12-13 richterm- abandon TPCLib backward compatibility check for AliRo...
2007-12-13 richtermreverting conflict created by Arturs commit
2007-12-13 marianThe run range changed for ExB effect correction (Marian)
2007-12-13 dibariMinors
2007-12-13 cblumeGo back to AliTRDRawStreamV2 for simulated data
2007-12-13 dibariImprovement of PID on ESD
2007-12-13 marianAdding missing function (Marian)
2007-12-13 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-12-13 marianAdding macros to check the raw data (Marian)
2007-12-13 marianAdding QA makers for digits (Marian)
2007-12-13 marianAdd Setter for time bin limits (Marian)
2007-12-13 maseraNew DA for SSD pedestals and corresponding changes...
2007-12-13 maseraDA for SDD pedestal runs updated with info for DAQ...
2007-12-13 dibariNew class AliHMPIDPid added. Now HMPID could run PID...
2007-12-13 acollaRun type added in mail sent to detector expert (eases...
2007-12-13 maseraModified ASCII output to equalize baselines (F. Prino)
2007-12-13 cblumeFix usage of AliTRDrawStreamTB
2007-12-13 haavardfit fraction cut bug fixed
2007-12-13 richtermbugfix: create DigitReaderPacked only if available
2007-12-13 dibariChanges done accordingly to the framework
2007-12-13 morschReset fExtension in ResetIO. (C. Klein-Boesing)
2007-12-13 richtermrobustness
2007-12-13 richtermmake different DigitReaders available
2007-12-13 ivanaChanged run type names to be consistent with ECS.
2007-12-13 ivanaIn Initialize(): test if the preprocessor is applicable...
2007-12-13 mtadelFix handling of file-name text entry so that alien...
2007-12-13 gustavoScaling option and more comentaries added
2007-12-13 dibariDelta electrons are properly set.
2007-12-12 maseraModified ASCII output to equalize baselines
2007-12-12 maseraSkipping newly added JTAG word
2007-12-12 belikovA possibility to construct a KF particle out of arrays...
2007-12-12 cblumeChange to new AliTRDrawStreamTB
2007-12-12 haavardincluded writing to FXS
2007-12-12 jgrosseosending shuttle_ignore to ML also in case of 0 events
2007-12-12 hristovRemoving useless header file
2007-12-12 hristovAdding class AliTRDsegmentArrayBase
2007-12-12 acollaMonalisa started in Collect() function. Alive message...
2007-12-12 hristovTypo
2007-12-12 szostakAdding a filter components to filter on empty events...
2007-12-12 szostakMinor bug fixes: Error messages were not being printed...
2007-12-12 acollain AliShuttle.cxx: SHUTTLE logbook is updated in case...
2007-12-12 cvetanExample file with CTP counters data. To be read by...
2007-12-12 cblumeNew version of raw reader
2007-12-12 cblumeNew version of raw reader
2007-12-12 cblumeremove old version
2007-12-12 szostakUpdating some information.
2007-12-11 kharlovSignal parameterization changed to pol*(exp+exp)
2007-12-11 kharlovOverflow option added
2007-12-11 kharlovAdded AliPHOSEsdCluster
2007-12-11 kharlovRecalibra-table PHOS ESD cluster
2007-12-11 kharlovRawDecoder v2 added
2007-12-11 kharlovTime extraction using log.derivative algorithm
2007-12-11 kharlovAdded possibility to deal with ZS data
2007-12-11 kharlovAdded possibility to swith off unfolding
2007-12-11 maseraGlobal QA: possibility to book, fill and manage the...
2007-12-11 maseracorrect treatment of DDL header; modification needed...
2007-12-11 maseraNew protection for invalid module/hybrid numbers
2007-12-11 haavardtime bin limits introduced
2007-12-11 cvetanBy default all the sectors should be active
2007-12-11 schutzMovin AliQA from STEER to STEERBase
2007-12-11 ivanaThe changes to perform the trigger chamber efficiency...
2007-12-11 allaRun0_9999999_v0_s1.root
2007-12-11 belikovNumerical protection
2007-12-11 haavardRemove cut on minimum number of temperature fits
2007-12-11 marianDisable "online" calculation of pedestal during cluster...
2007-12-11 ivanaAdding a data member fIsApplicable and its getter to...
2007-12-11 belikovNumerical protection
2007-12-11 acollaWrong FXS DB port setting - corrected!
2007-12-11 marianMake infinite run range (Marian)
2007-12-11 marianAdding example macro of pedestal calibration visualizat...
2007-12-11 haavardDAs updated, including documentation lines
2007-12-11 acollaAdded marking SHUTTLE=DONE for invalid runs
2007-12-11 hristovFix for numerical precision
2007-12-11 hristovMinor fix in the documentation (Ivana)
2007-12-11 richtermbugfix in component output and code cleanup (Sergey)
2007-12-10 marianbug fix in costructor (Marian)
2007-12-10 marianAdding default constructor (Marian)
2007-12-10 richtermadded TPCGlobalMerger to configurations
2007-12-10 acollaSome log added to the listen mode
2007-12-10 belikovNumerical fix (A. Rossi)
2007-12-10 alibraryIntroducing TGeoMatrix where needed
2007-12-10 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2007-12-10 cvetanCorrected documentation fields