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2004-03-16 martinezImplementing SDigitizer step for MUON in the AliSimulat...
2004-03-16 martinezImplementing MUON in AliSimulation framework. For the...
2004-03-16 hristovChanges needed on HP
2004-03-16 hristovUsing TMath::Abs instead of fabs
2004-03-16 martinezUpdating info for SDigitalizer after Artur modifications
2004-03-16 martinezAdding MUON output to the TrackRefs files. To be used...
2004-03-15 mhornerPyhtia comparison extended
2004-03-15 morschUpdate quenching tables (Constantin Loizides).
2004-03-15 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2004-03-15 skowronCheck on curvature not position
2004-03-15 barberaSome coding convention violations cured (G. Lo Re)
2004-03-14 hristovCoding conventions
2004-03-14 hristovChanges needed on HP and Alpha
2004-03-14 hristovUsing TMath functions instead of math.h ones
2004-03-13 hristovAdditional protection (Y.Schutz)
2004-03-13 hristovRemoving direct reference to ROOTSYS (K.Shileev)
2004-03-13 hristovHandle errors from AliStack::GetEvent (P.Skowronski)
2004-03-13 hristovPost returns error when file is opened in read only...
2004-03-12 barberaFixed all fixable violations (AliITSNeuralTracker)
2004-03-12 hristovCopying dE/dx in the constructors (Yu.Belikov)
2004-03-12 hristovAdding RICH and updating PHOS part (Yu.Belikov)
2004-03-12 martinezCleaning-up code (Artur)
2004-03-12 nick12-mar-2004 NvE Additional "cout << endl;" in front...
2004-03-12 morschCorrections on Pythia MB simulation.
2004-03-11 alibraryCorrections for F77 compliance
2004-03-11 alibrarySmall syntax corrections for IBM xlc on the Mac
2004-03-11 alibrarySyntax fixes for the xlc compiler on MacOSX
2004-03-11 alibrarySyntax fixes for the xlc compiler on MacOSX
2004-03-11 alibraryFlag for xlC compiler on MacOSX
2004-03-11 barberaRevised algorithm extended to very peripheral heavy...
2004-03-11 nick09-mar-2004 NvE Additional memberfunction AliObjMatrix...
2004-03-11 alibraryFix for MUON/mapping
2004-03-11 alibraryUpdate for Mac OS X 10.3
2004-03-10 nilsenBug fix. Now works with the reconstruction up to and...
2004-03-10 martinezChecking TreeH in LoadHit method to avoid segmentation...
2004-03-10 morschSkipping corrected.
2004-03-10 cheynisWarnings removed
2004-03-09 martinezChecking bound in DisIntegration (Artur)
2004-03-09 mhornerAdded case of EM + Charged + Pi0
2004-03-09 mhornerAdded case of EM + Charged + Pi0
2004-03-09 mhornerMade more robust
2004-03-09 barberaFixed some warnings
2004-03-09 barberaFixed some coding convention violations
2004-03-09 cussonnoremove setting for output loader
2004-03-08 barberaNeural ITS standalone tracking classes added
2004-03-08 barberaMacros to run the neural ITS standalone tracking
2004-03-08 barberaNeural ITS standalone tracking revisited
2004-03-08 schutzRemoving
2004-03-08 schutzupdating
2004-03-08 schutzreplaces AliPHOSAliEnFile: references to AliEn removed
2004-03-08 schutzUpdating
2004-03-08 schutzIn the dtor call the current getter rather than passing...
2004-03-08 schutzChanged the OpenESD method to take into account the...
2004-03-08 schutzNew class wrapping the access of files in the AliEn...
2004-03-06 mhornerRemoved warnings
2004-03-06 mhornerPythai comp code
2004-03-06 mhorneroops
2004-03-06 mhornerChanged tower number
2004-03-06 mhornerCode for Pyhtia comparison
2004-03-05 cussonnocorrect usage of output loader
2004-03-05 cussonnoSimplified ValidateTracksWithTrigger method
2004-03-05 morschWrite header with vertex position.
2004-03-05 nick04-mar-2004 NvE Functionality of AliObjMatrix extended...
2004-03-05 cheynisProvides digitization
2004-03-04 nilsenBug fix for column value.
2004-03-04 nilsenBug fix in SDD test beam simulation. Config.C added...
2004-03-04 cussonnoPatch for using MUONTriggerTracker and MUONTracker...
2004-03-04 cussonnoProtection if trigger TClonesArray is empty (Ch.F.)
2004-03-04 cheynisRing 4 added
2004-03-04 cheynisVersion 4 added
2004-03-04 cheynisMacro to launch digitization
2004-03-04 cheynisModified for digitization
2004-03-04 cheynisProvides digitization
2004-03-04 cheynisNew geometry
2004-03-04 cussonnoAdd local container. Read trigger information from...
2004-03-04 cussonnoAdd track matching between trigger and tracker informat...
2004-03-04 skowronChange of sign of curvature
2004-03-04 skowrontrack counter implemented in ESD reader
2004-03-03 kirtoo many changes to list it here, while not very important
2004-03-03 kirfull chain AliSim-AliRec is now active
2004-03-03 kiricc support added
2004-03-03 kirTOF can't be created without FRAME error corrected
2004-03-03 skowronChanged to read contrained track parameters
2004-03-03 skowronInfo guarded by debug flag
2004-03-03 morschRemoved data members put back.
2004-03-02 martinezDefining properly momentum components in AliMUONHit...
2004-03-02 martinezUpdating README
2004-03-02 martinezNew Hit2SDigit and SDigit2Digit (JP)
2004-03-02 morschTwo new classes added.
2004-03-02 morschSome clean-up. (E. Futo)
2004-03-01 pcrochetbug fixed in MakeTriggerTracks (thanks to Jean-Pierre)
2004-03-01 skowronBug corrections
2004-03-01 bnandiCoordinates are transformed to a Rhombus
2004-03-01 morschOption to read gas pressure tables from LHC PR 674.
2004-02-29 skowronAliHBTOutSideLongFctn correl function added
2004-02-29 skowronComment added
2004-02-27 martinezProblem with AliMUNDisplay. Removing gAlice->GetMCApp...
2004-02-27 mhornerNew geometry
2004-02-27 morschGas pressure tables for LSS IP2: see LHC Project Report...
2004-02-27 morschDefault arguments removed from method definitions.