2007-11-24 zampolliTOF Preprocessor for FDR
2007-11-24 zampolliMacro for TOF Preprocessor for FDR
2007-11-24 philleRemoving obsolete files from build system
2007-11-24 philleRemoving obsolete classes
2007-11-24 philleRemoving obsolete files
2007-11-24 philleContainers to hold compressed raw data per channel
2007-11-24 philleMinor changes
2007-11-24 zampolliNew file with Online Channels parameters - new status...
2007-11-24 marianRemoving coding violations + warnings (Marian)
2007-11-24 marianUsing the AliTPCtransform in the reconstruction (Marian)
2007-11-24 richtermadded libAliHLTTrigger (Jochen)
2007-11-24 richtermcommented debug output
2007-11-24 marianApplying transformation AliTPCTransform
2007-11-24 marianAdding more commnens
2007-11-24 marianAdding magnetic field to the debug stream (Marian)
2007-11-24 richtermminor changes (inherit from TNamed, reset TMessage...
2007-11-24 richtermadded trigger structs and meta information
2007-11-24 richtermimplemented TPCDigitDump and AltroChannelSelector
2007-11-24 zampolliMacro to Create pulser run data from an LDC
2007-11-24 zampolliMacro to Create Noise run data from an LDC
2007-11-24 zampolliWrong include sintax
2007-11-24 zampolliData for pulser and noise runs added
2007-11-24 zampolliRemoving old file with old implementation of TOF online...
2007-11-24 zampolli file from LDC0 to simulate data from pulser runs
2007-11-24 zampolli file from LDC2 to simulate data from pulser runs
2007-11-24 zampolli file from LDC2 to simulate data from noise runs
2007-11-24 zampolli file from LDC0 to simulate data from noise runs
2007-11-24 zampolli TOFda to handle data from noise runs
2007-11-24 zampolli TOFda to handle data from pulser runs
2007-11-24 zampolliOnline Channel status implemented as UChar_t
2007-11-24 zampolliNew Method implemented (#DDL <-> TOF channels)
2007-11-24 zampolliNew Processing for data from pulser and noise runs...
2007-11-24 zampolliStatus flag implemented as UChar_t
2007-11-24 marianApply pad by pad noise fluctution in the digits simulat...
2007-11-24 marianRemove Obsolete PRFwidth (Marian)
2007-11-24 marianDummy implementation of the HandleButtons2D function...
2007-11-24 marianAdding ExB effect and unisochronity (Time0) to the...
2007-11-24 morschInitialisation.
2007-11-24 morschConnect ESDfriend branch for old format to avoid leak.
2007-11-24 morschCorrections in Reset()
2007-11-24 allaremove file with run number up to 10
2007-11-24 allaremove file with run number up to 10
2007-11-24 richtermzero suppression and selction of active pads (Kenneth)
2007-11-24 morschMemeory leak corrected. (D. Perrino)
2007-11-24 richtermMUON: check for AliMUONTriggerIO.h
2007-11-24 alibraryAdding Spectrum library
2007-11-23 philleStructures to hold PHOS HLT compressed raw data
2007-11-23 maseraImproved coding of grounding foil. Implemented air...
2007-11-23 philleCosmetics
2007-11-23 marianAdding new option - cumulative statistic
2007-11-23 philleRemoval of obsolete files from build system
2007-11-23 philleCoding conventions and removal of obsolete files
2007-11-23 acollaAliCDBId's in the list of retrieved OCDB parameters...
2007-11-23 allanew test preprocessor
2007-11-23 allabug fixed
2007-11-23 allafor new DA
2007-11-23 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-11-23 mtadelAdd HLT/BASE HLT/BASE/HOMER to EINCLUDES.
2007-11-23 mtadelLink against libXMLParser.
2007-11-23 mtadelNew class AliEVEHOMERManager; interface to HLT data...
2007-11-23 allaruns to 99999
2007-11-23 allawalk correction for new dat astructure
2007-11-23 allatime delays for new dat astructure
2007-11-23 allanew DA
2007-11-23 hristov- Added track parameters at DCA in AliESDMuonTrack
2007-11-23 allaPreprocessor with new DA
2007-11-23 hristovAliESDMuonTrack:
2007-11-23 allafilling CDB by hands with new Calib classes
2007-11-23 masera- Possibility to reconstruct (TPC+SPD) tracks outside...
2007-11-23 allalibT0base.pkg e. and LinkDef with new Calib classes
2007-11-23 allaPreprocessor
2007-11-23 allaDigitizatiion and Reconstruction for calibration with...
2007-11-23 jgrosseoadding support for AliESDEvent in AliESDtrackCuts
2007-11-23 allaParameters for calibration with DA data
2007-11-23 allaData for calibration with DA data
2007-11-23 bhippolyFirst V0 MC Analysis from H.Ricaud
2007-11-23 jgrosseobug fix that caused processing of the same event all...
2007-11-23 bhippolyFirst V0 QAing version
2007-11-23 cvetanPossibility to set external mapping files. TO be used...
2007-11-23 decaroFingers on Nino ASICs only in TOF SMs where there are
2007-11-23 decaroCoding convention: RS1 rule violation -> suppression
2007-11-23 markusInclude the new AliAODPid object (and don't create...
2007-11-23 decaroCoding convention: RC11 rule violation -> suppression
2007-11-23 decaroCoding convention: RN17 rule violation -> suppression
2007-11-23 markusFirst revision of 'detailed' or 'detector' pid information.
2007-11-23 rgrossoAdded possibility to runthe TGeo overlap checker restri...
2007-11-23 cvetanFix in order to avoid streamer problems in case of...
2007-11-23 jgrosseoremoving goodies from standard ANALYSIS par file, confl...
2007-11-23 richtermadded DigitDumpComponent and AltroChannelSelector
2007-11-23 richtermadded Huffman compression stuff for ALTRO data (Jenny)
2007-11-23 richtermbugfix: removed obsolete/not implemented function
2007-11-23 gustavoTrack matching and PID parameters added to AliEMCALRecParam
2007-11-23 dibariInfo improved
2007-11-23 richtermdata origin defines converted to constants, operator...
2007-11-23 cvetanPutting raw2sdigits method provided by Brigitte into...
2007-11-23 cvetanInitial version of the MUON standalone trigger configur...
2007-11-23 richtermimplementation of SOR and EOR events (not yet enabled...
2007-11-23 richtermdocumentation fixes
2007-11-23 richtermenhanced interface of DigitReaders (channel locking...
2007-11-23 cvetanBug fix. Missing {} that was causing a false informatio...