2012-09-20 loizidesupdate from megan
2012-09-20 kleinbcorrecting all inclusive trigger for jetpt qa
2012-09-20 daineseAdded plot for eff vs et and phi
2012-09-20 loizidesconf tender
2012-09-20 kleinbtake tpc refit in again (M.Verweij)
2012-09-20 mflorisAdded mean pt
2012-09-20 jgrosseonew fitting, iaa calculation, star comparison (Monika)
2012-09-20 cblumeAdd haff chamber status to simulation part (Julian)
2012-09-20 jgrosseominor changes
2012-09-20 prinoUpdates in D-hadron correlation code (Sandro)
2012-09-20 wiechulao no PID caching by default for the moment
2012-09-19 shahoianThe number of VertexerTracks Cuts was obsolete and...
2012-09-19 prinoRemove duplicated code
2012-09-19 zconesaNicer settings for Nch weights
2012-09-19 zconesafix
2012-09-19 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2012-09-19 hqvigstaAdded the setting of 11h period through option argument...
2012-09-19 hqvigstaRevert "Fixed bug in CPV determination." Not acctuall...
2012-09-19 zampolliForgot to set the storage in case "" is given as second...
2012-09-19 hqvigstaadded QA macro
2012-09-19 prinoUpdates in Lambdac->pKpi selection (Rossella)
2012-09-19 prinosupport for par files, multiple tasks, and collection...
2012-09-19 coppedisSolving problem that prevented ZNC PMC to be correctly...
2012-09-19 kleinbAliAnachargedJetResponseMaker: more utilities
2012-09-19 zconesaFix to ignore ZN background check in MC
2012-09-19 ssakaiupdated for photonic e reconstruction study
2012-09-19 hristov#97528: Commit to the trunk changes needed for mirrorin...
2012-09-19 morschOption to switch fragmentation off
2012-09-19 rbailhacSome testing macros to help
2012-09-19 wiechulao fix SetCachePID
2012-09-19 hristov#97492 Request to: patch AliSimulation; port to Release...
2012-09-18 wiechulao add option to switch off pid caching in AddTask
2012-09-18 zconesaZN background check for the pA run (INT7 trigger)
2012-09-18 zconesaPossible setting of Nch weights
2012-09-18 zconesaMacro of user defined Physics Selection OADB Objects...
2012-09-18 zconesaIntroduce the ZN background check for the pA run (INT5...
2012-09-18 cholmUpdated corrections for pA based on anchor run
2012-09-18 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-09-18 hqvigstaadded name argument to AddTaskPHOSPi0Flow.C
2012-09-18 morschUpdate
2012-09-18 kleinbadded shared fraction of shared clusters cut
2012-09-18 hqvigstaAdded arguments to AddTaskPHOSPi0Flow.C for trigger.
2012-09-18 hqvigstaFixed bug in CPV determination.
2012-09-18 hqvigstaAdded selection step to check for photon clusters.
2012-09-18 snellingswitching off histograms
2012-09-18 snellingusing V0-SP method
2012-09-18 prino1) Macro compile-DxHFE.C moved to macros subdirectory.
2012-09-17 prinoAdd HFE in the include path for par files (Matthias)
2012-09-17 prinoDictionary generation for par file compilation requires...
2012-09-17 prinoAddTask macro for D-electron correlation renamed (Matthias)
2012-09-17 prinoUpdated macro (Matthias)
2012-09-17 miweberadding higher moments with central triggers task macro...
2012-09-17 loizidesupdate from hanseul
2012-09-17 kharlov1) Expend pt range for photons and pi0 from 30 to 40...
2012-09-17 prinoFix (Renu)
2012-09-17 belikovadding parameters to AddTask (Xitzel)
2012-09-17 wiechulao add option for tune on data
2012-09-17 rbailhacUpdate for aod pp lego train
2012-09-17 kleinbadd extra namings
2012-09-17 cbaumannupdate macros
2012-09-17 ssakaicommented print
2012-09-17 ssakaiupdated HFE & e-h correlation with EMCal
2012-09-17 fbockadded AddTask_GammaConvV1.C for Legotrain
2012-09-17 pluettigSmall change in binning to take higer pT reach into...
2012-09-17 pluettigChange in binning to take into account higher pT reach
2012-09-17 loizidesemcal cells pos vs. energy (to check bad towers)
2012-09-17 loizidesselecting events with an high track in emcal (for flow...
2012-09-17 fbelliniAdded macro for TPC K* analysis (S. Singha)
2012-09-17 mcosentichanging TH1F to TH3F for mc truth kinematic variables
2012-09-17 prinoUpdate in D-electron correlation macros (Matthias)
2012-09-17 loizidesUpdates from Megan
2012-09-17 mcosentifixing the way to retrieve the MC truth of direct photons
2012-09-17 morschNumerical stability
2012-09-17 zconesaCorrect histo name (Aamer)
2012-09-17 fbockadded new conversion task (gamma, gamma & dalitz task...
2012-09-17 gconesabcheck if we need the stack or the AOD MC when getting...
2012-09-16 prinoAdd check that D0 candidate passed the filtering as...
2012-09-16 prinoPossibility to create a flat centrality distribution...
2012-09-16 prinoAdd option for usage f multiplicity weights (Renu)
2012-09-16 prinoUpdetaed AddTask for Lc->pKpi (Rossella)
2012-09-15 wiechulao fix
2012-09-15 gconesabCorrect access to version of trigger ESD class, do...
2012-09-14 shahoianReverted "new AliPhysicsSelectionTask()" call to "new...
2012-09-14 cblumeMasking of not calibrated chambers
2012-09-14 shahoianIncreased class version
2012-09-14 cholmAdded correction for unknown material. This is based
2012-09-14 gconesabadd check on the removal of bad channels in cells recal...
2012-09-14 atoiaparameterization based on 188359 and CINT17
2012-09-14 shahoianAdded possibility to redirec the output to special...
2012-09-14 mcosentiincluding setter to enable debugging printouts
2012-09-14 cholmAlso store final MC correction if used
2012-09-14 cholmUpdates for final MC and empirical corrections
2012-09-14 zconesaUpdates pA (Alexander)
2012-09-14 cholmFixes for V0 condition in pA
2012-09-14 hanrattyDifferent tasknames for injection removal on/off
2012-09-14 amastrosVery last updates to account for very displaced vertices
2012-09-14 jgrosseofake rate calculation (Monika)
2012-09-14 cholmUpdated for better labels
2012-09-14 kowal21. Added epoxy with incresed density.
2012-09-13 wiechulao remove printout