2006-05-26 jgrosseoo) adding log tags to all files
2006-05-26 maseraDefault changed: SPD chips thickness is 150 microns
2006-05-26 maseraDefault changed: geometry file (.det) is not read by...
2006-05-26 cvetanNew version of AliVertexerTracks (F.Prino)
2006-05-26 cvetanBugfix. Default argument was taken (J.Belikov)
2006-05-25 kiradd new histo to EsdQA()
2006-05-25 kirbug in PrintOccupancy() fixed
2006-05-25 kirminor changes
2006-05-25 ekmanchanged constructor and a few minor things
2006-05-25 kirRemoving obsolete parametrised errors
2006-05-25 hristovRemoving extra symbols
2006-05-25 dibarimore clear variables
2006-05-24 hristovUpdated version (Tiziano)
2006-05-24 hristovCopy/paste error fixed (Yu.Belikov)
2006-05-24 hristovMerging changes from v4-04-Release
2006-05-24 martinezAcceptance data (Gines)
2006-05-24 martinezClasse for Quarkonia acceptances (Gines)
2006-05-24 hristovAddoption of new ESDtrack (M.Ivanov)
2006-05-24 hristovAdding new data member: maximal allowed distance betwee...
2006-05-24 hristovAdding new option to switch off the transformation...
2006-05-24 hristovImproved protection
2006-05-24 jgrosseoAdding method to create chain from list of files (for...
2006-05-24 hristovMoving the AliStrLine and AliTracker classes from libES...
2006-05-24 jgrosseomake target for creating PROOF par archive: PWG0base...
2006-05-24 jgrosseochanged selector to only depend on ESD library, other...
2006-05-24 jgrosseoAdding a selector that can be used for analysis requiri...
2006-05-24 hristovMerging changes from v4-04-Release
2006-05-24 dibariMinor changes
2006-05-24 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen - corrected warnings
2006-05-24 ivanaAdded comments for inline functions
2006-05-24 ivanaCoding conventions
2006-05-24 hristovThe default thickness of the chips is set to 150 mkm...
2006-05-24 dibariRight values for misalignement randomly distributed...
2006-05-24 hristovMerging fixes from v4-04-Release
2006-05-24 hristovAliITSclusterV2 replaced by AliITSRecPoint
2006-05-24 dibariRichMenu modified to switch between aligned and misalig...
2006-05-24 hristovCorrect dependences for files from subdirecties (Matevz)
2006-05-23 mtadelMerge from EVE-dev to HEAD.
2006-05-23 mtadelRemove for merge.
2006-05-23 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen
2006-05-23 morschCorrection in the loop over track references. Upper...
2006-05-23 ivana- libRAWData moved after libSTEER as it depends on it
2006-05-23 ivana- libRAWData moved after libSTEER as it depends on it
2006-05-23 kirmight be used uninitialized warning fixed in tracker...
2006-05-22 mtadelFix missing editor problem under some window managers.
2006-05-22 allaupdate of readDigits
2006-05-22 cvetanBugfix in the digitizer. The bug caused the trigger...
2006-05-22 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen
2006-05-22 ivanaCorrected \ingroup directive
2006-05-22 ivana- Corrected \ingroup directive
2006-05-22 ivana- Old StepManager() replaced with StepManager2()
2006-05-22 ivana- Old StepManager() replaced with StepManager2()
2006-05-22 tpogos(martin) add link for CorrectionMatrix2D class
2006-05-22 tpogos(martin) Removed Makefile for psSpectra dir., committed...
2006-05-22 tpogos(martin) Makefile for ptSpectra directory
2006-05-22 tpogos(martin) 2D correction matrix calculation class
2006-05-22 tpogos(martin) pt vs eta correction matrix calculation macro...
2006-05-22 jgrosseoretrieve only the needed members of the tree
2006-05-22 jgrosseoprinting the execution time
2006-05-22 jgrosseofew more protections
2006-05-19 jgrosseostandalone Makefile, preliminary (towards PROOF par...
2006-05-19 jgrosseochanging way of defining header and source files (towar...
2006-05-19 kirProb vector is assigned in FillESD(), some clarificatio...
2006-05-19 hristovUse default errors in case the vertexer didn't find any
2006-05-19 hristovCoding conventions (Gustavo)
2006-05-19 hristovCluster types (Gustavo)
2006-05-19 hristovPossibility to work without vertex
2006-05-19 mtadelSupport for automatic pedestal estimation per pad ...
2006-05-19 hristovInclude header files from the current directory
2006-05-19 hristovAdding detector ID to the track references
2006-05-19 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen
2006-05-19 ivana- Added test for track ID in track reference
2006-05-19 ivanaIn ChamberNumber(Float_t z): dMaxChamber enlarged to...
2006-05-19 hristovMerging protection from v4-04-Release
2006-05-19 cvetanLoad default TPC parameters in case of raw data and...
2006-05-19 cvetanMacro to visualize the TPC cosmic data (minor modificat...
2006-05-19 cvetanOld Altro and TPC raw stream modified in a way that...
2006-05-19 ivanaAdded tests for existence of the arrays which were...
2006-05-19 ivanaAdded test for existence of the vertex (fixes crash)
2006-05-18 mtadelMerge from EVE-dev to HEAD.
2006-05-18 jgrosseoo) Adding class AlidNdEtaAnalysisMCSelector, which...
2006-05-18 jgrosseosmall fix
2006-05-18 jgrosseochanging from printf to AliDebug
2006-05-18 mtadelRemoved ';' from ClassImp pragmas.
2006-05-18 mtadelMerge EVE-dev to HEAD.
2006-05-18 jgrosseoadded new class to Makefile
2006-05-18 jgrosseoAdded selector for dNdEtaAnalysis, use with testAnalysis2.C
2006-05-18 jgrosseoo) Added DrawHistograms function
2006-05-18 jgrosseoo) added copy constructor
2006-05-18 alibraryCoding conventions
2006-05-17 hristovReducing the memory size needed for raw data reconstruction
2006-05-17 ivanaCorrected typo in previous commit, now in group base
2006-05-17 ivanaMoving AliMUONTriggerEfficiencyCells from sim to base
2006-05-17 pavlinovTom's request for steel stainless skin thickness
2006-05-17 hristovNo need for TGeant3 in the include path
2006-05-17 hristovAdded a cut on PtHard at 2.76 GeV/c (Nicole)
2006-05-17 hristovThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2006-05-17 hristovUnload only the TOF digits
2006-05-17 cvetanMUON trigger inputs added to proton-proton CTP configur...
2006-05-17 hristovDo not unload gAlice, it is needed until the end of...