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2011-02-27 mvalaCoverity Fix 16220
2011-02-27 mvalafOfflineTriggerMask added to member initialization...
2011-02-27 maseramacros to extract SSD gains from QA train output and...
2011-02-26 richtermremoving the digit readers for the 40bit RCU format...
2011-02-26 richtermremoving obsolete classes, concept of event and run...
2011-02-26 richtermremoving obsolete classes, concept of event and run...
2011-02-26 richtermreverting r47843: inconsistent mix committed by accident
2011-02-26 richtermremoving obsolete classes, concept of event and run...
2011-02-26 daineseFixes
2011-02-26 daineseFixes
2011-02-26 cblumeFix to skip AliESDfriends
2011-02-26 daineseFix (ChiaraZ)
2011-02-26 zampolliCoverity fix.
2011-02-26 zampolliCoverity fixes.
2011-02-26 morschAccess to EMCAL Local2Master matrices via OADB
2011-02-26 mvalaImproved Mixing Info task
2011-02-26 fcaFixing Savannah 77628
2011-02-26 allacoverity defects fixed
2011-02-26 morschAdding monitoring on the chip level
2011-02-26 gconesabaddapt array of histograms for different SM combination...
2011-02-26 gconesabcoverity defect, wrong initialization loop of array...
2011-02-26 pchristCoverity fix
2011-02-26 mvalaFix for MixInfo Histogram to show correctly values...
2011-02-26 loizidesexecutable removed
2011-02-26 mvalaAdded Physiscs selection support to Event Mixing
2011-02-26 cnattrasChecking in new histograms implemented by Marcelo with...
2011-02-26 cnattrasUpdating macros for running on the grid
2011-02-25 pchristUpdates in the charge fluctuation task
2011-02-25 cnattrasAdding centrality to hadEt driving macro
2011-02-25 pchristUpdates in the spectra task (Marek)
2011-02-25 pchristPatches by Mikolaj
2011-02-25 cnattrasAdding default cuts for 2010 ITS standalone tracks
2011-02-25 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-25 fcaALICE_INSTALL should not point to build dir
2011-02-25 loizidesSetter for fDecay
2011-02-25 daineseFix aliroot includes (Giacomo)
2011-02-25 abercuciadded for tracking
2011-02-25 abercuciadded classes for tracking
2011-02-25 gconesabupdate calibration task with new histograms for new SM
2011-02-25 abercucinew tracking for PbPb and pp (Alex)
2011-02-25 smaCoverity fixes by Ivana (again, thanks so much!!) imple...
2011-02-25 hristovUpdated version needed for the new TRD tracking (Alex)
2011-02-25 martinezFixing coverity warnings (Matthieu)
2011-02-25 gconesabFill histograms with origin of pi0 or eta in event...
2011-02-25 rpreghenadded method for fine tuning of TOF in Monte Carlo...
2011-02-25 marianCoverity
2011-02-25 marianCoverity fix
2011-02-25 alla add in online look-up table 2 new channels
2011-02-25 marianCoverity - memory leak
2011-02-25 loizidesForgotten printout
2011-02-25 loizidesImplement decaying via external decayer for long-lived...
2011-02-25 daineseCoverity (Ivana)
2011-02-25 hdalsgaaincluding forward flow code build files
2011-02-25 hdalsgaaAdding the flow code done by A.Hansen (hansena)
2011-02-25 daineseFirst set of changes to adapt the CF classes to treat...
2011-02-25 martinezCoverity fixes (Ivana)
2011-02-25 martinezactivating id (Ivna)
2011-02-25 martineztest Id (Ivana)
2011-02-25 prinoSPD cluster finder updated to treat the new OCDB/....
2011-02-25 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-24 daineseUpdate (reduce d0min from 100 to 50 micron, tighter...
2011-02-24 daineseUpdate (Zaida, Rossella)
2011-02-24 cblumeBug fix (Raphaelle)
2011-02-24 morschClassDef version increased.
2011-02-24 cblumeUpdated version (Frederick)
2011-02-24 martinezTask single muon and jpsi as a fonction of the tracklet...
2011-02-24 martinezFix for bug #78633 (Diego)
2011-02-24 martinezAdding Id to PWG3 classes for better tracking of the...
2011-02-24 gconesab set ownership of cuts container
2011-02-24 kharlovCoverity fix: sprintf is replaced by snprintf
2011-02-24 daineseCopy TPCnclsF
2011-02-24 hdalsgaaChange MC analysis to discard events properly - this...
2011-02-24 morschNumber of findable cluster needed in AODTrack
2011-02-24 gconesabCorrect the way primary photons are in EMCAL acceptance...
2011-02-24 loizidesAlso rename PYTHIA call
2011-02-24 loizidesFix but not important as function was not used
2011-02-24 daineseUse nTPCclsFordEdx instead of nTPCcls (Rossella)
2011-02-24 prinoNew plots for trending injector efficiencies (Melinda)
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-24 hdalsgaaFixed a DA disabling bug
2011-02-24 richtermcleaning memory on error condition and loop break
2011-02-24 richtermadding pointer protection
2011-02-24 smaFix for defect found by Coverity (Matus)
2011-02-24 richtermadding Calo, PHOS and EMCAL libraries to the default...
2011-02-24 richtermbugfix: changing return type to avoid return of a volat...
2011-02-24 maseraCompilation warning
2011-02-24 maseraCode related to new SPDSSpareseDead object in the OCDB...
2011-02-24 abercuciFollow PB requested that, for the time being, TRD info...
2011-02-24 richtermremoving obsolete component from libAliHLTTrigger
2011-02-23 prinoAdd method to apply offline zero suppression to SDD...
2011-02-23 prinoNew class for ITS dE/dx samples
2011-02-23 richtermremoving the HLT autoconf build system, however keep...
2011-02-23 daineseNew task to improve tracking resolution to simulate...
2011-02-23 richtermmajor change in build system for HLT libraries: library...
2011-02-23 cvetanSet ownership of objects in the output list.
2011-02-23 wiechulaMC settings handled in Init for SetRemoveMeanT0 and...
2011-02-23 martinezCoverity and warning fixes (Ivana, Gines)