2013-07-29 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-29 mkrzewicadded the benchmark script + example config
2013-07-29 akalweit Fixing histogram labels.
2013-07-29 jgrosseomoving filling of V0 histogram later
2013-07-29 maszymanupdated configs for ProtonFemto train
2013-07-29 arossiCoverity fixes (8443)
2013-07-29 agrigoratesting migration
2013-07-28 sgorbunocoverity warning fix
2013-07-28 sgorbunocoverity warning fix
2013-07-28 mkrzewicadditional protections for MC particles: label out...
2013-07-28 shahoianAdded loop for extraction of clusters really attached...
2013-07-28 mkrzewiccheck that the label does not exceed the stack size
2013-07-26 loizidesFrom Redmer: Task to be used to calculate rho relative...
2013-07-26 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-07-26 mkrzewicfrom Attilio Tarantola:
2013-07-26 gconesabset an array of trigger bits to reject or accept events...
2013-07-26 mcosentichange in the load of matrices
2013-07-26 gconesabremove centrality method for AOD, already done with...
2013-07-26 dgangadhDelete outdated Config files
2013-07-26 dgangadhDelete outdated Config files
2013-07-26 dgangadhAdd additional Config macros for Kch analysis (Elena...
2013-07-26 mkrzewicfrom Carlos Perez: improve resolution in lambda flow
2013-07-26 gconesabremove old code
2013-07-26 gconesabGet trigger class name from event virtual class, not...
2013-07-26 prsnkoFilling secondaries enabled
2013-07-26 morschStatic method in the AliTOFPIDresponse to provide the...
2013-07-26 morsch- Added individual splines for MC_pp 12d and 13d periods
2013-07-26 morsch- Added individual splines for MC_pp 12d and 13d periods
2013-07-25 prsnkoProtection against crash in rapidity Y() calculation...
2013-07-25 loizidesFrom Redmer:
2013-07-25 prsnkoProcessMC() moved _after_ SelectPhotonClusters()
2013-07-25 gconesabimplement method to select only particles generated...
2013-07-25 gconesabadd protection in case of not exiting mix buffer
2013-07-25 gconesabincrease cell time diff histogram binning
2013-07-25 ssakaiupdated for systematic study
2013-07-25 shahoianAvoid unnecessary divisions to avoid FPE for tracks...
2013-07-25 dgangadhPlotting macro updates
2013-07-25 dgangadhPlotting macro updates
2013-07-25 gconesabchange way to check the origin of local maxima, add...
2013-07-25 maszymanupdated configs for ProtonFemtoMC train
2013-07-24 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-07-24 loizidesfix. Thanks to Salvatore
2013-07-24 zconesaPossible scan of the rapidity dependence (A.Festanti)
2013-07-24 maszymanupdated configs for ProtonFemto train
2013-07-24 gconesabadd missing histogram axis title
2013-07-24 fnoferinrefined kaon fits
2013-07-24 gconesabaccess geo files in any case
2013-07-23 zconesaFixes on Lc candidate selection
2013-07-23 bdoeniguAdded THnSparse for Systematics
2013-07-23 maszymanupdated configs for ProtoFemto
2013-07-23 fnoferinMC bug fixed in kaon macro
2013-07-23 aurasInput file for QGP process generator updated
2013-07-23 zconesaProper destructor implementation
2013-07-23 zconesaProper destructor implementation
2013-07-23 fnoferinadded a check for TPC gaussianity
2013-07-23 gconesabcoverity fix
2013-07-23 zconesaremove unnecessary printouts (moved to debug purposes)
2013-07-23 fnoferinsmall bug fixed
2013-07-23 mkrzewicCarlos Perez: fix typo
2013-07-23 gconesabchange default non linearity correction to AliEMCALReco...
2013-07-22 miweberchange for the centrality bins (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari...
2013-07-22 fbockchanges in AddTasks
2013-07-22 fnoferincontamination also computed for user PID
2013-07-22 cvetanAdding static methods to get the azimuthal angle and...
2013-07-22 miwebersome modification to suppress text outputs (Deepika...
2013-07-22 fnoferinAdded the possibility to the user to manage own PID
2013-07-22 jgrosseouse scaled V0A multiplicity as multiplicity estimator
2013-07-22 ssakaicommented unused histograms
2013-07-22 sgorbunobug fix
2013-07-21 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-20 zconesaFix for uninitialized variables (M.Gheata)
2013-07-19 gconesabadd access to jet branch information - Adam Matyja...
2013-07-19 loizidesInclude lhc13b4_fix
2013-07-19 gconesabcorrect filling of eta/rapidity of primary photon ...
2013-07-19 fnoferinadded a rough definition of centrality also for pp...
2013-07-19 cholmFixes for energy loss generation
2013-07-19 arossiAdding D meson efficiency maps and Coverity fixes ...
2013-07-19 fnoferinmismatch parameterization changed for MC
2013-07-19 cholmFix for rename of doc.tex to alice-int-2012-040.tex
2013-07-19 maszymantest
2013-07-19 maszymantest
2013-07-19 maszymantest commit
2013-07-19 gconesabUpdate the macro to generate energy recalibration OADB...
2013-07-19 gconesabadd recalibration for pass2 of LHC13c-f and pass3 of...
2013-07-19 loizidesfrom Salvatore
2013-07-18 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-07-18 mcolocciUpdate task for He and TRD analysis
2013-07-18 fnoferinminor fix
2013-07-18 zconesaupdate variable name (G.Luparello)
2013-07-18 fnoferinimproved fit for V0s at high momenta
2013-07-18 aurasinput file for QGP process generator
2013-07-18 sgorbunobug fix
2013-07-17 sgorbunoclass for mapping cluster hlt ID to offline ID.
2013-07-17 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-07-17 lgraczykproton HBT train config files
2013-07-17 coppedisFixing trigg.class issue
2013-07-17 coppedisFixes for coverity
2013-07-17 mvlreintroduce use of the fastjet::JetAlgorithm for the...
2013-07-17 fnoferintuned fit to V0s
2013-07-17 shahoianMade temporary array pointers non-persistent